In the vast expanse of the Khaantul Empire, military medic Meira has always been certain--of her place, of her love, of the good things the Empire brings to unclaimed territories the military settles. When Meira is caught behind enemy lines, she's mistaken for the fabled Soul Wielder of the Juri'a people, a group who can master the elements and bend them to their will. As Meira fights to get home, she'll learn more about her enemies, her people, and forces binding them all as one. 

Updated every Monday and Thursday.

Crossposted on Wattpad. Cover art used with permission from MyaBeeArt on Etsy.

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This seems like the start to a really good story over all. I like the author's style for the most part and there aren't a ton of errors with grammar or spelling like in other stories I've seen. It's still early on so I think there is more characterization and information that will flesh out what she's built out. It's pretty good overall, but I want more. I also get that it's a fantasy land and the characters don't speak the same language so there is some stuff that can't be revealed yet. 


I like how the story is evolving so far and it seems like there's a lot of world to be uncovered. The author does it in a natural way instead of making me feel like I'm in a history class.

The author has paid pretty good attention to grammar, spelling etc errors that tend to distract me from a story or make me stop reading it. Their style is also interesting and doesn't feel too dry or make me want to hit them because it is too flowery. They are very descriptive but not quite in the 50 pages about a grove of trees way that I hate. 

all in all I am looking forward to continuing the story!