Psycho Squad



[ ch. 1 ] How I died and Reborn


'What did I do wrong?'

'Why am I always getting despised?'

'Why would you want me to die so badly?'

'Are you even my family? Or.. Are you even human?'

'Why are you all so... Cruel?'

Liam in his mind while falling into the Abyss. His Clothes covered in blood, tears streaming down his cheeks and fly out of his face because of the momentum. He remembered his Step Brothers last words until he died. 

"Bye Bitch, now Grandma and Grandpa will acknowledge me!"

"Ho ho I will definitely will get your beloved Fiance, tell you sumthin. Your Fiance doesn't even truly love you!"


While he is falling a voice came into his ears. 

"Such Pitiful one.."

He opened his eyes, "Who's there?" 

"Oh? You don't sound scared, but like I said you are truly pitiful"

"I asked who are you" Liam Said, 

"SUCH COURAGE! Very well, this one will grant your wish" The voice said.

Suddenly a image poped up infront of me, a human? No, it has horns and the skin is obviously pure black. 

"Hi!" It said,

"uhh who are you? actually.. What are you?" 

"Hmm, ah I am YOI! I am a demon! Or Demon King. But I turned into this, the demons are now looking for me but I can't go back since well I am stuck in ya body duh" He shrugged, 

Liam wanted to smack this demon for a brief second just now. 

"Anyways! Want to Live again? I have a few conditions though..." Yoi Said,

"What are the conditions for me to be alive again?" 

"Ah first you need to find my servants, those who share my power you see. They are like me, We're stuck inside the human bodies. But unlike us they won't remember so you gotta get them before some other shitty demon does, their aura is powerful so it attracts quite numerous of them." 

"Well whats the second condition?"

"SECOND condition is that YOU have to become the #1 in this world and in the demon world. Don't worry! After I emerge with your body You will have my techniques and my mana, oh and my memories" Yoi Said happily,

"anymore conditions?"

"Yes yes last condition is keep me entertained! I might be bored inside your mind so go on some adventures!" 

"I agree now hurry and send me back" Liam said impatiently, 

"Calm down Liammmm. You just need to create a new body and a new name for yourself first, you don't want to be a walking corpse right?" Yoi pointed, 

"you have a point. ok just do whatever you want and name me whatever" Liam shrugged, 



After several hours later Yoi had created a entire new body for Liam. Silver hair with streak of Red hair and Red eyes Tall man. 

"How is there anyone who is this beautiful?" Liam asked, 

"well! You should be pretty so you won't lose any dignity as a killer and as a ruler! Looks are important I'd say in your human world" Yoi nodded, looking at the thing. Liam could have sworn Yoi was covered in rainbows and sparkles when he said that. 

"Chose a new name for yerself" Yoi said, 

"hm, is this body even a human though?" Liam asked,

"Nahh, its a body but not a human but more of a demon body" Yoi explained

"hm, his name will be Iruma then." Iruma decided.

"Iruma it is! Such nice name" 

"Ok Iruma-sama! You will go to earth in 3..2..1" Yoi clapped his 2 times and he felt as if something came inside of him. Around him swirled in circles and Iruma opened his eyes once again. 

"shit, where am I?" Iruma rubbed his head. He looked around, only saw a moon shining down in the middle of the street. 

'is it normal for me to see everything clear as day?' Iruma thought to himself

'Yah! It is normal' A voice suddenly came out unexpectedly and made Iruma jump.

'YOU! YOU could have told me earlier you can talk in my head! MY DEVIL!' Iruma Scowled

'Ack sorry sorry! Just forget :)' 

'Yeah whatever, where the hell am I?'

'oh in france'


'Wrong destination... My magic went a bit out of control sorry :P' 

'how am I suppose to get home now?'



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