“How could this happen he? was with us the whole time!” Alyelle said sadly. “He did go to do wires in electrical, maybe it was then that… one of our ‘friends’ killed him.” Skelly said. He made sure that he did the air quotes to emphasise that one of them had betrayed the crew. “Ughh why are we here Pato wasn’t even that important!” Kaj said very rudely. “First of all his name is Potato, and second of all he was our friend and a great brother to Lilly!” Alyelle said, very angrily. “Okay Kaj, that wasn't nice but we're running out of time we need to find out who the imposter is.” Olivia said, trying to sound innocent. “Ok fine but whoever did this you're so dead to me!” said Skelly. Why is Kaj being so rude and why is Olivia trying to change the subject? Lilly thought. Of course she hadn’t expected any different response from Kaj but it was still strange… but the more pressing behavior? That was Olivia. She decided she’d dwell on that a little later after this meeting while she was finishing up her last tasks. “Well are we done here?” Kaj asked. “Yeah” Olivia replied blankly. Lilly suspected she had something… something dramatic on her mind, since Lilly didn’t have much info on her she didn’t know what Olivia’s thoughts were always on. Which would explain how she wouldn’t pay attention when they had “meetings.” Finally, when Kaj left, Skelly huddled up with the rest of the crewmates and told everyone he had an accusation to make. Lilly’s throat became dry and suddenly her face became hot as she quietly whispered “I hope it’s not me.” repeatedly and so much that her already dry throat, hurt and she stopped. “Well, I think it’s…” He started to whisper and Lilly was sure of what he’d say but there was still a small chance he wouldn't… right? “Lilly'' Everyone suddenly backed away from her with a look of horror on their faces. Alyelle cried, “Why would you do that to your own brother! To us?!” Lilly couldn’t think of an explanation so she just blurted out “It’s not me! Don’t believe him!”


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