Everyone covered their ears and Sterlon asked “WHAT IS THAT!!?” If Sterlon hadn’t yelled no one would have been able to understand what he had said. “I THINK SOMEONE SABOTAGED SOMETHING!!” Skelly began to choke as he said this. “AND I’M PRETTY SURE IT’S O2!” Everyone ran towards the O2 room and hurried to bring oxygen back into the spaceship. After finishing Lilly and her gang of friends went into navigation leaving Olivia in O2. “Guys, we have to call an emergency meeting! Kaj is probably the imposter and we’ve gotta vote him out.” Lilly whispered only in ear shot to those who were in the navigation room. Sterlon put on a “what do you mean? We have no reason to” face and explained what was obviously going on in his mind after seeing his expression “What do you mean? We have no reason to. Just because Kaj is the bad guy doesn't mean he's the imposter. He probably didn’t make himself the imposter… that’d be no fun and Kaj is ALL about fun. I mean he probably isn’t making us play this game just because of revenge but also because he thinks it’s fun.” Lilly replied in defense, “Well, how about we keep a closer eye on everyone just to make sure if any of us are the imposter we’ll know. But I’m saying Kaj is probably the imposter.” Olivia called out in a “I’m really bored.” voice and said “Uh… guys? Are you done in there?” “Yeah sorry Olivia. What do you think about being a spy for a plan of ours…”


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Bio: Hello! My name is Katie and I like to write, code, and make art! By the way, I'm still just a kid so my writing skill isn't that high of a level yet. As in grammar, style, and such.

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