Lilly ran as quickly as she could to where Alyelle had been standing and found someone in a yellow suit and flowers on what looked like a her. “Who are you? Kaj said that no one else was going to be sucked up inside the portal!?” Lilly stood dumbfounded as she stared at the girl who had just appeared out of nowhere and seemed to be just as dumbfounded as her even a little more. “OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GOODNESS!!! EEEK I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE I’M IN THE SAME AMONG US GAME AS POTATOBEAR616, POTATOANIMATER, BERRICAKE, STERLON, AND HUNTEDSKELLY!!” Lilly looked behind her to find her brother, Skelly and Sterlon. After screaming for quite a while the new girl finally calmed down a bit and tried to introduce herself. “Where are my manners! I’m Olivia_08824 on Scratch (but you call me Olivia) and it’s an honor to meet you guys! You’re really popular and have like A MILLION followers!! I’ve followed every single one of you and oh my goodness!! I can’t believe it’s you!!” Lilly was still a little skeptical about the girl. Where had she come from? It had been a private Among Us meeting and it was impossible for her to get here without the code and what were the chances she’d be able to guess it?! And the fact that she was a Scratcher and knew them made it even more confusing… “Uh… hi? I’m Potatobear616 but for now you can call me Lilly… I do have a question for you though. How’d you get here? It was a private Among Us meeting.” “Well… I was just playing a game when someone in a black suit came up and the weird part was that he or she was glitching! Anyway, he or she followed me around to some places and I happened to be right next to him or her when I was about to leave the game and then… I was here!” Potato was seeming to also be doubtful and asked “M-hm… that’s cool. Um guys? I was wondering if we could talk in private for a sec.” “Okay! I’ll wait here for you.” Olivia backed away into the corner and paused to look in front of her, shot a smile at Lilly and kept backing up. The whole gang walked back into the security room and questioned Potato on what he had in mind. “Well… Olivia_08824 is nice and all but she must be what Kaj was talking about (as in the rule Kaj talked about) and if Kaj mentioned her then it gives me even more reasons to be a little uncomfortable with trusting her. I was hoping you guys would agree to keep and keep an eye on her and make her give a little more information on herself.” Sterlon gave a casual “sure but I don’t see what we have to worry about… just a fan” “A fan that HAPPENED to be in this exact game at this time… think about it why would Kaj bring someone else? She most likely doesn’t have a lot of followers considering I’ve never heard of her so Kaj doesn’t want revenge on her but-” “RING, RING, RING!!”


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