Potato groaned in despair “What are we going to do? Lilly is here and there is no one that can save us!” Suddenly as can be the same groan came from the ceiling when people entered the waiting room sounded and Lilly yelled “Its K!” Sterlon and Skelly at the same time in confusion and surprise asked “Who is K?” Lilly pushed Potato to the side before he was squished by the mysterious person.. “No time to explain! Alyelle duck!” Alyelle ducked to the right and ended up standing next to Sterlon and Skelly opposite Lilly and Potato. Alyelle screamed in fear “Who are you and what are you doing here?!” In a croaky yet scary and deep sounding voice K boomed “I am Kaj. I was once the ruler of Scratch but now… now I’m stuck in this game and I’ve sucked you in too.” Sterlon in a surprised but still scared tone yelled back “Kaj? I thought that you were history and you got banned! What are you doing here?” Kaj muttered in a reply: “I was banned... “ Then with more confidence he replied: “BUT.. I’ve come back for revenge on Scratch here in Among Us. Among Us never did anything to make me feel offended so this place isn’t hurting Among Us and no other online players are in their own real life battles..” “But what's going to happen to us? Are you going to keep us trapped in here forever?” Kaj’s voice made Lilly cringe but nonetheless he answered Alyelle’s question “No.. we’ll be playing and Among Us game and you’ll all be participating”


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Bio: Hello! My name is Katie and I like to write, code, and make art! By the way, I'm still just a kid so my writing skill isn't that high of a level yet. As in grammar, style, and such.

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