The Scratchers Among Us



Chapter 3 - When Things Go Straight Up Wrong


Lilly rushed to Alyelle’s side and explained everything on among us and unmuted herself on zoom. “Okay, I really did kill Sterlon and I’m the imposter but that doesn’t matter! I saw an among us avatar that wasn’t any of ours. I didn’t see him enter the waiting room before I started the game and regardless the game was on private mode. How could it guess the code? Anyway, hurry we have to leave the game before it crashes our phones we gotta go.” Alyelle surprised at Lilly’s admission to being imposter and even more startling, a hacker?! She had never been in a game with one of those and she knew someone that had had to get a new account on among us because a hacker had tracked him down in every game. Alyelle hurried to press the settings button and left the game but as soon as she did she found herself in the among us waiting room. But not her avatar on the phone, she was dressed in a pink suit and she found all of her friends except for Lilly around her. “What happened?! Where am I?!” Skelly exclaimed: “Don’t panic! As long as Lilly is still out there in real life she can save us!” Lilly had just started to press the settings button when suddenly the K person jumped from behind her where she hadn’t seen him and then.. She found herself surrounded by all her friends.


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Bio: Hello! My name is Katie and I like to write, code, and make art! By the way, I'm still just a kid so my writing skill isn't that high of a level yet. As in grammar, style, and such.

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