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This was chapter is a lot longer then the chapters that are to be posted.

Lilly had watched her screen with her breath tight in her throat waiting to be let out until suddenly, all at once, it was pushed out by the pressure of the giant hurray Lilly had let out when she saw and heard the imposter music on her phone. Luckily, Lilly was muted and the door to her room was closed and no one heard her cry of triumph. Lilly had always had her among us avatar as a cyan color and a cherry hat. It was her thing and everyone recognized her when she had it on. Lilly as quietly as you can on among us sneaked up on Skelly in the navigation room and to his surprise, in the first few seconds of her sneaking around, pounced on Skelly’s character and no one saw as Skelly himself was sucked up into a portal. Potato, not being an imposter, sadly walked around doing tasks, trying to watch for people following him. Potato was very good at doing this and was known for it around the Scratch school. He had defeated many people including his sister a few times using this technique. Potato thought to himself, wondering who the imposter could be, but didn’t notice as Lilly sneaked up on him in the med. and was instantly sucked into the faint purple light that he had seen on his monitor in the corner of his eye when Skelly had stopped talking. He gave a scream and heard Lilly’s shout sound decrease as he disappeared into the light. Lilly thought to herself “Now only Sterlon and Alyelle are left. The two people I hadn’t expected to stay in the game for that long.” Lilly had always taken among us games seriously and had never failed among us to anyone except Skelly, Alyelle, Potato, and Sterlon. Lilly had taken Alyelle as an average player until she and Alyelle became friends only months ago. Alyelle was her top gaming friend and Alyelle almost always played any game with Lilly. Lilly started to forget about Alyelle as she spotted Sterlon on cams. She rushed to the spot where he was and was about to make him leave the game when he suddenly pressed the red button. “No! How did I not see that he was right next to that!” The chat and voting list pulled up and Lilly satisfyingly smiled at the amount of people she had sent out of the game and no one had seen. Alyelle typed into the chat: “I think it's Sterlon” Sterlon rapidly came to his defense and said: “It was Lilly. I’m sure of it. I saw Potato’s body in med. while I was running away from her.'' Lilly gave a cry of anguish and decided to tell Alyelle something that would make her suspicious of Sterlon: “I was only trying to get to the med. because I had a task there. I need to do a scan and Sterlon happened to be going the same way. How do you know Sterlon wasn't following me?” Sterlon grunted and decided to try not to get on Lilly’s bad side. “Fine, I believe you but I’m still if-y on the med thing. I’ll come and watch you scan.” Lilly’s forehead started to sweat when she thought of a great plan! She smugly smiled and typed in: “Sure, why not.” Alyelle, coming to Lilly’s defense, told everyone to vote for nobody in case Sterlon had any plans to vote one of her best friends. Alyelle quickly voted nobody and then everyone followed after her.” As Alyelle walked to the Oxygen room she thought to herself: “I’m pretty sure it's Sterlon. He is trying to frame Lilly because she is so good...” But while she was thinking to herself she didn’t notice a mysterious red glint in the corner of her phone. Sterlon was walking with Lilly to the med. when suddenly Lilly turned around and then… he was a ghost. “Argh! How did I not see that coming?!” but his complaints were cut off as Sterlon was sucked into a portal. Lilly shouted a hurrah but it was interrupted...


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Bio: Hello! My name is Katie and I like to write, code, and make art! By the way, I'm still just a kid so my writing skill isn't that high of a level yet. As in grammar, style, and such.

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