The Exiled Villainess Returns

by Tblewit

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

(Please heed the warnings above before reading). 

Vol. 1:

She regains her memories of her past life just as she triggers her own death flag.

But, with a last-minute intervention from her loyal little sister, her life remains intact. Now, she must learn how to live in exile after all her titles have been stripped from her, her engagement broken as she is reduced to a commoner. No longer the daughter of a duke, she, now known as Livia Katrina Valentine, is just happy to be alive and is perfectly content to be a nobody.

That is until she suddenly wakes up on a dark ship filled with crying collard women and young girls. It is then that the cold realization hits her hard; Livia's exiled had just been a facade and she had been sold to the most corrupt empire in the world.

With cold tears falling down her face, and a dark curling rage trembling through her body, Livia makes a silent vow to herself.

She will return.

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A familiar trope with a darker twist to it. Contains some subject that some people may find uncomfotrable.

Also has a pregnant protagonist, which is a plot device I never saw being used at the start of a book before.

I'm intrested to see where the story and characters go from here.


A Fantastic Post-Villainess Story

Reviewed at: Vol.1 Ch.20

The Exiled Villainess Returns posits the simple question: "If downfall is inevitable for a villainess, why not lean in?" Well, as Livia learns, there are many good reasons why 'destruction flags' are spooky. This story follows her learning how terrible, soul-crushing, and inhumane a bad end can be, while trying to salvage something of her life. Even worse, the otome game has is grasping fingers everywhere.

Not everything is bleak; Livia will have her triumphant return!

The story flows well with reasonably good characterization, though I am not quite drooling on my keyboard. Come read The Exiled Villainess Returns for the plot with its windy twists and turns.