Erfheim Rebirth

by Reona Lee

Ace Clauser's life has been chaotic since his father disappeared in an accident and his body was never found. At the same time, rumors about the agreement between the Hilfheim government and the demons spread. 

At first Ace did not believe in demons, magic, or other mythological creatures, but a phenomenon occurred. Ace is thrown into a foreign world after seeing a man disappear accidentally. When he woke up, he was in an all-white room. The bot named N-101 says that Ace is currently in the game world-Erfheim, a continent that was lost millions of years ago. 

With six humans from different worlds, Ace tries to defeat Apostologia to get out of the game. Ace begins to learn to use powers that can save everyone or destroy the world. 

However, a fatal mistake brought their journey to a halt. With guilt looming over him, can Ace defeat Apostologia? Or are you stuck in the game forever?

Copyright: Reona Lee (2020) 

Cover illustration by: Ni.eL

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Reona Lee

Reona Lee

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