Realmshaker: Giant Progression LitRPG

by Epikos

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Norse Mythology. DnD. High Fantasy Progression LitRPG.

Rhonda is a noble giant⁠—a huge savage beauty learning to become a ranger and a chieftess. But five centuries after a terrible war eliminated the noble giants' civilization, Rhonda wakes up alone on a runic ritual site far from home. Her culture is plundered, erased, and nearly forgotten. Terrible beasts roam the land, and smaller beings are taking over. Stranger yet, there’s a mystical mechanism revealing to Rhonda her class, attributes, perks, star power, and more.

It’s the Star System.

And its master could be an eldritch thing covering the world, unknown to all except the giantess herself.

Follow Rhonda and her friends on an epic CONQUEST to collect star power, go berserk on their enemies, and make an impact that no one can ignore. The noble giants' civilization may have fallen, but it’s Rhonda’s birthright to shake the realm.


Key Points:

1. Updates every day during July!

2. Unique litrpg progression system.

3. Strong-to-stronger MC.

4. Non-Human and Human characters

5. Dangerous enemy encounters.

6. Awesome fights, brutal kills, absolute bloody carnage.

7. Survival, crafting, magic studies.

8. Leadership, teamwork, and friendship.

9. A discord and a Patreon for 35 more chapters.

The cover art is done by KrazeKode.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Blindfolded ago
Chapter 2 ⁠- Cosmic Homecoming ago
Chapter 3 - Giantess, Goblin, Dogs Skirmish ago
Chapter 4 - Book the truth ago
Chapter 5 - Star System Basics ago
Chapter 6 - Weak and Strong Dreamer ago
Chapter 7 - Goblins and Bombs ago
Chapter 8 - Having an ambitious companion ago
Chapter 9 - Alpha Forest Boar fight ago
Chapter 10 - Savagery and Influence ago
Chapter 11 - Separate fields of study ago
Chapter 12 - Craft and Survive ago
Chapter 13 – Fine-tuning Fire Bomb ago
Chapter 14 - Dress to Kill ago
Chapter 15 - Squirrels ago
Chapter 16 - Message from the Dead ago
Chapter 17 - Stylish Stone Kill ago
Chapter 18 - Blood, Fury, Snowfall ago
Chapter 19 - Mythical Snowstorm ago
Chapter 20 - Intimate ago
Chapter 21 - Runemarked ago
Chapter 22 - The Last Child of Ymirra ago
Chapter 23 - The Dogs aren’t Dumb ago
Poll: Wanna help me pick a weapon name? ago
Chapter 24 - Dogged Death Run ago
Chapter 25 - Glory or happiness ago
Chapter 26 - Two for one ago
Chapter 27 - Kobold Expeditionary Force 21 (1) ago
Chapter 28 - Kobold Expeditionary Force 21 (2) ago
Chapter 29 - Kobold Expeditionary Force 21 (3) ago
Chapter 30 - Kobold Expeditionary Force 21 (4) ago
Chapter 31 - Giant Dragon Defense Fortress Attack (1) ago
Chapter 32 - Giant Dragon Defense Fortress Attack (2) ago
Chapter 33 - Giant Dragon Defense Fortress Attack (3) ago
Chapter 34 - Giant Dragon Defense Fortress Attack (4) ago
Chapter 35 - Star Dreamer Visitor ago
Chapter 36 - New Person, New Power ago
Chapter 37 - Magic and Growth ago
Chapter 38 - The Ironshield Gauntlet (1) ago
Chapter 39 - The Ironshield Gauntlet (2) ago
Chapter 40 - The Ironshield Gauntlet (3) ago
Chapter 41 - The Ironshield Gauntlet (4) ago
Chapter 42 - The Ironshield Gauntlet (5) ago
Chapter 43 - Vengeance or Mercy ago
Chapter 44 - The Truth ago

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Chakra the Drelk

This is a fantastic story with fantastic characters so far. Each character has their own story to go with them and each one is unique in their own way. Development seems to be right on point as it isn't too overpowering whenever they star-up. It's like the right amount of progression for the effort put into their tasks. The author put a lot of heart into researching the characteristics and history of each character as well. Which brings me to the story, fantastic! Rhonda's goal is the perfect setup for a long term novel that brings a lot of action to the plate. I'm going to mark this down as one of my favorite story's ever because of 3 reasons, it has a non-human MC which isn't just a pseudo human like a vampire or a werewolf that never turns into its wolf form. It's an actual character with actual problems that "normal" humans never have. Two, the progression system in this world doesn't make people overpowered, but just enhances what they can do with themselves in just the right ways. Three, this author is one hell of a worker with one hell of a work ethic. I believe they deserve more praise for the amount of work they put into this story. Highly recommend checking out Vainqueuer the dragon if you like stories like this one, but in my opinion this novel is better!


A great story in an intresting world!

Reviewed at: Chapter 39 - The Ironshield Gauntlet (2)


Simply a great read, once you get a taste of it you just want to keep reading as much as you can!


Just an amazingly done Progression LitRPG story! A great hook that ignites any reader's interest in the story and the world, additionally an overarching mystery is introduced that makes sure that the reader pays attention to any world building elements in search of answers! Speaking of which, the worldbuilding, history and lore is incredibly well done, when the main characters arrive at a location they can both contribute which is very rare!


Very well writen characters with clearly defined goals, intrest and motivations! Probably the most noteworthy element is the duality of the main character, with one side of a trained ranger letting her prevail in the unknown situation that she found herself, and with the other of a leader/diplomant allowing her to accumulate friends and allies!

The only reason that I gave this category 4.5 stars is that sometimes I feel as tho the characters don't act correctly, but if some one asked me what exactly the problem was I wouldn't be able to point to a specific spot or incident, it's just a gut feeling.


Nothing much to be said there, the author has a clear and concise writing style that is able to pass on what the characters are feeling, why they are doing their current action and where all of this is happening. Additionally the pacing is well done, with no noticable boring spots and a constand feeling of progression with spikes of excitement, in my opinion the perfect example of how it should be done.


Didn't notice any problems.


Character Issues I Wish I Knew Before Reading

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 - Savagery and Influence

I'm somewhat underwhelmed based on the seemingly-excellent synopsis and  glowing reviews. Through ten chapters (though especially in the first 3), my impression is that a lot of ideas were thrown at the page but not made cohesively into a world, characters, or story.

That said, the other reviews do a good job capturing the technical aspects of the story, as well as the substantive aspects of the worldbuilding and plot, so this review will focus on a handful of character issues that I wish I would have known when deciding whether to read Realmshaker.

First, beware the antihero tag. The protagonist is a deeply unpleasant person, and not in an entertaining way like so many antiheroes. She's a brutal savage in a Conan the Barbarian way that relishes in her own savagery. I'm sure that some people find such characters amusing, but I'm mostly embarrassed and found myself skimming over some paragraphs. This wouldn't be much of a problem except that the synopsis makes her sound more heroic--even plucky--than how the story actually portrays her.

On a different angle, the protagonist is a teenager and we get some of that immaturity and plasticity of mind that comes with accurate depictions of the same. This isn't someone who is stuck in their ways.

This is a good effort in theory, but the problem is that it's not well executed. For example, there are a number of scenes where she internally debates about her mother's approach and her father's approach to a situation and how she (as her own individual) should resolve it. While notionally it's a teen exploring herself, in practice it comes across as a psychopath retroactively justifying their decisions, for good or ill.  Or perhaps rather than simply "being," she's falling into a trap of "being who she thinks she should be."  

There are other examples as well where the "I'm a young adult finding out who she is in the world" falls flat, but I don't feel the need to laundry list them. 

Now, some of this may be attributed to the fact she is a giant and that, despite some facial similarities to other humanoids, she has an essentially alien mindset. Which is fine. And realistic. But not entertaining (or, at least, not done in an entertaining matter within this story). I mean, she Rip Van Winkles herself into the future, including the death of her parents and her entire race and... I just don't care about her. It should be a relatable position, but the way that it's conveyed means that it's very hard to find any sympathy or empathy for her. 

(Edit 7/7/2021: Cleaned it up a bit).


The story is good overall, no mistake could be seen and I can enjoy the stories as it is.

Very recommended. The story is in the first person and from the very first chapter we already who she is and what she is. Also I never read a story about a giant before and its fun lmao


This is a good one. And a nice break from the typical non-human MC. A giant is still humanoid but we can see the subtle differences that make her stand out. The Litrpg elements are acceptable.

The best part of this has to be the Characters. Mofee is cutu. But Rhonda feels like an actual individual with a personality. She is still exploring her values and philosophy and acting her age. Many a times we see MCs having already developed thier values and beliefs which make the story very stale. Not this one.

Her father being a Charismatic leader and her mother being a Savage combatant gives her two different ways of thinking. This setup makes her a flexible person and its a pleasure to see her navigates situtaions.


The language is very comfortable to read. Dialogues feel natural. There is no jarring grammer. Good read.The world also feels pretty fleshed out. We dont really see the Ancient=Powerful trope.  Also very excited to see Giant MC as they are usually side characters or villains. Very promising

And unlike this review the story doesnt have muck filler. On that note have some more filler to meet word requirement. On that note have some more filler to meet word requirement. On that note have some more filler to meet word requirement. On that note have some more filler to meet word requirement


Blind Snot Dragon

First off props, the author has a killer story with a refreshing take on the system. It had me curious, engaged and wanting for more, especially after the first chapter.

Things go down hill for me after that. The characters don't make sense and are hard (at least for me) to relate to. I loved the savagery of the MC giantess, seemed authentic, fresh and good. It was the constant shadow of her parents that she lived in and that bled through to her every decision. I want to learn about the MC not how the MC was influenced by her parents. It's a subtle difference but impactful.

Moffee flops also as an unstable goblin who despite valid attempts lacks personality (or at the very least a complex one). She has a gimmick and the important ability to info dump.

To the author: I hope this is helpful, I don't want to just rag on your story. You have a gift to write, thank you for sharing that with us.

Snotty out.

Vitaly S Alexius

Realmshaker [A Giant Progression LitRPG] by Epikos takes the readers to fantasy lands filled with delightful servings of Norse Mythology, Dungeons and Dragons and bloody violence.

Rhonda, the giant is a strong female main character who is cast hundreds of years into a disant future in which the Giant's civilization has been decimated by the war between Fae and Dragons. She is the last of her race and she must learn to become a strong ranger as taught by her mother long ago. She finds herself a new friend - who is a small, clever goblin who can make things explode and their relationship is all sorts of wholesome fun in which they murder things together with fists, rocks and explosions such as giant squirrels, bears and wolves and encounter a variety of primordial beasts on their journey.

Spelling is pretty good, only a couple of small mistakes in spelling here and there, but sentence structure is superb and flows very smoothly, no complaints there.

Characters overall are excellent - relatable and lovable.

Overall: Is definitely a huge improvement over the original concept of this book, the Lazy Giantess. Epikos takes everything that was good in the original and pushes it entirely to a new epic level of fun!

The story is very catchy, check it out.



Solid characterization, engaging concept, completely smooth grammar and pacing. World already feels textured, and we've barely begun exploring it. I love it.

I'm a fan of strong MCs, and this hits my itch nicely. There's still tension, and MC has room to grow. Lovely stuff.

Looking forward to the journey! 


Better than some other reviews would have you believe, and kept me from reading earlier. They may have a point if you stretch it unfairly, but otherwise no, it's fine. I don't yet know if this is per chapter readable for cliffhanger burnouts, but what exists is enjoyable. If I had a complaint, it would be Royal road's site itself over mobile, like it losing my first draft review from clicking out of the box, asking if I want to leave the page for clicking next chapter untill I disabled the function, general loading speed, how I need to use floating keyboard because standard hides the text box, etc.


Review at chapter 20 / page 181.

Realmshaker [A Giant Progression LITRPG] is in every sense a true fantasy novel. 

Rhonda, the Realmshaker is a giantess sent through time.  When her people were threatened, they sent their miracle princess, a giantess born from a fire giant father and ice giantess mother through spellwork into the future.  

Rhonda arrives five hundred years after the war that led to the deaths of giantkind, as well as dragonkind and the fae, in a much changed world ruled by humans with a system and overseen by a single god.  A god with dark designs on the world.  

Will she recover from her lost past?  Find victory over the hundreds of new monsters that inhabit her new world?  Find peace amongst humans and their goblin slaves?  Become strong enough to save a world that doesn't want to be saved from a dark god?  There's only one way to find out.


Style Score:  this story is told in first person point of view, and does so excellently.  While there are minor improvements I personally feel could be done to increase characterization, that doesn't detract from the read.

Story Score:  The story pacing is excellent.  Scene setting and descriptions work well so far.  Author shows a minor fixation on the breasts of the giantess, but that is less prominent than fanservice in most animes.  This was the only thing that caused me to lose immersion and losing immersion is why I didn'tgive this part a full 5 stars.  Otherwise, plot is freaking magnificent.  Worldbuilding is awesome.  

Grammar Score:  In 121 pages, I found one typo and was too busy reading what happened next to concern myself with marking it down in the comments for the author to fix.  Granted, I'm not the best for proofreading.

Character Score:  Characters, only two real characters so far, both speak with their own voice and I had not issues with either.  


Realmshaker is definitely worth reading in my opinion.  I hope you do give it a chance, but, honestly, I'll be too busy reading it to worry about what you're doing.