Viridescent Core

Viridescent Core

by BlurryDreams

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Some mortals see dungeons as a plague to destroy. Some mortals see dungeons as a resource to manage and harvest. Some mortals see dungeons as a place to train and advance. 

However, all of them agree on something. Dungeons are unnatural and deadly. Places where death stalks every corner and monsters thrive. 

What mortals forget, in their hubris of tools and civilizations, is that Mother Nature is often the deadliest of all.

Feel free to write any comment, suggestion, or criticism. I read and appreciate every single one!

Releases are on Mondays and Thursdays. With occasional bonus chapters on Saturdays. Have a nice day ^^

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A promising start. The dungeon core genre is full of... writing of questionable quality, but this story's writing is much better than average; all the more impressive since the author does not seem to be a native English speaker. The hints of worldbuilding we've seen so far are intriguing, and the integration of game mechanics into the narrative is smooth. 


Lovely Lush and Luxurious

Reviewed at: 10 - Vow

Quite the lovely take on the "lush" dungeon archetype. The author makes sure to address creatures big and small in this lovely novel. With Great grammar and just the right mix of fantasy and not diving too deep into the whole "system" and "magic" thing and more focusing on the story so far this novel has avoided the whole boring beginner arc of most dungeon core novels and has gotten straight into the action. Well, that's not to say that the story is fast pace.

Overall it's been great so far. Sending my love to the author <3  


I think this is one of the better dungeon core books I have found please keep it up I like how the author 

Did not use a human for the core so it has to figure stuff out as it goes


I do hope to see evolution of the mobs thoe


So far so good! Holds promise.

Reviewed at: 2 - New Species

This is only a very early review; currently there are less than 10 chapters written and this review reflects this.

It seems like a well-written take on the usual dungeon core story. Grammar is excellent, and the writing itself is good. It seems as though the author has a clear plan in place for the story, and time will tell how true this is.

Definitely give it a go!

Mister J.

Enjoyable slow progression story. +Funny Moments

Reviewed at: 14 - Nest

Overall the story is enjoyable.

A slow but good pace of progression. Every chapter has something new, either a function explained trough action , an event or any other world building elements.


I really like Tyra as side character too. Which gives the dungeon core a good counterweight. As he's a bit too goody two shoes, down in his core. And easily distracted by his own toughts. Well he was a tree, so that's to be expected. Trees generally aren't the best conversation partners. And are kinda sturbornly doing their thing.


The take on dungeon born creatures and a more natural evolution is quite interesting too. Reminds me a bit of the one of the two only good dungeon core books i have read till now. Let's just hope the pace stays like this and doesn't skyrocket up cause the Author NEEDED to add more exitment to it. I never get that part of those storys. 3 Books all chill and the next moment it's hellscape battles for the rest of the story xD.

I'm hopeing for good interaction with adventurers :D. Given the nature of the ones we have had the pleasure to meet up till now. It will be quite the interesting part.


Good new litrpg story

Reviewed at: 15 - Truth

I read until chapter 15 and in the meantime a story that is written in an easy way to read and understand. In addition to that the story system is described in a good and nice way. Recommend to all lovers of dungeon and litrpg stories. Hope the story continues like this and everyone can enjoy reading it.


Nice dungeon core story

Reviewed at: 10 - Vow

Overall rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Story and Style: 5 Stars and 5 Stars

So far everything makes sense, as in this could happen realistically. The story pace may seem slow for some (Action fans), but I personally find it perfect. I personally didn't skip over anything, but read every sentence without getting bored.

Something this novel does better than most dungeon core books so far are the time frames. 10 Chapters in and we are engaged in slowly building the dungeon and it is actually written interesting, as in I wouldn't have a problem reading this if this setup goes on for 50 or more chapters.

Grammar: 4 Stars

Grammar seems fine so far though I am no native english speaker and have read way to many novels with bad grammar to notice slight errors. So take this with a grain of salt.

Character: 5 Stars

The MC acts believable and smart, choices are explained and make sense.


In conclusion if you are a dungeon core fan, you should check it out. You will most likely be hooked from the first chapter ;)


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Advanced review must be at least 200 words long

Advanced review must be at least 200 words long

Advanced review must be at least 200 words long


Some promising green sprouts, in a pile of ...

Reviewed at: 12 - Cage

Let's hope that this will not be droped in half a year, as some ideas are good, but overall execution is ... questionable. 

Some ideas are novel (melorn based protagonist, oposite fire fairy, system interactions execution), others are so clishe, it is not even funny (Adventures have dosen of races (in name only), and antagonistic force seems to be: A) Greedy "humans" wanting to control dungeons. B) Some unspecifided demon-based (fire+destuction based mana bounded with some intention) "Un"natural disaster.

So far, pacing is veeeeeery slow, and dungeon desing itself is uninspiring (Straigt line with 1 wasp nest and round core room).
I will be first, to agitate for leaving autor some room to grow the story, as I like dungeon core stories, and not droped ones are rare kind,

So far, narative pacing is just bad.
It's like autor tries to make a plottwist in worldbuilding, by making readers read 10 chapters about almost natural wasps (with some generic fantasy based bells and whistles) in linear corridor, and internal musing of deliberately "slow" protagonist core, and then thows like 10 different "generic adventurers" in one chapter out of nowhere, with 0 indication if we should remember their names, or are they just cannon fodder. 
With pasing of the story they will not come into a dungeon for 20+ more chapters (so, with a pace of 2 chapters a week it will be 2 and a half month at least, if story in not droped)...

One of the good advise of Brandon Sanderson (you can find some awesome lectures on youtube for free), is that no scene should be there for "just exposition". It kills pacing, hard to follow, and mostly usefull for autor himself, and not the reader.
Instead exposition sould be integrated into a background, for flavor and "lore lovers".
So far, I feel like 75% of the story is "just exposition".

Like chapter 12 is avesome promice of thing to come (introdusing more proactive second MC), but I almost did not read up to it, because, as I said dungeon development so far was not particullary interesting to follow (at least for me).

Victor DoUrden

I put 2 stars, only showing one dunno why rr derping on my phone 

Its alright. Not god awful like some stuff you can see here. Overall I find this not particularly interesting I find it lacks draw. Pacing could be smoother and story less infodumpy in places or least feel less so. Could have the other pov chapters more to add perspective and context 


Starts much better than what it delivers

Reviewed at: 6 - Life

Chapters 1 and 2 are pretty well written and would likely deserve 4 stars. Those are also the chapters that hooked me in and while there were plenty of issues remaining, they promised an interesting story to follow... Except it never delivered.
Chapter 3 onwards feel like they were written by a different person and I can't honestly give them more than 2 stars afterwards. With most interesting things I was hoping would be followed completely dropped, and almost everything that appeared unique squashed into a generic paste, my interest very quickly died off.

Honestly can't recommend as it currently is.