Ye cang heard a moment behind him so he turned his head to look. He was stunned. He saw Mu Qianxue leaning on the door frame trying to support her body. Before he did not pay much attention to her because his attention was on how to cure her but now seeing her carefully he was in a daze.

Her hair was midnight-black and it flowed over her shoulders, she had glossy skin. She has slender eyebrows, her eyelashes were velvety. Seriously this is the first time Ye cang saw such a beautiful woman even though her face was pale it did not hide her charm. He looked down gulped she had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist is so thin that he can hold it with one hand.

Ye cang hurriedly stood up and said, "Hey you are too reckless even though your soul is healed your body is still weak you need rest otherwise it will leave permanent damage." Ye cang said in a complaining voice he stretched out his hand to support her.

At this time Mu Qianxue was also stunned after seeing Ye cang. He had jet black hair, he has star-like eyebrows, a well-defined cheekbone. He was seventeen or eighteen years old, his eyes are like the sun and the way he talks is refreshing.

Even though he looks thin it did not look bad... And for some reason after seeing him her face was hot and her heart was beating wildly. Even Ye cang has not realized how handsome he is...

It's not his fault because since coming to this world he has not met anyone of the same gender to compare... 100 charm is not a joke if it was a game every NOC would give him tasks... Ye cang always thought that system was being narcissistic after seeing his charm value.

Mu Qianxue looked at Ye Cang's hand in front of her and hesitated for a second and finally grabbed his hand for support.

After bringing her near the bonfire he said, "Sit down the meal will be ready in some time you should eat it. Snake meat is good for nourishment. Gosh even though you are a cultivator you should not be so reckless you should rest more."

"I wanted to thank you for treating me and giving me such a precious pill to heal me, if there is anything I can help please tell me." After speaking
Mu Qianxue realized that Ye cang was looking at her weirdly she heard him saying.

"Precious pill?.. you mean soul healing pill?... Well, it's not precious it's only a Tier 5 pill I can make it anytime as long as there are materials. So you don't have bothered by it." Ye cang looked at her and said her in a reassuring tone.

"What did you say? Tier 5 pill? And you can make it? are you an Alchemist?" Mu Qianxue was shocked. No way she cannot be blamed for this she has seen countless alchemy geniuses but she has never seen anyone under 20 who can make a Tier 5 pill and on top of that such an ancient pill.

After seeing Mu Qianxue shocked expression Ye cang was satisfied, No way he is also a man he also wants to leave a good impression on such a beautiful woman he said, "Yes like I am an Alchemist, and like I said I can make it as long as I have the material in my hand."

After hearing Ye cang word Mu Qianxue was very excited she thought. If he can be brought back to sech her Ice peak will also have an Alchemist. But she quickly shook her head and thought why would I believe what he said she sighed.

At this time was surprised because he heard the system prompt stating that there was a new mission.

"Ding…you have triggered the Wish task for Mu Qianxue
Task content: [Become an Alchemist of Ice peak] Task rewards: Mu Qianxue Favourability +20 and ice proficiency +10%
Task tool: None
Task penalty: The host will not receive a mission for a year
Task duration: 1 Day."

Ye cang was surprised because it is the first time System has issued a wish task you know in his previous life he has heard that A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one.

So he always wondered how can system choose between the 1000 wishes. he wanted to ask the system some question but he knew it was not the time to do this so took a deep breath and said he said to Mu Qianxue, " Your body is very weak right now so I will refine a Tier 4 rejuvenation pill for you tomorrow. Now the BBQ will ready in some time you should eat it to fill your stomach."

My Qianxue was very surprised that he will refine a Tier 4 pill tomorrow, if it is possible then she can try to bring him back to the sect. She was very moved that he would take out a Tier-4 pill to heal her, Even though a Tier- 4 is not considered precious for her, she was still feeling moved. She looked at him biting her lips she wanted to say something when Ye cang said to her while giving her a string of meat and said, "Don't speak too I don't know why all you women like to nag so much... Eat this and after eating go to bed."

After hearing what Ye cang said she was speechless and annoyed... She is nagging?.. How can he say such things... She directed all the anger on the meat in her hand. All the moving emotion in her heart was disappeared and there was an only annoyance but even so, she was happy I don't know why after staying with him she felt comfortable even though she did not know his name so she asked:" What your name? and what are you doing in a place like this?"

She was really curious if this person is really an alchemy genius what is he doing in a place like this?


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