No no...what the heck I am not a pervert why should I feel reluctant?.. Ye cang shuddered when he thought about this.

Mu Qianxue was feeling very sad. She did not expect when she was going through Her thunder tribulation she will encounter a soul thunder.

You know in the past 10,000 years no one has encountered soul thunder, so people gradually forgot about it, but she didn't expect herself to be so unlucky to have to encounter soul thunder during Her thunder tribulation.

She sighed. Guess I am going to die... she thought about her sect, her master and disciples... I have not yet found an alchemist for the peak disciples of my peak would have to rely on another peak for pills ...she was very sad thinking about this she sighed...looks like I will not able to fulfil my responsibility as speak leader.

When Mu Qianxue was feeling sad, she felt a warm current around was like she was taking a bath in hot water. But is impossible because she could not feel her body...

Gradually Mu Qianxue discovered that she could feel her body...she was shocked how could this happen her soul was injured...

After the desolate war period all the inheritance of various sect was lost so there have no methods to heal a soul so... Even if it's their people will use it on themselves, not on others, so how could she get healed?.

Time gradually passed and Mu Qianxue started to feel that she can feel her body. With much difficulty she tried to open her eyes, She wanted to know where she is. After trying for a long time Mu Qianxue opened her eyes, What appeared in front of her was a face with a pair of eyes looking at her curiosity, she heard him mumbling, Well she opened her eyes even with the help of soul recovery pill it took her 6 hours to take up..."

Hearing him, Mu Qianxue was confused about the soul recovery pill? 6 hours? … But she did not have time to ask as she started to feel sleepy even though her soul was healed. Her body was still tired, so she has to sleep to recover.

Ye cang was very excited after seeing Mu Qianxue open her eyes, he knew that her soul is healed and will be ok now.

"Ding…congratulation on completing the task…"

"Ding… Congratulation on getting Alchemy Fire…"

"Ding… Congratulation Mu Qianxue favorability +30"

"Ding… Congratulation on getting the Ice attribute…"

"Ding… Congratulation on getting a High-grade Spiritual Weapon Elemental sword."

After hearing a message from the system Ye cang was relieved now he was in no rush to see the reward given by the system. To know he very tired because from the morning until now he was doing Alchemy non-stop, so it is reasonable that he is tired

Ye cang looked at Mu Qianxue who was sleeping on his bed after checking that there was no abnormality he sat on the ground. He was feeling hungry now because he had not eaten anything from the morning

He remembers that had killed a python, so he was very excited thinking about this because since coming to this world he had not eaten meat every day he would only eat fruit to fill his stomach. He has not eaten proper meat because of the danger in the forest.

During Treasure hunting, he has collected many spices and herbs which can be used for cooking and now that he has cooking knowledge he can be considered a chef. Looking outside, it was already evening.

He stood up, walked outside to prepare the tools needed for the Barbecue.

Yes, he was going to make a barbeque because he did not have other cooking tools, so he can only make some simple barbeque.

He took out Python body from systems warehouse, the python body was still preserved due to the effect of system warehouse

He took out all the spices that he has collected during this period so that he can see which one is suitable for barbecue. He looked at the herbs, although the shape was different from the previous world they still have the same taste.
Ye cang was very happy because he can finally enjoy some good food.

Mu Qianxue was very happy because she survived.
Although she did not know the reason why that person saved her, She was still happy. Who did not want to live?

Her soul injury was almost healed, and it will only take some days to recover completely

She remembered the person she saw before sleeping and the words he said. At that, she was very confused at first but now that she started thinking about it seriously she remembered the recovery pill that he was talking about was a pill that existed before the Desolate period. Even she has seen it in records. She was very shocked because even the longstanding sects on the mainland did not have any inheritance from the age before the desolate period.

The age before the desolate period is also known as the Golden age because cultivation was at its peak, So how can a person who has an inheritance of that be simple. She was very worried not know why this person tried to save and even use such a precious pill on her.

Gradually she felt that she can control her body even though she was feeling weak it was better than before. She tried to open her eyes. She saw that she was in a dark room, she also smelled the aroma of meat in the air.

Furthermore, she looked outside, and she saw a man was sitting near of fire holding up a piece of meat and was sprinkling something and baling it on the fire.

Not only that, but she remembered that this was a person who saved her she tried to stand up, although she was feeling weak she wanted to thank the person who such a precious pill to save her.


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