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Lola Lolita-Loraine Beelzebaba—or, Lola for short, knew she was one of the most powerful enlightened beings in the Calabrian continent. As such, and by virtue of her nature as a powerful, evolved succubus, it was her right and her pleasure to demonstrate that power by indulging in whatever she wished.

At that particular moment, while a newly born cambion was stumbling through a forest in the middle of the night while shitting and vomiting up a storm after ingesting poisonous mana-infused mushrooms, Lola was enjoying herself in the bottom level of her pleasure dungeon, where a hot-springs style bath rose from the heated marble, filled to the brim with magically infused milk.

The hot, steamy air was musky and smelled of spices and sweet honey and milk.

The succubus was not alone in her bath. She was joined by her favored student of the moment, a harpy who she enjoyed for her cute, pert breasts with tiny pink nipples, her feminine human features and luxurious platinum feathers that covered her wings-for-arms and mane. The feathers on her head could pass for hair, however, they were so soft.

Lola Lolita became aware of the trespasser the moment his magic circumvented her wards, but she recognized the man, and though she was annoyed, she chose not to show it. Instead, she ignored the man who stood in the shadows in a corner of the room and decided she would take advantage of the situation and put on a show. Nothing like a little exhibition to get the blood pumping.

The succubus rose from the bath, the creamy fluid running down in rivulets across her strawberry milk colored flesh, dripping from the bright nipples on her generous chest like a breastfeeding mother. She sauntered up the steps to the edge of the bath and spread her wings and tail, then laid on her back on the warm marble, leaving only her legs dangling over the edge.

“Favored student, here, now!” she ordered, and the harpy obeyed. It swam under the steaming milk bath, only the upper half of her head peeking out above the water. Her yellow eyes were hunters, seeking its prey.

Lola Lolita turned her head and smiled cutely in the direction of the man in the shadows.

“Hello Norman,” she said in her sing song voice.

Norman, who until that very moment believed himself to have gone unnoticed, cried out in a rather unmanly manner before stepping forward into the light, revealing a grey skinned dark elf with long black hair tied in a painfully tight pony tail. He looked uncomfortable in the situation, but when he opened his mouth as if to speak, he froze.

The succubus suddenly spread her legs, revealing the dripping mound of her crotch and the pink lips between. The harpy pounced, splashing as she dove face first to the eagerly waiting nectar-filled flower.

“Yes! Hnnng! Oaaaaaah! Lick me there! Right there!" the succubus moaned and yipped, squeezing the fat, supple mountains of flesh that were her breasts, and her milky pale cheeks flushed from the pleasure.

She watched from the corner of her eye with a smile as her unwelcome guest fidgeted and shifted uncomfortably. He took a step back, then forward, then turned as if to go, then remembering he could not leave without accomplishing his purpose, turned again. On and on it went, his discomfort increasing along with the crescendo of the succubus’ moans and cute yips of pleasure.

Soon he was sweating profusely and wringing his hands, face the very posterchild of agony.

Meanwhile the succubus kept her eyes locked on him as she rocked her hips lewdly, legs spread-eagled, her fingers curling in the long feathery hair of her student as she pulled her student’s face deep into her sopping cunt.

Eventually, she became annoyed with the man’s fidgeting.

"Oh, for the love of - Norman! Stop being such a prude and grow a spine! Will you speak or should I just kill you for trespassing in my dungeon?" the succubus shouted, rolling her eyes both in exasperation for the man's antics and because her student's tongue lashing took a vigorous turn.

"Spit it out and …. nngggggg! Tell me why your master sent you!"

"Mm.M.Mistress Lola, how do you do?” Norman stammered. “It’s a pleasure to see you again. I … ap… apologize for the circumstances, but I have an important message that could not wait.”

"Only your master has the power and the balls to interrupt my play time…” the succubus said, sighing in frustration. Despite her favored student being good at what she did, it was nearly impossible for her to climax without killing her. She would have to stop soon, and she didn’t want to. She tensed.

“Oh, oh, oh, right there! Yes! NnnnNNNgh! Ooooh! NORMAN! Tell me your business and leave. Or, you could join us and tell me… while you and I play.”

She licked her lips while she spoke, suddenly wrapping her legs around the harpy's head ever so gently as she pulled her deeper into herself.

"No thank you, mistress," said Norman shakily. "I will deliver my master's message and… go.. and yes, that is all. Thank you."

"Well? What is it?"

"Ah, yes, of course," stammered the pitiful dark elf, who withdrew a handkerchief from his pocket and began dabbing away at the profuse sweat that streamed from his forehead. He took a deep breath and then his demeanor changed, as if the soul in his body had suddenly swapped clothes.

The voice that emanated from the man was no longer the high-pitched squealing butler, rather the resonant voice of a would-be king.

"My dear, sweet Lolita," said the booming voice of not-Norman. "It's good to see you. The very picture of radiance and class.”

The succubus sat up, suddenly. Her leathery wings spread out to either side, angled slightly upward and giving the impression of an alarmed cat who had suddenly found itself in the presence of a snake.

Her legs squeezed the harpy's head between her thighs and half dunked her below the creamy surface of the milk pool.

"What do you want?" asked the succubus, her tone fierce, only the slight quiver of her brow betraying anything but confidence. Lola's face bore a vicious smile that was anything but playful.

"Do not interpret my presence as a sign of hostility, little sister," the not-Norman in Norman’s body said, holding his hands up as if to say, 'I mean no harm.' "Norman spoke true that I simply wished to relay a message. I would have given it to him to deliver, but the content is not something which I wish to be known. Norman is trustworthy, but I would rather play this information close to the chest, and besides -- I felt that if I delivered the message like this, I might persuade you to release my messenger when we’re done. Preferably unharmed."

Lola considered what she had just learned. This message was worth killing over.

"Why did you not come yourself, then?”

The not-Norman chuckled. It was a deep, rumbling sound. "As if you would not have attacked me on sight if I did. Tsk, tsk, tsk." He shook his finger as if scolding a little girl who had been discovered with her hand in her pants and doing something naughty.

The succubus felt a tingling between her legs and realized her harpy was struggling for air. Her wings were beginning to flap and splash in quiet desperation. Lola loosened the vice grip of her hips and felt the creature's panting breath against her crotch. The sensation allowed her to relax somewhat, and she gently nudged its head to resume its work on her lower lips. Once the harpy obeyed, the succubus steeled herself to ask the question.

"What is it then?”

“I need you to do me a favor,” the not-Norman said. It did not sound like a request, rather the simple statement of fact, uttered by one who few could deny.

“Oh, really? The red magus needs little old me to do him a favor?”

Lola Lolita was powerful. As an ascendant succubus, not only did she possess powers to ensnare and seduce nearly any mortal and most creatures in existence, but she had enough of a mastery of the schools of magic that she could overwhelm all but the highest class of magician. Despite what the magus had suggested, she would hesitate to attack him on sight. Not unless she was prepared beforehand and confident of the desired outcome.

“One of my experiments has … changed somehow, and I require your cooperation to see it through to completion.” There was an ever so slight hesitation as the kingly voice refused to admit a mistake. The succubus caught it and noted it as important information.

He waited to see if she would interject with a snide remark, to which she responded with an arched eyebrow instead.

“A half-breed spawn between a demon and a mortal has been born into this world and I need you to be ready to intercept the creature once I find it, or should it make its way to you. Your job will be to be available should it require instruction, or should I require its elimination.”

“I didn’t know the jinni and mortals could breed anymore,” the succubus answered in surprise. “The last cambion I know of was Merlin and whatever the method for his creation was nothing but legend for centuries before. I’ve always believed that the gods simply forbade it and there it was.”

“Gods?” questioned not-Norman.

“You forget that I was around long before you came into being, magus,” said the succubus, letting her tongue get away from her. “There have always been people pushing one god before another, but there have always been –"

“There is only one God, Lola Lolita-Loraine Beelzebaba,” said not-Norman, the room suddenly filled with an oppressive power. “Don’t you forget it.”

"Yes. Of course."

Lola Lolita felt her head bow slightly against her will. She hated herself for submitting, and for the words that escaped her lips. Despite his being here merely by proxy, the power she had felt was immense. Terrifyingly more powerful than the last time she had stood before the genuine article. Her mind raced. How could he have gotten so powerful, and it escaped her notice?

Not-Norman merely chuckled once more at her slip. Perhaps, in his amusement, he relaxed enough to speak freely, having taken the measure of her potential resistance and found none.

“You are forgiven. Now listen to me and do as I say. The method of binding is no longer legend, as the reason I know it is a cambion is because I have made it so. The creature in question was one of many under my direct observation. I took measures. And yet, even as my magical senses detected the anomaly…” The not-Norman snapped his fingers and sucked in air between his teeth. He looked more amused than angry, however. Even on the Norman’s face it translated as an uncharacteristic boyish enthusiasm.

“… it just slipped through my metaphorical fingers,” not-Norman finished, smiling. “I don’t know if the creature has died or if it is still alive. My divinations regarding the creature are inconclusive.”

“What does any of this have to do with me?” the succubus asked, cautiously, unwilling to raise his ire.

“You will leave your dungeon and this city and travel to L’Aquila,” he answered. “I need you to become an instructor at the Academy.”

She blinked at him, then opened her mouth to protest when he interrupted her.

“I’m afraid you won’t have a choice in this. Even if you were loyal to your responsibilities here in Parma, you no longer have allies here. Your mistress has been killed in a rage by her husband for an affair she never had with his secretary. The lord himself was murdered not an hour ago, and not by the three stooges the constable will soon hold in his cell. I’m afraid the fact that the late masters of the city owned a secret dungeon beneath their keep, managed by a demoness, no less, will not be a secret much longer. I would not like to see you hurt, little sister. And I need you to go to L’Aquila. I have made arrangements for you there. Should the creature in question find its way to you, as I have a hunch it inevitably will, we will be in touch.”

“Who is responsible?” the succubus asked, her shoulders slumped. She looked down at the harpy between her legs who had noticed her progressive lack of enthusiasm and now looked up with sad, expectant eyes, her mouth glistening with cream and her own juices. Lola pushed her gently away and, oblivious, the harpy ducked under the milk pool and began to play.

“The Visconti, naturally,” said not-Norman.

“Naturally,” Lola said under her breath, running her hands across her face. “Your patron has seen to it that my patron is dead, and now I have no choice but to do your bidding in L’Aquila. Is that the long and short of what you mean to say?”

“Naturally,” repeated not-Norman. “I’m curious, does your harpy understand the common tongue? Sentient monsters are not uncommon, but tame ones like yours who are also sentient are rare. Ones who can speak are even rarer. Your … students as you call them are always so … never mind. It’s time for me to go and for you to make preparations.”

And with that, the spirit that was inside Norman but wasn’t Norman vanished, replaced with the original inhabitant.

“That is always so… unpleasant,” muttered the butler. He remembered where he was and instantly became fidgety, though much less so now that the succubus was not engaged in her shenanigans. “Excuse me, Mistress, would you please remove the wards against teleportation so that I can extricate myself?”

Lola Lolita-Loraine had been a monster tamer for almost as long as she had been a succubus. Now that her political protections had vanished, she would need to leave her dungeon. It wasn’t just the place where the condemned and sickly met their end, fulfilling her baser urges as a demoness. It was also the place where she housed many of her students, her monsters in training. Most monsters died after exhausting themselves in her service. But it was only in the last monster surge that the monsters had shown promise of becoming something greater.

She wouldn’t be able to take them with her and resume her study. Most of her research and subjects would be lost. Beyond losing her political connections, she regretted having to restart her monster harem elsewhere, if ever she found as uniquely equipped a facility as this one.

She only trusted herself to take one monster. It would have to be her currently favored student, the harpy.

“I’ve decided to name you Ellie,” the succubus said, which was met by delightfully happy yips. “Ellie, play with that mean man over there until I settle our affairs, but I forbid you to kill him or permanently maim him. Anything else is fair game until I return.”

No sooner did she finish speaking her command, than she disappeared in a puff of blue smoke, having teleported herself away to start the grim work she had ahead of her.

“… Mistress?” squeaked Norman, his jaw opening in closing as its owner temporarily lost the ability to speak. Besides, who was he trying to talk to anyway, it was just him and the harpy… She had not really understood what the mistress just said. That was all a joke, wasn’t it?

His head turned to face a stunned harpy who was currently basking in the novel sensation of having been addressed by its new name. Suddenly the harpy set its bright yellow eyes on Norman and her face was split by a wide mischievous smile.

“Yip!” chirped Ellie, as she climbed the steps and out of the pool, exposing her long bird like legs with their taloned feet. She stood at her full height and leaned forward; her posture full of mischief. Milk dripped from her feathers and bare skin. For all her cuteness in that moment, she moved forward with the careful steps of a predator about to pounce on its prey.


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