Congratulations! Your soul has been drawn by the Demon Prince X#$%@#$#$.

Welcome to the world of Erda.

Your race has been changed to Cambion, Outworlder


The man who was no longer a man stared at the words hovering before him. He tried to move to touch the screen before him but his body did not immediately respond. Questions flooded his budding consciousness.

Where am I? What the hell is going on? What the hell is a cambion? Am I in some kind of videogame? Wait, what’s a videogame?

Everything was darkness. A wet, blanketing darkness. Memories of his body flying, like being pulled through space at an impossible speed flashed through his mind. Heavenly bodies zipping past, an endless sea of colors and swirls among an infinite cosmos… and now warmth and wet, like being submerged in a heated pool while wrapped in a hot blanket. The blanket was pulsing around him.

He became aware of muted sounds of agitated voices. He couldn't see them, but he knew there were others around him, somewhere. And there was a woman... screaming.

A slit in the darkness let in light. Pink reds and deep reds swirled around him. Suddenly he felt pressure as the warm blanket around him clenched.

“That’s right,” said a man’s voice. “You’re doing great. Just keep pushing. Good, she’s crowning. I can see the head now.”

Wait, this is trippy. Am I being … born?

The man who was now a cambion felt something shift inside him. A surge of energy and euphoria poured into him as he became aware of his tiny body constricted from all sides. He could feel his tiny fingers as he opened and closed his hand, he could feel his tiny heart beating faster, the muscles, tendons of his little body tensed against the muscles of the womb embracing him.

The woman howled in pain.

“Something’s wrong,” the man’s voice outside said.

“What is it?” said a female’s voice. Though it was not the mother. It was probably a nurse in the room. There was a pause and then the female spoke again. “Is the head supposed to be getting bigger?”

“No, it isn’t,” answered the man, his voice somewhat shaken.

Every fiber of the cambion’s being pulsed with energy, and he felt the space around him grow tighter and tighter. He could feel it. He was growing. He knew instinctually this was not natural. With a bizarre clarity given to him by virtue of having knowledge that shouldn’t belong to a nascent being, he knew that no baby should be growing the way he was growing just now.

The mother convulsed, thrashing in pain, and unseen hands of those around her tried to pin her down, but the strength she shared with the tiny creature inside her meant that reinforcements were called to help. It took four nurses to hold her down. Her back arced and the mother’s shriek reached a new pitch, terror mixed with pain.

With dawning horror, the man who was about to be born into this world as a cambion knew his new mother couldn’t possibly survive what came next.

A pulse of energy flowed into him and there was a sound like tearing cloth as the cambion’s head shredded his mother’s vagina, the tear extending upwards along her belly. A second pulse and the woman’s entire belly exploded outwards, as what was once a baby grew to the size of a toddler in the span of a few seconds.

Blood and gore splashed across the room and the cambion fell off the birthing table with a wet plop.

Congratulations! You have been born.


As a newborn cambion, you develop at an accelerated rate.

You are saturated with unholy energy. For the next 24 hours creatures and enlightened beings with the holy affinity will regard you as hostile

The man who was now a cambion toddler pushed himself to his feet, pawing at the screen that floated before his eyes. A moment later, instinct kicked in and he discovered he could mentally dismiss the update. He felt that there was more information hidden behind the words, but realized abruptly it wasn't the time to investigate, as he became aware of his surroundings.

He was standing naked and bloody in a kind of pop-up tent that had clearly been erected for the purpose of the birth. There were medical implements laid out on a table across from the birthing table. A half dozen giants stood covered in the blood and guts of his eviscerated mother who lay dead in the center.

No, they're not giants. I'm just small. Even my dick is small. I'm pretty sure it was bigger before... But when was that? What was before?

The people around him all seemed frozen in time, mouths open and eyes fixed on him. The absurdity and horror of what had just happened not having hit home for any of them.

Standing before them and also covered in blood, the cambion stood no higher than a toddler, with a bald, slightly amorpheous head. His facial structure seemed to be shifting slightly, almost as if the bones and cartilege hadn't quite figured out where they wanted to fit just yet. Its most striking feature, however, was its pale grey eyes that almost seemed to shine from behind the blood caked flesh.

The cambion looked over at his mother. A pang of sadness and regret coursed through him for the loss of a woman he would never know. The sensation was quickly replaced with disgust as the poor creature's wrecked intestines and lower half disconnected, falling to the floor with a wet squelch.

The sudden noise broke the spell and they all screamed.

"Demon!" shouted the man who was probably the doctor, as he backed away, nearly knocking over the table with medical implements. His hand closed on a sharp object that resembled a scalpel and tossed it at the toddler that shouldn't be a toddler.

Warning! Improvised weapon has inflicted bleeding.

The implement struck the toddler on the forehead causing a gash on his temple. It woke the creature from his own stupor from the impossible situation.

With a quickness that belied his age and size, the newborn cambion scurried out of the tent and into the night.

What the hell is going on?

The thought echoed through the newborn's mind over and over as he ran for his life, the cries of 'kill the demon' following close behind.

A note from Redrafe

Thanks for reading!! I look forward to meeting you in the comments! Let's be friends :)

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