Re: Now I'm a Demon, So What?

by Redrafe

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

(Warning, Teaser and Bonus are contained below Synopsis)


The newborn cambion knew there was much he had forgotten... he had a life before. He longed to remember it, but the memory eluded him. More importantly, moments after being born, he began to grow at an alarming rate and everyone wanted to kill him. Truly, this is a fantasy world of might and magic, but whatever implications that holds, the first priority is to survive.

Re: Now I'm a Demon, So What? is a story about an outworlder/isekai with a main character who (as of this moment) discovers he absorbs the powers and aspect of that which he consumes through his devour ability. This ability will evolve as the story progresses but I wanted to give both a teaser and a warning to readers considering my story.

Teaser! the intended direction of the story will reveal a world filled with political intrigue inspired by the conflicts in Italy around the Italian Rennaisance. We intend to marry that climate with a loose DND-esque magic and class system.

Warning! Unlike some of the stories tagged as having sexually explicit content and barely know how to spell tits, dicks, and ass... We plan on including a fair share of perverted content in our story.  As of this update, that is teased upon in Chapter 1 - Who is responsible.  I'm especially looking forward to introducing sex magic at some point if things go according to plan.   Anyway! Since you have been warned, if you don't like sexy stuff, please just skip over that stuff or if it really offends you, please move on to another fiction but don't post anything bad. Nyah! :P

Bonus! You are encouraged to post comments regarding what you would like to see show up in future chapters! I would like this fiction to be shaped in large part by reader input, so please don't be shy!

Thanks for reading this and hope to get to know you through the comments!

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