Swords of Eres

by JayDirex

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Martial Arts School Life Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
School life, romance, and sword play in this Sci-Fi adventure.

Motorcycle riding high school kid Rylan lives right and takes care of his baby sister Chloe. But one day a transdimensional gate opens on his front yard, and a beautiful sword wielding outlaw named Anya enters this world.

Now Rylan’s school life is turned upside down as he is pursued by Anya, who covets his ability to open Transdimensional Gates. Rylan’s only hope against outlaw Anya are twin teenage bounty hunters, Maya and Leif, who’ve crossed into this world on a mission to return Anya to their planet dead or alive.

School Life - Sci-Fi, Tsundere, Mayadere, Original Light Novel
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The Yandere Darkling's Review of Amber Rift...wait, no it's: Swords of Eres

Read up to chapter nineteen as of January 14/2016
Ya ya, I’m the proofreader for this awesome story and I’ll admit I rolled my eyes at all the cliche anime silliness. (Mainly the transfer student-thing).
But wow, JayDirex wove an amazing story so far.

My favorite part? Every character has their own agenda and you get to know them as you keep reading! There is more than two parties with plans and they are scheming in the background! (Oops.. gave away a plot twist.)

I have to say though, Chloe is cute! She’s my favorite character! You have no idea how hard it is (well, at least for me) to create a young character like that and have her act the way a small person would. (((Thanks for taking out the weeaboo speak)))

Anya is a VERY close second favorite for me. She’s the mystery character you can’t stop wanting to learn about. She and her family has issues, which is where this story starts (and hopefully ends).

Those Barons became the hook that dragged me from liking this story, to loving it! Keep up the good work!

One more thing, there's a little boy/boy love in there (it doesn't go past kissing, but if you can't handle it, consider this your warning).

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A Great School Life, Sci-Fi- Story, One of the best on RR

After reading Chapter 19 I have to say I LOVE this story so much, it has everything. Sword fights and force field shields, romance, betrayal and well written Mature Scenes..


Style: Clean sentences, zero info dumps, and a clear style. From the first chapter the author gets straight to the story with a dimensional gate opening in the beginning and from there we meet the beautiful villain, the twins chasing her, and our  MC and his little sister.


And once these "visitors" figure out the MC and the little sister have "powers" well things get entertainingly complicated with little twists everywhere. Style wise I love how each chapter is a character driven set of scenes designed to make you question everyone and other fun things I won't spoil.  


Grammar: The author's grammar is perfect. He understands the art of wordplay. The sentences are error free and he writes no info dumps. It reads like a movie.  


Character: Every character has a distinct personality, everyone out for something. And the MC seems weak (and he is not my favorite) but he's not really so weak. He's just normal compared to these badass people around him and he does have some badass moments. But the villain Anya Cesar is my favorite, I just want to read about her and only her. Don't get me wrong I have others I like and dislike and they all add to this story. But Anya! She's awesome. I hope he spins off a book just about her! 


Cons or Problems: I found the central chapters, like the fair and the whole 'school play' theme a little forced, but they do add to the fullness of the story since that is where the "romance" scenes happen and that's cool I guess, I just wanted to get back to the sword fighting :)





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Swords of Eres, once called Amber Rift, reviewed by someone who lives in the area where the story takes place...

I will be very blunt in this review. So, let's begin.


I really like stories that deal with setting mainly because of where I live and the fantasy novels I've read. That being said, I live in Las Cruces, and the setting of this story is not entirely accurate.


But that doesn't matter because this is a fictional story, and a very good one at that.


The story is quite original, the closest thing I've read similar to this are the Michael Vey books, yet it feels a bit too fast-paced. Style wise, it feels like a dark ambiance mixed with colorful setting and characters, and the designs as Jay describes them are very nice. Also, as a big fan and participant in LARPs and martial arts, I find the fight scenes pretty awesome and descriptive. Grammar is flawless. Characters are good, the anime tropes kind of irk me a bit, but Jay told me this story was going to be stylized as a light novel, so it does fit, and that makes the characters quite enjoyable.


I've known Jay for over a year, and all the stories I have read from him are very enjoyable, each one (in my opinion) better than the last.


I would definitely recommend you read this story and would compare it to a sword with a few scratches. The flaws it has are only cosmetic, as this sword (the story) still functions as it should. 5/5


I hope you found this review helpful. E-Man signing out.

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This Story is Awesome

I read 6 chapters so far and it I must say it is one of the more enjoyable stories on this site ^^

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I dare you if you read this review but don't read the fiction!

5 stars, why?


Because this fiction deserves it!


Style, what the hell? The style is perfect, chill and lax. Not overly descriptive and not abusing the use of extremely long and complicated words. All in all your average royalroader can read this but only someone with a broad knowledge of english can truly enjoy the full potential of this fiction.


Story, who the fuck are people on Royalroadl trying to kid? The story of this fiction is so darnly good that even the top shots should make way for this story. This is a story of caliber, this story will fuck you up.


Grammar, not one error! I kid you not, I have not seen a single mistake till now. NOT A SINGLE ONE! I might find some if I make an extensive and explicit search for mistakes but why should I? As long as the grammar is not as bad as some other Royalroadl fictions that are placed in the top 50 yet are barely readable then I will thoroughly enjoy this.


Character, this is where I would give more than 5 stars. There are actual characters in this fiction, not some stupid generic shitheads that are either the most dumbest of the human race or absolute geniuses, or still others that are all mysterious and shit and assassins and what not.


This story deserves more than just 600 views, more than just 5 reviews, more than just 5 stars. This story should be sold and bought. I can only laugh at the people that rated this fiction worse than 5, fuck you guys. Before I get to aggressive and start bashing onto the 50% of all royalroaders’, that seem to have no eyes in their FUCKING SKULL and are some massive DEGENERATES that should get a nice ASS-WHOOPING and then be tortured by reading out loud the massive shitturds that lurk here on this site and are advertised as the top 5 fictions, I will stop my rant here.


Whew, good that I didn’t insult all those stupid and downright retarded faggots on this site, oops, seems I did. Author if you wish for me to take the last part of my review down say so, because right now this is not the review all of Royalroadl needs but the review we deserve!