Christopher Hall's life was utterly uneventful - until one day he suddenly found himself in the far future. One in which Mankind spread among the stars... and is fighting a centuries long war against its own nature.

Now something claiming to be an angel has given him a mission. If he fails, disaster will befall Mankind. If he succeeds, he can get his old life back. Unfortunately, telling Christopher what exactly he is supposed to do wasn't a part of the plan.

Join him as he figures out figure out how to survive in a universe where Mankind branched out into dozens of religions, ideologies and biologies, all at war with each other. Universe as familiar as it is foreign - and as dangerous as it is vast.

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Long War strives to be quite unique in terms of sci-fi settings but still using familiar elements, just in combinations and ways that are fairly innovative. The only drawback is that the characters can be somewhat difficult to keep straight, they're introduced very rapidly, so that needs to be kept straight if you want to make sense of the story. These characters are thrown in and it's a bit difficult to get invested in so many of them so quickly. But one could argue that you should be paying close attention to any story that you're reading. 

The Grammar does need improvement here and there, but for one who's first language is not English, it is quite good. I'd highly recommend this story if you're into sci-fi, and especially if you're into large lore-filled worlds. The author excells at building a detailed and descriptive world for the story to take place in. It's a lore-junkie's paradise, I'd say. But even if you aren't as into lore, the world is explained fairly well and at a decent pace. 

I personally am very interested in seeing where the author decides to take the plot of this story. It's brimming with potential and it's in no part thanks to the near-limitless world that the author has devised. 

Christopher Woods

Intriguing premise and solid delivery

Reviewed at: 008: Overload

Overall: the story is honestly fantastic. It does require a whole bunch of lore to understand the story, but that's what the Encyclopedia Galactica is for at the beginning of each chapter. It's clear that the scope of the conflict is huge, but I appreciate focusing on only one specific group of people, rather than having a dozen different main characters in a dozen different places. 


Style: The style matches the content fairly well. It does feel like the way people interact hasn't changed much in the past seven hundred years, but that is somewhat addressed, and so not a major problem.


Grammar: The grammar isn't always the best, but it's a heck of a lot better than the first draft, trust me. If you're not terribly picky, you'll barely notice.


Story: I think the story has a good pace, balancing action with days-in-the-life, which I really appreciate. It gives us a feeling for who the characters are. And speaking of which...


Character: The characters are always the part of the story which make it or break it for me. And here, they definitely make it. There is a large cast, but each character has a detailed backstory, which gives them much more believability. They feel very real, and I would be happy to spend my time with them. 


I used to read a lot of sci-fi, but not so much anymore.  That said, appraising this on its merits means...

Yeah, it's a solid work.  It isn't 'flawless' but what is, right?

So with that said, let's get into it:

The character is transferred to the future... the confusion, dismay, this is well executed and I get a pretty good feel for who the kid is.  That being said, he could do with further fleshing out.  The opening feels a little infodumpy, but this is pretty par for the course so it's fine.

The one jarring thing is how quickly everybody accepts time travelling teleportation.  The MC is just fine with this... honestly it seems like he should have some trouble accepting this, even with the evidence around him... but more importantly the future humans seem to go with this right off the bat too.  Imagine if somebody told us they were from the year 1400, how quickly would we accept it?  

For plot, sure, fine... it just felt like this process of acceptance of his story should be fleshed out more.


Past that... the depictions of future tech and shipboard actions all felt very solid.  It felt futuristic and the the surrounding characters (yay catgirls :) ) all felt realistic other than the time travel acceptance.

Now on to the advanced ratings:

Style: 5 out of 5, the 'Encyclopedia Galactica' bits add seamless depth to enrich the world at large, and the scene descriptions are on point, I get a real picture of what I'm supposed to be seeing in various scenes.

Character:  4 out of 5.  Characters are a little overly accepting of the improbable and a bit overly charitable to the MC, giving him more authority than he really should believably have.  But... other than this?  Yeah the characters have unique voices and behaviors that make them stand apart from one another.

Grammar: 5 out of 5.  No story's grammar will every be perfect, but everything works, everything clear, readable, and no confusion to be had.

Story:  5 out of 5.  It takes a little while to get off the ground, which isn't a bad thing, if you're cool with slow burns, then this is right up your alley.  I was going to set this to 4.5 out of 5, but honestly it's so borderline that I went with the 5 so my personal bias wouldn't be at play.  Well done.

All in all, if you like both sci-fi and slow burns that gradually build up the world at large or 'universe' such as it were, this one is right up your alley.   


Imagine Kirk's Enterprise and Futurama in one

Reviewed at: 028: Battle

... with a Royal Road flair :)

It's really good. Some SciLitRPG (sorta), some slice of life, pretty hard sci-fi (although not in the science realism sense), oodles of humour, interesting occurrences, etc. etc.

I always look forward to a new chapter, and I'm never disappointed.

The author also seems to have something big planned well in advance. Which is great.




The writting is pretty top notch, except for a few strange word choices like "country" to describe planets and or polities.

The world building is off to a great start (I am aware this story is a re-write but have not read the orginal) and the characters seem pretty memorable.

I quite enjoy reading the desriptions of people, places and environments as it not too verbose or too little.

The story has a mix of serious moments and shenanigans that serve to keep it from been too dark or too sily, though I do wonder if the horror is going to suddenly jump out due to authors other works.

All in all I am looking forward to reading more of this story.

Thank you to the author.


Space Serial Masterpiece

Reviewed at: 037: Mourning

I absolutely love this story. The characters are vibrant, the world is so freaking rich, and story is just filled with ooo's and aahh's.

It is like symphony in space... like... like a space opera!! hmm I wonder if that is where it is from.

Anyways, the adventures in a futuristic time, in a filled to the brim universe, are so much fun to read about. You laugh, you cry, and you try to reveal the secrets of the cosmos on every turn!

So good. :)


pretty good with maybe a few adjustments needed

Reviewed at: 027: Waking up

it was worth the wait though i think the author cares to much about having a negative rating.his story is better than most of the sh*t i have seen here and the genre although futuristic feels particularly realistic to not be seem as bulls**t.

i like how the story maintains a balance between several elements and i hope they succeed in keeping it.


Transhumanism and catgirls

Reviewed at: 013: Incident

A nice view of a possible future of mankind. Far more believable than most I have ever read.

I like the group of misfits coming from various different worlds and flavors of humans. It reminds me of Futurama and Farscape. The political and military context feels like a hard sci-fi version of the Honor Harrington universe (or a lot of other stories with 2 great powers in a cold war). Bonus points for hinting to others Entities existing outside and inside of the two powers. Good complexity level, it makes for a more realistic and natural feeling setting. 

The way we discover the future of mankind from the perspective of a 21th century man is truly efficient. Certainly not original, but it works very well. He is kept in the dark about some important facts. And get an outsider perspective on traumatic historical events. But it also always remains light and fun. 

And the viewpoints of the leadership of the spaceship help to paint a greater vision of the events. 

Nothing special to say about the writing, grammar or orthograph. It means that it must be good, without shocking mistakes or repeating errors. Probably not perfect but far above 99% of the stories on RR. 

All that makes it far better than a lot of stories I have read that almost always had an unbelievably hyper competent captain reverse all by himself an interstellar war. (It was fun, the 10 first times.)

As far as I can tell from all the chapters so far, it also doesn't seem like a universe that the writer made only to replicate naval battles in the future.

A little unsure of the 'angels' part, but it makes a great mystery. I just hope that the final explanation will be consistent and interesting.

So, Writer, we need more, a lot more :) 


This story is gripping, although especially great for anime and space travelling fans. It has a strong comedic layer, but there is a grounding common sense narration to counter it, with a twist of seriousness lurking in the shadows. This is promising because I do like a well thought out horror story with quite a bit of action.
Moving on to the main character, he is surprisingly cool headed about his predicament, but it is the easiness with which it is accepted by others that makes you suspicious about what exactly is going on in this new reality.
As for the other characters, they are diverse and their interactions are well balanced between realistic and comedic. There is attention to detail, be it in their appearance, demeanor, reactions or little jabs at one another. Above all, there is a lot of cultural motivation behind the characters' actions, but also specific individual traits and situations tempering what could otherwise become stereotypes.
Another aspect I value is the worldbuilding, which here is weaved in easily and hints at a well thought out system with depth, yet we just go with the flow, together with the main character, without getting drowned by a wave of information. 

As for the style and grammar, the first fits the story and the second helps a good read.


I'm not usually a fan of this particular genre, but the author has a way to keep me interested which already says something. 

Plot wise, it's definitely a refreshing read that I'd recommend, I would consider this as an unnoticed hidden gem. Author seems to have put alot of work to the world building and it shows, I can tell he already knows what he is doing and where he wants to take the story which is another big plus. 
Grammar wise, very few mistakes here and there but they are negligible. I was honestly expecting for it to he hard to follow with the plot of the story considering the large scale world building the author seems to be going for, but I'm glad my worries were unnecessary.

Overall, a recommended read!