The Golden Throne

The Golden Throne

by jdbeue

The world we live in is quite the chaotic one. But there are others. This is one such tale. One of a young man from our world who was unfortunat- no, he was truly fortunate to get transmigrated to another world, one where he knew he could belong. One with magic, one with kingdoms, one where power meant everything.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Beginning ago
Reborn ago
5 Years Later ago
Going to the Market ago
Classes ago
Mysterious Book ago
Lucas Winfrey ago
Just another ordinary day ago
Lucas becomes a teacher ago
The spirit realm ago
A Trial of Learning ago
What is the second trial? ago
A City Underwater ago
They didn’t tell you? You just have to die ago
The Spirits Choose ago
Returning back to the Mortal Realm ago
Talking with Lucas ago
Classes starting already? ago
What happened to my body? ago
He’s a teenager now ago
Going to Dilheim ago
A Barren Town ago
Start building immediately ago
Vacate your homes ago
Money starts rolling in ago
You found limestone? ago
Visiting the Magic Academy ago
So what if you are a duke’s son? ago
Dilheim can become a city now ago
How did you do it, Your Highness? ago
A shadow in the dark ago
The Mage Tower ago
Leaving for the Magic Academy ago
Leaving for the Magic Academy Part 2 ago
Arc 1 Is complete ago
Entering the Academy ago
Starting with school ago
First Class ago
A Problem already ago
Chapter 39  ago
Chapter 40  ago
Chapter 41  ago
Chapter 42  ago
Chapter 43 ago
Chapter 44 ago
Chapter 45 ago
Note to Reader ago
Exclusivity to Webnovel ago

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king pandas

It's actually pretty good

Reviewed at: Classes

I mean, the story build up is fine, and the people who read it will agree that it has potential to go through a crazily good story line, maybe even rivalling that of the beginning after the end. The story was spoiled by that city bit, and it was quite disappointing the last few chapters, but I have to wait for the new arc to come to see if the story will progress the way I want it to. 

The grammar and the sentence structure is all fine. Good use of vocabulary here and there. The problem is an inconsistency of the writing style, as well as the plot development. It is as if the author is just realizing that there are a few gaps in the plot that he has to cover. Also to be noted is that the interaction with the family is quite small, and it is disappointing to se that the emotional build up in the story is close to nil. I hope that all of this changes in arc 2.

If you like the wish fulfilment  genre, then this novel is tailor made for you. It practically breathes wish fulfilment. The story mc is getting whatever he wants, and it seems kind of irritating. The story also gets predictable at a point, like during the part where the spirits contract him. Ofcourse the king of spirits also contracts him. The author made the mc way too op, and it could get on some people's nerves.