The Mechanical Crown

The Mechanical Crown

by Simon K Jones

An explorer, a princess, a slave and a sword. A belief that the world can be better. The Mechanical Crown is an epic adventure full of intrigue, mystery and romance.

When Tranton Seldon becomes the first to cross the mountains in hundreds of years, he sets in motion a series of events that will transform the forgotten kingdom of Lagonia and test its society like never before. The Mechanical Crown is about the impacts of intolerance, isolationism, prejudice and the abuse of power.

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Simon K Jones

Simon K Jones

Word Count (11)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Survival ago
Machinery of state ago
Relics ago
Cry of the worker ago
Before the drop ago
The city on the hills ago
Ring of chalk ago
Melt ago
Blind faith ago
All seasons end ago
Appearances ago
Harbinger ago
The Ice Runner ago
Arranging the board ago
Legacies ago
The streets ago
Crossing borders ago
Things unsaid ago
The King's Eyes ago
Staring from the gutters ago
Factions ago
Door breaking ago
Airborne ago
Convergence ago
Tip of the spear ago
The times ago
In fine company ago
Chrysalis ago
Predators ago
Siege ago
Curtain fall ago
Convictions ago
Liars and Magicians ago
The north ago
A means of escape ago
Questions of fate ago
Paralysis of time ago
Restless bones ago
Misdirection ago
The Dreaming ago
Crossed trajectories ago
Festival spirit ago
Voices from the past ago
On shaking ground ago
Lock and key ago
Conflicts of interest ago
The descent ago
Knives ago
Taking a breath ago
Fault lines ago
Rotating the pieces ago
Lines of communication ago
Retribution ago
In pursuit of ghosts ago
Remnants ago
Gladiator ago
Age of impossibility ago
A fine coat ago
Zephyr's delivery ago
The old ways ago
We used to be dreamers ago
A day as the outsider ago
Hour of the wolf ago
Between the metal trees ago
Desperate measures ago
An unwelcome visitor ago
A view from the stalls ago
The rules of ambition ago
A frayed plan ago
Trail of broken clues ago
The exercise of rival powers ago
Enter the fray ago
The other side of the coin ago
Lighting the fuse ago
The long night ago
To dare to hope ago
A taste of death ago
Through the gates ago
Ashes of peace ago
The reluctant catalyst ago
Crowjun ago
The past and future threat ago
Tainted promises ago
Late warning signs ago
Leading the lost ago
The ruptured world ago
Tangled echoes ago
Investigations ago
Matters of trust ago
The purge ago
Fantasia ago
Blue skies ago
A new truth ago
Beware of old gods ago
In search of hope ago
New alliances ago
Notes from above the clouds ago
Lines of inheritance ago
The ragged edge ago
The call of power ago
Tranquillity rising ago

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