Sitting in the shuttle, barely anything could be seen. Except for 2 red lights that lit up a small area, the rest was dark where the potential recruits were seated. Jax did not mind this though. He could see perfectly in pure darkness, let alone low-light.


While they were traveling, the various people chatted amongst themselves as they tried to guess how they would be tested. Some tried to boast about how they were related to a member of the Black Sun and had the insider scoop.


"My cousin is a member of the Black Sun. He said that they tested his shooting skills, his piloting skills, and also he had to kill 10 civilians."


"No way! My uncle was a member before he died from a Republic ambush. He told me that they mainly torture you to test if you would break under Republic torture. All other skills you can learn on the job."


"You both are wrong. The Black Sun gives all their prospective members blasters on stun settings and has them go up against a Jedi. They make it 20 against 1 for each round to see how good their skills are."


Hearing the various rumors, Jax wished to tune them all out but was unable to due to his heightened hearing. At first, he was hoping to hear some information about the trials but the men and women aboard the shuttle were useless.


'I guess Miden is better than I thought. I might need to stay near him if he makes it through these trials. He was able to gather information easily, even if some of it was wrong. Actually, he only gave me one wrong piece of information which I was able to shoot myself out of. '


The shuttle ride did not last long, 15 minutes since all the members boarded it before it landed on the cruiser that belonged to the Black Sun. The mercenaries sat on the shuttle for several minutes before the bay doors opened. Light flooded the inside of the shuttle, temporarily blinding those inside the shuttle. Once they adjusted, the group was surprised by what they saw.


Outside the shuttle were two rows of Black Sun members decked out in heavy armor and each one of them was carrying a blaster rifle. Although the rifles were pointing up, each of the members was looking at the shuttle bay. This was an intimidating sight for all those on the shuttle that were only armed with their small blaster pistols and wearing the bare minimum of armor.


None of the mercenaries aboard the shuttle dared to make a move and exit for about a minute. Seeing this, several of the Black Sun members sneered under their helmets as they saw that the mercenaries on board did not have the guts to leave the shuttle.


'30 more seconds until we have to get rid of another batch,' the pilot of the shuttle and one of the officers of the Black Sun thought to himself.


Just after he thought that there was movement. A lone figure walked down the platform and made his way past the guards. Jax saw all the guards looking at him but did not feel intimidated in the slightest.


The reason he had waited so long was that he was at the back of the ship and wanted those in front to get off before him instead of having to push through the crowd. But when no one moved after a minute, he took it upon himself to just get off the shuttle.


The officer looked at Jax with appreciation in his eyes and was about to praise him when he heard a beeping sound coming from his wrist. The words that were about to come out of his mouth were swallowed as he turned to the guards and nodded.


Seeing that they got the command, all the guards pointed their weapons at the ship. The mercenaries raised their hands or aimed their blasters at the guards but before anyone fired, the doors to the ship closed.


Inside the shuttle, white gas was released from the vents. No one noticed at first but as the gas got denser and people started to cough, the mercenaries realized what was going on. They started to shoot at the walls and door to try and make holes but the blaster bolts reflected off the surface and ended up killing more mercenaries.


Screams of fear and anger could be heard from inside the shuttle. Curses could be heard from inside the ship. Jax and the members of the Black Sun looked at the ship indifferently until it quieted down. When no sound could be heard, the officer turned toward Jax.


"Congrats. You passed the 1st and 2nd tests. Follow me for the third," the Imroosian said before walking in a certain direction.


"2nd?" Jax asked with a raised eyebrow after he followed behind the officer. The pair were flanked by the 20ish members of the Black Sun.


"Yep. We need to make sure that your loyal to us and not others. Even if you didn't others have a weird sense of justice or join with their friends. Our loyalty should be organization first, Underlord second, Vigos third," the officer replied without turning his head back.


Jax thought about it for a moment and felt that made sense. It made no sense how skilled someone was if their loyalty was not toward the organization.


'Although this test can't filter out everyone. Allies on other ships, sociopaths, those who just had no allies. Still better than nothing though. And they are also smart with how they operate. Instead of giving them a second chance or letting them leave, all those who fail are killed. No wonder the organization has survived for over 3500 years.'


The group walked through the hanger that had several other shuttles inside of it. Each of those shuttles had their bay doors open and had 2 guards going through and shooting all the bodies to ensure that they were each dead. Seeing how ruthless and efficient the Black Sun was, the positive impression that Jax had for them only increased.


The group walked through some doors on the other side of the hanger and entered a large room with various other people inside. There were almost 200 members of the Black Sun in their armor, 9 officers standing in front of them, and less than 30 mercenaries.


Behind all of them was what looked like a training course. There was a shooting range, an obstacle course, and 4 fighting rings. It seemed pretty obvious what the upcoming tests were.


'First, they test us mentally. Then they will test us physically.'


Jax followed his officer until they arrived in front of the other mercenaries before joining the others who were standing in the group. Among all the mercenaries that were there, none of them were Ardennian.


'Too bad. That little monkey was starting to wear off on me.'


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