The creature walked through the neon-lit hallways of the Crishal Station as it made its way to the Sornel Bar. Having been on the station for a week already, the creature had learned to blend in with society. He had also hunted several individuals to gain more knowledge from each of them.


Along with their memories, the creature was also able to gain proficiency in skills that each of the people specialized in. It went from a complete amateur to a veteran mercenary in less than a week. Its fighting style also changed from purely instinctual to a methodical style. The creature that first awakened after its first feast and the creature that stood inside the Sornel Bar would have thought of each other as complete strangers if they met.


Sitting down at the bar, the creature ordered some Mandalorian Rum. With his glass in hand, the creature began to drink to liquid. It burned his throat but 'its' memories said that it was one of the best drinks the creature could get.


'Sentient beings consume this for pleasure but also to forget. Such odd things they do. But if I want to blend in, I need to fit the bill. Speaking of which...'


Just as the creature had let these thoughts cross his mind, a blue Ardennian walked up to the creature and sat next to him. It took the drink from the creature with one of its 4 arms while another arm was signaling for the bartender and the last 2 were making their way to a Twi'lek nearby.


"Good to see that you are here, Jax. I got some info for you. Thanks for the drink. Give me another 3, barkeep," the Ardennian ordered. This was Miden. He was on the same ship as Jax, the name the creature had adapted to better fit in when he left Dathomir. Ever since then, he would bump into the latter a few times before deciding the two were friends.


Jax was uncomfortable with this at first because of how friendly Miden was but after getting used to the creature, Jax learned to tolerate it. Especially since Miden was like this with everyone and was an excellent source of information.


Miden did not say another word as he waited for his other drinks but Jax had very little patience. He needed credits for his own ship and had been looking for a job. But since most of the people there were criminals, finding a real job or someone who trusted a criminal to do a job was hard. And Jax could not keep stealing and killing people inside the station. He would eventually get caught.


"What is it, Miden? Find an actual job this time and not another trap?"


Miden had found one other job for the pair 2 days ago but it ended up being a trap. The two ended up in a shootout with 7 other people. Miden only survived because Jax took down most of the enemies.


Besides the blaster pistols that the 7 had, they had no money on them. This only got Jax a little over 1,000 credits, nowhere close to the amount he would need to buy a decent ship.


Seeing that Jax was not in the mood to beat around the bush and that one of his hands just got stabbed by the Twi'lek he wanted to flirt with, Miden decided to spill the beans.


"Just got told from a reliable source that Black Sun is recruiting. Apparently, the Vigos in charge of this area sent a large number of men on a dangerous mission which ended up with a large number of casualties.


Although they are transferring members from other sectors, they still have to recruit a large number. With our skills, we could get accepted into it. You even have a chance of becoming an officer."


Hearing this, Jax's eyes narrowed. This opportunity came at too good of a time. If he was able to become a member of the Black Sun, never mind getting his own ship, he could even build his own fleet in a few years if he was lucky. But most importantly, he could access a large amount of knowledge that was locked away.


Most organizations kept their information hidden and only those who were a part of their group could get to it. Black Sun was a criminal organization that had been around for over 3 thousand years and had evaded the Republic, Jedi, and Sith's attempts at dismantling the organization.


With its long history and ability to not only survive the various organizations trying to bring it down but also expand, Jax was sure that he could get plenty of information related to his species and what he was.


"How sure are you about this information?"


Miden also understood how serious this was. Black Sun did recruit every now and then but their standards were very high. Even though they were a crime syndicate, most would think of them more like a military organization by their seriousness.


"Absolutely sure. The tryouts will be in 3 days. If we pass, we will be members of the Black Sun."


Jax nodded at his words. If this was confirmed, in the coming days, there would be an unprecedented amount of peace of the Crishal Station. Unless someone was foolish, they would not want to get on the bad side of the Black Sun just for a few credits.


The pair drunk with each other for a few more hours before each started making their way back to their rooms. Along the way, they could hear many people talking about the Black Sun's arrival. This further confirmed Jax's thoughts.


'It seems word has already spread. I need to start paying more attention to what happens around me. While I currently have an informant, I probably won't always have one.'


And just like Jax had expected, over the next 3 days, there were no disturbances. While some people did decide to pick some fights or steal from others, the rate of crime went down by a large margin. The smart ones wanted to either make a good impression or at least not make a bad one.


3 days later, a medium-sized cruiser pulled up outside the station. On the side of the ship was a large symbol: a black dot surround by circle jagged lines that resembles a crown or halo. This was a ship that belonged to the Black Sun.


Miden and Jax stood by the window along with many other of the mercenaries and criminals present as they saw several shuttles leave the cruiser and approach the station. 3 hours later, Jax was on one of the last shuttles heading over to the ship. On his usually expressionless face, the corner of his lips raised almost imperceptibly.


'This test is going to be easy. I wonder just how high I can climb in this organization without threatening the Bha'lir.'


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