Looking around, he saw all those that had just been killed by him. The blood  that was not inside of his stomach or covering his body, was creating a small lake at his feet. The hundreds of corpses were still warm from recently being killed. But the one who killed them had an indifferent look on his face. He was instead basking in the memories of those that he had killed. Everyone who he had drained of a certain amount of blood had given him memories and knowledge. Now, the being was just filing through the knowledge, for he had known nothing the previous hour.


Standing in the same position for 3 days, the being finally moved. It picked up the various body and threw most of them off to one edge of the village, keeping 5 bodies near it. These 5 were the bodies that had decomposed the least, looking as if they had only recently died. It was puzzled why they had not started to rot like the rest but the being did not question it for long. Because it had grown hungry once again.


No longer as hungry as before, the being nearly ripped off a few pieces of the human's flesh as well as its heart before it was full. It did not need to eat as much as it did the first day. After it finished its meal, it threw the 5 bodies away with the others.


The creature then went into the various houses around the village to gather supplies and wood. Clothing and money were put into a large backpack. The creature also put on an outfit to cover its naked body as well as equipping a metal breastplate, 2 blaster pistols, and a knife with intricate carvings along the blade. 


The creature did not look any different from a common human male. With caramel-colored skin and short, spikey black hair, it stood 1.85 meters tall. Its armor and weapons would have most think of it as a common mercenary or bounty hunter which would help it blend into society. 


All the wood used to surround the dead humans and stuff in between the bodies. Once the pile was surrounded, more wood was piled on top of the bodies. Soon, it seemed as if someone had just dumped a large amount of broken furniture and firewood in an area. The creature had a torch in its hand as it stared at the pile of wood that covered all the corpses.


"You have already died to give me knowledge and sate my hunger. Now you must burn to keep my secret."


Throwing the torch on the pile, it soon caught fire before being engulfed in flames. An inferno was created that soon spread to the village. The flames went so high and the smoke was so thick that other villages within 10 kilometers were able to see what had happened. But by the time anyone had gotten there, the bodies were burned and the creature was long gone. 


3 weeks later a male Twi'lek, a female Mirialan, and two human teenagers arrived at the location of the fire. Each member of the group was wearing tan and brown robes. The group of 4 walked through the ashes and the rubble until they arrived in front of all the burnt skeletons.


Looking at all those that had died, the 4 people furrowed their brows but did not show looks of disgust like all the others that had come before them.


"157 dead in a single attack? Pirates? The Nightsisters?" the Twi'lek asked. The green-skinned man walked over to one of the corpses and began examining it, hoping to gain any useful information. 


"That makes no sense, Master Vishu," the Mirialan said. "Pirates would only do this if they had something to gain. This village is too small to have anything of such value. Even if it did, there would be no need to kill this many of them just to get it.


As for the Nightsisters, they are even more unlikely. They feed off the population and only kill when necessary. If they had killed them all, they would have taken the credit for it."


"Master Olin is right," a female voice said. The 4 robed individuals turned and saw 5 women with chalk-white skin riding atop rancors. These Nightsisters were the true rulers of Dathomir. They had come to investigate what had happened to the village already but when they received word that Jedi had arrived, the sisters sent some of their members to meet with the others.


The one who spoke sat in the middle and was the only of the group to not have her head covered in a red hood. She was clearly the leader of the group. The 4 Jedi greeted the Nightsisters before asking the questions that were on their mind. 


"You said that you would have announced if you did do it which means that you did not. You call Dathomir your home so you must have a better understanding of what happened," Jedi Master Olin asked.


The lead Nightsister responded with, "We are as clueless as to who did this as you all are. But we do know that it was a single individual and not a group like you all believe."


Hearing that, the Jedi were shocked. Even though it was 3 weeks later, with how clean the village was, it was easy to tell that the battle did not last more than a few minutes at most.


"None of the bodies had blaster injuries or other injuries associated with common weapons which meant that the person who killed them had to be extremely accurate if it was only a single person. The worst is some broken bones. For a single person to do this..." Jedi Master Vishu did not continue but the rest understood his unspoken words and agreed.


"That is what we thought at first as well. But when we found a pack of Rancor killed with a blade no longer than 20 cm about a week and a half ago, we had to change our thoughts. The battle lasted longer than this one but it was still a one-sided slaughter from what we could tell since there were no bodies besides those of the Rancor," the lead Nightsister counterd.


This made it sound even more unbelievable that a single person had done it. But for two such instances to happen within such close time proximity and the second obviously only being done by a single individual, the Jedi had no choice but to believe what the Nightsisters had told them.


"Any clue where the person or creature went?" asked Master Olin.


"No idea. We are having more of our sisters patrol around in hopes of finding them but we have prayed to the god and goddess that it has left the planet to become the Republic's problem instead of ours."


Hearing this, several of the Jedi furrowed their eyebrows but did not comment. The Nightsisters did not say anything wrong for anyone who had such a dangerous person on their planet would want it to go somewhere else.


Both groups talked for a few more minutes before the Jedi made their way back to their ship while the Nightsisters continued their patrol. Until they were sure that the creature was dead or left the planet, they would surely stay on high alert. The Jedi on the other hand would return to their main ship and inform the Jedi Council of the information that they had just gained from the Nightsisters. As for what would happen after, the 4 would have to wait for further orders.


Fortunately for the Nightsisters and the residents of Dathomir, and unfortunate for the rest of the Galaxy, the creature had boarded a ship that left the planet 4 days prior to the arrival of the Jedi and had already landed on one of the most lawless and dangerous space stations in the Outer Rim. This would be its new feeding ground and the start of its legend.


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