An Infinite Recursion of Time

An Infinite Recursion of Time

by Mr_17

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

I always wanted to be taken to another world, and as they say, there are no atheists in the foxhole that we call real life. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed until one day, I opened my eyes to see my dream had come true.

I also saw the axe of an orc bearing down on my skull. You win some, you lose some.

A time-loop fantasy story written after getting into litRPGs a bit. I wondered what it would be like if I just went and wrote a story about all the things I liked in web fiction without holding back: time loops, RPG stats, certain character archetypes, and harems played straight. Please be warned of lewd descriptions and depraved sexualization. If nothing else, this will be a sincere work. 

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A Rock and A Hard Place (1) ago
A Rock and A Hard Place (2) ago
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All The Stops (1) ago
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True Love (R) ago
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The Power of Friendship (R) ago
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Most story in the site

Reviewed at: Crossing the Line (2)

When you think about Royal Road (formerly Royal Road Legends (formerly Royal Chuck Legends)), what story comes to mind?

No need to think further. Rhetorical question. This is it. This is the story to out-story every other in the site. We've reached platonic royalroad-ness.

Do you like numbers going up, and magic systems completely laid bare within a single scene? It's got it.

Do you like waifus who seem to have nothing going on except a mission to bang the protagonist? It's got it.

Do you like power fantasies to the level of describing the main character's muscles twice a chapter? Boy, has this got it.

Here, let me quote an excerpt:

> "Progression RPG" and "time loop" go hand in hand together, or really, they're interlocked in sweaty, passionate intercourse that nine months later produces a baby called "OP protagonist". In my dreams, I am that baby.


> It was time to step forward and hope Chadness was a stat.

All other writers in the site should go back to the cave where they belong, abandoning their careers to stare shamefully at the shadows on the walls. Shadows emitted from the light reflected off Mr. 17's sweaty muscles.

Bow down to the king of shitty writing. God help us all.


Royal Road has peaked.

I do not believe the author is a Regular Human Being; instead, he must have ascended into a Human Being Plus to bring words of this magnitude and in this specific order onto a page.

This story has everything. Time travel. Video game cheat skills. Inexplicable isekai. Numbers going up. A prophecy involving no less than five McGuffins. A harem of beautiful women. Horny elves with an insatiable lust for human cock. Delusional rationalismnizing. Big tiddy goth yandere. S-tier smut. Womb tattoos.

All the hallmarks for a great piece of literature.


# Style

Transcends the 5-star metric. The author is styling on this website, the isekai harem comedy genre, and life in general. I will now offer support for this objective fact with quotes.

"I studied philosophy, and to this day recalled René Descartes's most important philosophical lesson: Give her the dick."

"Was... Was this the power of dick? Had I dicked the sweaty NEET out of her, completing her transforming into the villainous dark mage she was always meant to be? Was this character development?"

"Your soaked panties are literally still sitting on the floor amid a concerningly large pool of your juices. They're like a green boat crashing against the waves of a pussy juice ocean. It's such a terrible state of affairs it can only be described with crude metaphors that I hate myself for saying."

"Beware that, as you strive to be yourself, the world will strive to change you... for when the slutty elves gawk at you, you too will gawk at the slutty elves." - Malcador the Hero

"One of the greatest concerns troubling modern humanity was the reality that once full-dive VR recreated sex perfectly, the human species would be finished, because in that moment, we would all collectively abandon our lives to throw ourselves into a never-ending digital sex orgy. All pretenses would be lost, and as a species we would stop pretending that civilization was anything but increasingly elaborate ways to secure sex."


# Grammar

5/5 - The grammar is very well. Trust me, I'm an expert.


# Story

5/5 - There is a plot. Also, the plot is beautiful. Vast expanses of gorgeous, curvaceous, succulent plot ensure a pleasurable experience.


# Character

5/5 - The characters have recognizable human emotions. Most of those relate to the protagonist's dick, but that's okay.

The main character himself is a self-absorbed, awkward, idiotic edgelord that has been granted the power of chadness, which is great because this closely aligns with deeply held and embarrassing fantasies of mine.


If all this makes you think this story is self-indulgent trash, then you're absolutely correct, but it's trash of the highest order - self-aware, unapologetic, fun, and with much more depth than the countless stories on this site that superficially try to hide their trashiness.


Funnier than it should be

Reviewed at: Crossing the Line (1)

This story avoids taking itself too seriously, to its great benefit. I would describe it in brief as "horny Worth The Candle crackfic" and this is strictly a positive thing.

I also sincerely appreciate that Mr 17 is trying to say something about what makes people appreciate each other- that small gestures are often more meaningful to the recipient than the giver expects. (Even if it's a moral copied from a video game within the text- great artists steal!)


The story we needed but were too afraid to ask for

Reviewed at: Afterword

Post-ending-rewrite edit/TL;DR: should you read this story? Yes, if you look for a genuinely (and ironically) funny wish-fulfillment portal fantasy and are not easily offput by the horny. The rewritten ending fits the rest of the story better, but if you end up enjoying it, I recommend checking the original ending as well - it was good in its own way.


Since the time immemorial, humanity has struggled with the question:
"What if Worth the Candle, but anime?"

Mister Seventeen, if that's their real name, in their gigachadness that knows no bounds saw that the question was fucking stupid and graciously skipped to the far more pressing and, admittedly, extremely specific one:
"What if Worth the Candle, but hentai VN (sans visual) with timeloops, the world reduced in its complexity to the point beyond the wildest dreams of the earliest Final Fantasy games, Harry Potter style spells except instead of dog latin it's dog japanese and dwarves stuck halfway between the trolls from Homestuck and the gems from Steven Universe?"

The answer, of course, is An Infinite Recursion Of Time, and the author has been providing it at the honestly alarming rates, outputting something like 7k words a day.

What makes this speed of updates even more impressive is just how structurally sound the story is. The arcs resolve nicely, there are clear bits of foreshadowing for you to make guesses upon, the author sets up small memes repeated over the story, some jokes pay off chapters after they've been set up, the characters act consistently and there is noticeable direction in how they progress.

The moment-to-moment writing is charmingly crude early on, but I feel it gets much better as the story goes on, without losing its charm, or perhaps I am getting brainhacked by all the smut and also too busy trying to ignore the Baikal lake volumes of bodily fluids pretty much every female character in the story produces and the main character describes in excruciating detail.
Speaking of smut, I appreciate both the willingness to outline smut bits with warning tildes so the cowards could skip them and the unwillingness to classify furious graphic masturbation as smut because it's just too essential for the plot.

All in all, if you wish to lose the last bit of dignity you didn't know you even had in exchange for the feelings you really don't want to reflect upon and, perhaps, a secretion fetish, there is no better story to recommend than An Infinite Recursion Of Time.


A proper harem time loop!

Reviewed at: All The Stops (3)

Is this Worth the Candle, but entirely leaning towards the themes of "sex & harem"? Yes it is. Don't try to fool me! 

I see the references all over the places: isekai protagonist having deep thoughts about everything, infernoscope -> heavenscope, 9000 hells - > 9000 heavens, Uther Penndraig & redhaired princess Amaryllis Penndraig - > Rose Penndrack.

So many references! This is like a porno parody based on or referencing a rational book, and it's a damn very well written porno. Five stars all around.

There. You are now blessed with the stars. Truly a degenerate masterpiece in which the main character is flung into absurdly sexy and fun events and misunderstandings and tries to rationalise things the best he can. No spelling problems found. Characters are fun and interesting. Humor is fantastic, it made me laugh out loud many times.

Also, I see the prudes stalking the outer rims with their prude reviews. Why do you people read something that is a parody & clearly has sexual content and depraved sexualization notice only to cry how the "______ is horny"? A mystery of the ages.

Overall: The comedy and jokes here are sublime and the main character's self depreciation is just pure gold. This is far better than most vague-ass harems writers output and mass produce for amazon sales. Mr_17, keep it up! Can't wait for more chapters of interest.


I can only use these three words to describe my impression of this novel. For all its smut, initially snarky protagonist and power fantasy kicking into full gear, An Infinite Recursion of Time has a story to tell that does not (only) revolve around ogling women and blindly increasing the harem. Try it. It's going to be a hilarious ride with dark implications, and I do not regret a second of reading it. 


I want expecting much too be honest the reviews and the description paited a picture of an isekai subversion that's been done before and the beginning seemed to be just that. But instead of the usual crash and burn of an interesting concept not translating into a good story. It got better, and better, and better. Just read it.


Although I'm giving the individual score as 4, I'm letting the overall score as 5 because I did ultimately enjoy the story despite its shortcomings and want to promote it.

The story itself is rather good, with some surprising twists. The character development, albeit meta, is competently done, making me care about the characters on an individual level. Most of them have their own personalities and struggles and have to overcome them as the story progresses. A few of them are shallow, but at least it is the exception not the rule, and I suspect this is mostly due because the author decided to cut short the plot on the final arc. I particularly liked philosophical questioning which added depth to the discussions and decisions, although it became too much later on.

As for world building, there's a reasonable level of depth, but nothing groundbreaking. This is the usual Tolkien-esque setting, with elves, dwarves, and orcs, with some twists that make them more interesting.

With that being said, I think the author could do better in their next story by not rambling as much. As a light novel the meta aspect was amusing, but the monologues honestly felt too much, and got to the point where I was starting to dread when MC started their philosophical deconstruction of what things meant if not for their intent. The first one was good, the second one ok, but by the end of the book people were repeating themselves without adding anything that hasn't been told already. This made the discussion feel less important for the plot and more important as a platform for the author's opinions and beliefs, trumping development of the story. I suspect that if we removed the inner dialogue, the story would be 1/4 shorter and wouldn't lose a thing.

If the author wants to write another harem novel, I'd say go with his insight in Afterwords and don't dedicate too much of the dialog to lewd -- as usual after the MC started to have sex, the plot seemed to gravitate around it exclusively, smothering what made the read enjoyable that far. He mentioned that having a sex addict cast would make them want to have sex all the time, and thus consuming all available screen time, but as the author he has all the power to prevent or circumvent that. It is not like the words write themselves. 

Finally, and this is somewhat subjective, please find some female beta readers, or people sympathetic to them. No woman feels pleasure when their cervix is being hammered, and I can only imagine the level of pain it would be to somebody, and I paraphrase, recoil the penis to the entrance of the vagina and thrust with the strength and speed only a demigod posses, breaking through into their womb. They would certainly pass out, not from orgasming, but from trauma. If for some reason elven anatomy is different from humans, then point that out in the story. Otherwise it is very uncomfortable to read those parts.


Great start, horrifying yet well done ending.

Reviewed at: The Power of Friendship (R)

Edit: the story has had the ending rewritten. Plot holes have been filled in, mental manipulation has been re-rationalised and then heavily removed although still there, and the main character actually won. I still dislike the guy, but this time round his mind was kept.

Now he just sounds like an edgy incel wannabe who cant get over how women have free will, although that doesnt matter when in his new world women dont actually have much free will.

Oh, and the meme

The author included a meme at the end, I think as a kind of joke? Honestly it's stupid, but eh. I suppose it can be found to be funny, so laugh on. I'm saying this here in case anyone dislikes there being memes in a story they read. It doesnt have too much impact, but it exists.

Otherwise the new ending is better, and far less horrifying. Still semi horrifying, and if you are curious I am leaving my previous thoughts on how horrifying it was below. Still a royally messed up world though, but at least it seems the author is semi aware of it. 



I dont know how to feel about this story honestly. The start was great, the middle was good although a little odd with all that rationalization about what is going on. And the end was legit horrifying, what with 

The mental manipulation taking over everyone. It was literally built into every woman on the planet, with the 5 main loves all being manipulated. Sure, trying to describe love and truely understanding it might be impossible, but wait, telepathy! Literally just send it as a concept to each other, even relying on your fused souls to do so if you have to! 

But no, continue with the earth based concept of wmoriona being unexplainable. 

Basically the ending was a little messed up, and the chadness, beta and alpha stuff all makes me concerned that the author is secretly an incel. Like, that stuff ain't normal dude. 

And that demon girls point of view? When we know for sure that eveyone is getting manipulated, before even meeting him? Yeah, it was horrifying. I understand you were rushed, but it was still horrifying 



Overall a good story with a rushed but neccessary ending that closes up all the plot holes and makes me wish I could tear their world to bits so as to rescue every messed up person in there. 


Tldr: tags to add: dark, mind control, possible incel, well done but horrifying ending. Are those tags? No idea, ah well.


Hello this is good story

It is Horny It is Funny It does Not take itself Seriously

The dialogue is cringe at the start until you realize it is cringe on purpose. Then, it is based

There is no reason not to be reading this if you are reading stuff on this site already