The Strongest Fencer Doesn’t Use [Skills]!

The Strongest Fencer Doesn’t Use [Skills]!

by Rafael Kalleen

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

"I have just submitted book 1, consisting of the removed chapters 1-32 to Amazon"

A world champion fencer is transported to a world where fencing matches have strong influence over many things - social status, wars, income - but it is not the world he dreamed of. In this world, your [Swordsmanship] is a number assigned to you at birth and your fencing skill isn't something you have to work hard for.

His journey to this world wasn't an easy one. Dying once left him without much regard for his own life and he tries to prove a point to distract himself from his real concerns. But every day reminds him of the things he tried to forget.

His best friend, who he killed with his own blade.

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Rafael Kalleen

Rafael Kalleen

Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
Word Count (14)
1st Anniversary
Top List #1500
Table of Contents
91 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
This is book 2 - Book 1 is on KU ago
Chapter 33 - The Plan to Take Down God! ago
Chapter 34 - He Who Whispers ago
Chapter 35 - Longsword Duel ago
Chapter 36 - The Power of Decisions ago
Chapter 37 - The Devil ago
Chapter 38 - The Nameless Servant ago
Chapter 39 - The Death of the Nameless ago
Chapter 40 - Those Who Play With the Devil's Toys ago
Chapter 41 - "It's a sickness. I can't stop." ago
Chapter 42 - Blade Rhythm ago
Chapter 43 - A Fortune Most Sweet ago
Chapter 44 - One Hell of a Show ago
Chapter 45 - The Duellist's Stage ago
Chapter 46 - His One True Rival ago
Chapter 47 - Fedal, the Lone Warrior ago
Chapter 48 - The Dance of Death ago
Chapter 49 - His Heart's Roar ago
Chapter 50 - The Sun Wolf ago
Chapter 51 - The Truth Behind 234 ago
Chapter 52 - Isabella's decision ago
Chapter 53 - Your Real Name ago
INTERLUDE - His name is Max of Relampago ago
Chapter 54 - The Grand Game ago
Chapter 55 ago
Chapter 56 - Johan, before the match ago
Chapter 57 - The Unicorn Curse ago
Chapter 58 - Old Friends ago
Chapter 59 - The Devil's Truth (Also Book Cover!) ago
Chapter 60 - The Tournament Starts! ago
Chapter 61 - The Tournament's First Match! ago
Chapter 62 - The Strongest Fencer Who Uses [Skills]! ago
Chapter 63 - The Meaning of Guts ago
Chapter 64 - The Clash of Champions ago
Chapter 65 - Mindgames ago
Chapter 66 - The Hesitant Duel ago
Chapter 67 - The Lethal Clash ago
Chapter 68 - Run. It. Back. ago
Chapter 69 - Nice Fight ago
Chapter 70 - "I know." ago
Chapter 71 - The Devil's Fight ago
Chapter 72 - The Devil's Madness ago
Chapter 73 ago
Chapter 74 - Fedal's First Step ago
Chapter 75 - Fedal's Leap ago
Chapter 76 - Before the Storm ago
Chapter 77 - Curtains Rise ago
Chapter 78 - Valle's Stage ago
Chapter 79 - "My King." ago
Chapter 80 ago
Chapter 81 ago
Chapter 82 ago
Chapter 83 ago
Chapter 84 - Accept it! ago
Chapter 85 ago
Chapter 86 ago
Chapter 87 - God Steps Forward ago
Chapter 88 - The Most Spiteful Man vs The Most Petty God ago
Chapter 89 + 90: His Name Was Johan ago
Chapter 91 - The Plan To Kill God ago
Chapter 92 ago
Chapter 93 ago
Chapter 94 ago
Chapter 95 ago
Chapter 96 ago
Chapter 97 - Celebration ago
Chapter 98 ago
Chapter 99 ago
Chapter 100 ago
Chapter 101 ago
Chapter 102 ago
Chapter 103 ago
Chapter 104 ago
Chapter 105 ago
Chapter 106 ago
Chapter 107 - Johan's Bad Day ago
Chapter 108 ago
Chapter 109 ago
Chapter 110 ago
Chapter 111 ago
Chapter 112 ago
Chapter 113 ago
Chapter 114 ago
Chapter 115 ago
Chapter 116 ago
Chapter 117 ago
Chapter 118 ago
Chapter 119 ago
Chapter 120 ago
Chapter 121 ago
Chapter 122 ago

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What to expect:

 - Well written fight scenes that include mind games.

 - A weak-but-skilled MC that's just a tad unhinged.

 - Excellent comedy featuring similarly strange characters.

 - Nerding out about fencing! (and the author knows their stuff, too)

Disregard the seemingly-gimmicky premise; this is good stuff. Well written, charming, funny, and god does the author get you care about fencing. I've read ahead of what's been posted so far on Royalroad on Spacebattles and it's just been getting better. The protagonist, in many ways, is the antithesis of a typical RoyalRoad LitRPG MC, and he's principled to the point of obsession in a way that's strangely compelling. The side characters are all interesting in there own ways, and all of them have just a tinge of madness to them that's reminiscent of Douglass Adams or Terry Pratchett.

The author doesn't really focus much on intricate worldbuilding or plots, but honestly? It's better without. In the end it's a story about fencing, and that shines through every aspect: the protagonist's obsession, the Skills, the setting, the intricately-structured fight scenes. Which are truly amazing. You can tell the personal experience of the author in each one, and the protagonist's almost lecturing narration during them is perfect.

Check it out, you'll do yourself a favor.

Jirachi Blue Heart

The story does an excellent job of being battle shonen-y, and delivers a consistently quality experience - from a nice flashback arc that gives more context on the hero's motivations, to interplay between the people in combat, to the way that he focuses in on the world and the implications to the things he cares about - from the nature of skills to how he stacks up against the magic of this world.
I don't have any complaints about the reading experience - the language is plain and understandable beyond specific segments that mention fencing terms that are well introduced, and the characters are likeable and easy to care about, though there was a feeling for me that the story cares about having central motivations and a speech style, so don't come here for character studies. 
The fights are spectacular and engaging, and it has a great take for the genre. I wish that it was a bit clearer about the special effects of [Swordsmanship] and how it interacts with attempts to parry and so on - it seems like it's a little too easy at times, but it mantains the stakes nonetheless. 
Still, I found the story personally exciting and thrilling to read, so I'm happy to rec it. 


Fencers are like onions - they have layers

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 - A Forger, a Gambler, and a ship.

I've read this up to Chapter 16 on Spacebattles, and I have to say it really goes places. The story blasts you at the start with a hotblooded protagonist with an unflinching hatred of the LitRPG circumstances he finds himself in, and over time the layers of his seemingly irrational behavior are peeled back in a sequence of events that put the entire rest of the story into a greater context. I'm a huge fan of stories that end up being more than they appear at first glance, so this one was right up my alley.

Of course, an interesting plot structure can only carry a story so far, but thankfully Strongest Fencer is just plain fun and entertaining outside of that. The characters are very entertaining, the pacing is tight, and the fight scenes are clearly written by someone who has actual experience in fencing. Another thing I'm a sucker for is an underdog fight, where the main character is seemingly outclassed and wins through skill, bravado, and cunning. This can be hard to pull off without a deus ex machina, but the story manages to do that numerous times, which is impressive in its own right.

Really looking forward to where this one goes! It's started off strong and has a lot of potential to become something special.


I like it a bunch. It's pretty great in my opinion. It has its weaknesses, but a lot of those are pet peeves of my own. In my estimation, its story is beyond that of any you'll find on this site except for a select few. Which is why I recommend you come and see.

The style, the world-building, it's all pretty much average for the good books of this site. 

The story though... is something brilliant.

Also, this story isn't meant to make literal sense - yes, you've got OP guys getting beat by the MC, but look - it's the skill of the MC that makes him succeed. And the story is written in such a way that even if it wasn't so, it goes with the style of the novel itself. 

Read It

I have read Part - 1 of this story and it is one of the best action-filled novels on this website. The fight scenes are brilliantly written and you can see it in your imagination as you are reading it. Each character's motivations and the reasons why they do what they do are nicely written. You will love the characters and hate some of them too. The MC loves fencing and there are a ton of fencing terms in here. Overall, I enjoyed it and it is really good to read. I recommend reading it.


Read till Ch - 16, and then you can decide if you like it.



A fantasy story written by a real martial artist

Reviewed at: Chapter 29 - The Strongest Champion Uses Skills!

I have a real love for action novels written by people who understand how fighting works. So often, all of people's knowledge comes from movies/anime/youtube. This isn't a problem for most readers, but once you learn a bit about how the body works certain standard tropes become jarring and painful.

The writer clearly knows what he is talking about, and it comes through in the fight scenes.

As an extra bonus, the characters and plot are great. Not a huge fan of the setting itself though.


Pure love for the sport, and promises even more

Reviewed at: Chapter 69 - Nice Fight

Original Review (written as of chapter 11)

With 11 chapters published, its hard to guarantee an ending as good as the beguinning. The pieces however, are all there

It is clear that the author loves fencing, making the fights fun, but also you feel like you learn a lot about fencing and its quite cool? Like hell yeah teach me how to stab people.

That same love for the sport is clear in Carr, a fencer from Earth who hates this world ruled by numbers, and is here to show what true fencing looks like.

Also that antagonist... He has just appeared in front of Carr and I already want to know more about him, for him to get stabbed and the answer to a few questions that are spoilers by themselves ;)

Well written, characters with coherent motivations (both the main and supporting cast), and with the originality of fencing giving a freshness to fights that I didnt know I wanted, this story receives my glowing recomendation 


Chapter 69 Update





After constantly seeing this newer, shorter work on Trending right above or below mine, I couldn't resist procrastinating when I should be writing and sneaking a peek. Having disliked fencing in real life, I didn't think this would be my cup of tea, but I was soon swept up by the protagonist's enthusiasm, the ridiculous stakes, and the story's constant manic energy. So far the updates have been coming daily and the pacing hasn't slowed one bit. Overall, it really reminds me of an old-style manga or movie.

Carr's fevered rantings over the handsome blond-haired leader who betrayed him made me think of Guts going, "GRIFFITH!!!" even before the reappearance and flashback arc. RIP Kentaro Miura

The story's like a racing car on the highway: fast, furious, and straightforward. The world is somewhat limited (a world just for fencers?), the characters really come off as characters, which in my view is both a good and bad thing, and I did spot a few minor grammatical issues, but this earns my high rating from the stylishness, humor, and enjoyability factor.

Also, doesn't our battle in the Trending rankings feel sort of like a heart-pumping, blades-crossed duel? No, is that just me?

NW Stormraider

The Story is about Carr, a former Fencing Champion, who was sent to another World post Mortem, and that is about all the explanation we were given until Chapter 7, where i stoped Reading. This World he came to is governed by skills. But not realy, because these "Skills" do not seem to make one actually skilled at anything, but rather act as Stat-Buffs. The Protagonist decides not to use the System, because, in his view, it is a Shortcut, and Shortcuts never pay off. And so he proceeds to beat enemies with higher "Swordsmanship" with ease, as no matter how much the difference in "Skill" is, he beats them through his superior Skill. And there lies the reason for my lower Rating. The System Carr so easily demolishes, should be Impossible to beat by a Normal Human, no Matter how Skilled. That could be overlooked, if it was not the Central conflict of the Story. Following is in more detail why the Story couldn't possibly Work within its own Rules:

The Story states that People with higher Swordsmanship are stronger and faster than those with lower Swordsmanship, it also furthermore states that it is extremely rare for people to defeat someone with a diffrence of 10 or more levels of Swordsmanship. This Implies, that style of Fighting is not of great Importance, as the diffrence in power seems to negate the difference in Technique. So now the levelless Protagonist defeats the Level 735 Champion Valle by raw Technique, the Story even stating Valle used his full power. That is 73 times greater than the difference in Level people see as reasonable to be able to defeat. To make it more believable, the Author added that using a higher Level of Swordsmanship increases the recovery time after a swing. But you do have to ask yourself: how much can you even compensate by skill? And, more important, can you even react to someone who is (at least) 73.5 times faster than you. That number is an extremely low estimate, going as if the System is scaling linear, as, from personal experience as a LARPer and, yes also Fencer, you can still defeat someone about 20% faster or with about 20% longer range than you, even if it gets harder. To be friendly to the Author lets say 10%, meaning every 10 Levels is a 10% difference between the fighters. That means you have a difference in Speed between Carr and Valle of 1.1^(735/10), which is about 1100 times. That number is so ludecrous. The real value is likely somewhere in between these Multipliers, but even if it was only 1/10 of my lowest estimate, it is basicaly Impossible to Win any such Fight against someone 7 times as fast and strong as you. And no, the System can't possibly logarythmical, as that would anull the difference in power at higher Levels, which is not stated as such in the Story.


Can't give it 5 stars, because honestly the worldbuilding, feels a little weak. But the story, he characters. And the technical yet, so incredibly engaging fight scenes make up for it. There is a depth and perspective there that I have barely seen elsewhere. And before I really get to know the characters, that is what really drew me in.

And it just gets better.

Try it, if you like the first fight, and it happens incredibly early. The fights just get better and longer from there. And the characterization catches up soon enough.