Gasping at the sheer terror, Jake had never felt this powerless in his entire life. Before his rebirth, Jake possessed superhuman abilities. He could demolish a building with an arm, lift a truck with ease, see through the human body, but now it was all gone….

He never felt threatened, even when he was captured by his foster parents. Yet, right now, Jake felt himself feeling the strange emotion of fear.

He was heavily breathing as he realized that he was going to die.

Still standing in shock, he heard the voice of Nico, "What are you doing? Are you praying to god? I understand your religious zealousness, but I gotta say, it's not the time for that."


Jake cried inwardly, 'Where did things go wrong? A man can't even be left to despair. Sad!' He cleaned his imaginary tears as he was thinking.

Seeing him wiping his face, Nico said, "Don't cry. I know why you are crying. It is because of your zombie lover, right? You left him deep in the forest. Don't worry about him. I'm sure he is going to be okay."

Blood rushed to Jake's face, as he almost spat blood. He looked deeply at Nico and thought, 'Ahh!! I should have killed him a long time ago.'


While Jake was regretting his past action or in this case, inaction, he was brought back to reality by the horde of zombies rushing at him.

Sensing the urgency of the situation, Jaya instructed, "Get into a circle formation! I will take the front. Nico will take the left, Lola the right, and you--" She pointed at Jake. She tried to remember his name, then she realized that he had not introduced himself.

"--You take the back. Guard us. And if you for one second think of abandoning us, I will kill you!!" Jaya declared.

She didn't trust Jake one bit. When the boy found the way to the exit, he didn't tell them!

While Jaya was busy contemplating, the culprit himself didn't feel anything. He felt that Jaya was wise to not trust him, after all, they just met three days ago, "I was right. She is the leader of their little misfit group"


"I know we are all scared, but we shouldn't let that stop us. I would rather die fighting than die crying my eyes out. As long as there is a chance, I would rather take it. Do you hear me, you all?!" Jaya fiercely shouted, her eyes beamed with a strong determination...but the replies she got threw her off.

Lola briefly said, "K"

With his ginger smile, Nico asked, "Come again, I couldn't hear your voice due to the zombie's roar. Sorry, Sorry."

Rolling his eyes, Jake replied, "Yes, yes, mother."

Jaya was speechless at the replies, "..."

Unfortunately, she could not release her frustration as the first zombie of the horde engaged her. She tried punching its face, but all she did was make the zombie move two inches back. Copying Jake's style, she swept off the zombie off its feet.

Nico and Lola were also fighting. Nico super punched his zombie. While it didn't kill it, it made it fall down. Before the zombie could get up, Nico stomped on his head, making it splatter like a watermelon.

Jake commented as he watched Nico, "...Brutal."

'While Nico's fighting style is simple, combined with his unique strength, it proves to be very effective,' Jake thought as he took down his own zombie.

He also analyzed Lola's style. She was quick and clean, like a swift and silent blade. No excessive movement.

When she attacked, she would set up the next attack which would take down the zombie. For instance, the zombie she fought with. While fighting, she tripped it and broke its legs before it could get up.

Analyzing her, Jake discerned that she was trained. Though not like him of course. None of them could endure M's training. Cough. Cough. He was not bragging, but they could not reach his level of expertise.

He felt he was even humble saying that. Jake nodded his head as he thought, 'As expected, I'm really kind and humble.'

...And like that the group started fighting the horde


"Ha...Ha..Ha..," Jake was gasping for breath.

After fighting for a few minutes, he noticed a few things about his body, "This body is really weak. Its stamina is so bad and its strength is so puny."

The rest of the group was also feeling weary. It had been twenty minutes since they had started fighting and so far, there had not been any good yield.

Jaya shouted, "We are sitting ducks in here!"

Having known the outcome of the battle, Jake opted for a better option, "Let's move in a formation. I will clear back, while you defend me."

The three others nodded their head, indicating their agreement.

Jake took a deep breath. He was prepared, "No bites. No bites. No bites." He chanted to remind himself that he couldn't be reckless.

After preparing himself, he took a few strides, clearing away zombies with great speed. To Jake, the goal was not to kill them, it was to smash his way out.

For every step he took, Nico, Lola, and Jaya would move backward covering his back as they followed him.

Gradually, they increased their pace along with Jake.

Soon enough, they started running, not more bothering about the zombies, sprinting their way out.

The trio overtook Jake which made him yelp as he once again realized the status of his weak body.

His chicken legs could barely even run and the zombies were at his tail--his ass.

As he was running, Jake got a tingle down his ass. It was a warning coming from the ass, telling Jake that it was in danger.

'Fuck! I can feel the zombies staring at my ass. Is it that enticing?' He thought, 'Could it be I have a sexy ass? If that is the case, then all the more reason why I should protect it.'

Having felt danger, Jake increased his speed just before a zombie swiped at his previous position. Of course, Jake couldn't know about that.

He frowned, 'They are getting closer to us. No, we are getting slower. If it goes on like this, then we won't make it.'


In the open field, beyond the forest exit point, a young man with a large group behind him walked to the gray barrier.

They headed towards a large door on the barrier. It was the exit point Jake saw.

The bulky young man with brown hair and a straight gaze, said to his men, "Is this the place, Frank?"

A man of about fifty years replied to him, "Yes, young master. Your father's scouts sensed a disturbance in the zombie mines. As he was busy with an important matter, he asked you to investigate it."

The young master smiled. He had been trying to gain recognition from his father lately, but he was always met with disappointment as his father was always busy. Now that he had been given a task by his father, he would make sure to fulfill it perfectly.

He shouted to his men, "Gather around. The zombie mines are always dangerous at night. We would camp here today and move at first sunshine tomorrow."

His men upon instruction began to set up tents for their stay.

With a grim face, Frank, the young master's attendant, said to his young master, "Young master, I hear noises from mine. It could be the source of the disturbance"

"Are you sure," the young man asked him

"I am absolutely sure, young master," Frank gently replied.

Not doubting Frank's word, the young man said, "Then let's check it."

With no hesitation, the young man gathered his men and proceeded to the gate of the barrier.


As they were running towards the exit point, the gate, Jake noticed a zombie sneaking up on Jaya.

He shouted," Jaya, behind you!!" but he was too late as the zombie gripped her legs and dragged her.

Seeing their childhood friend attacked, Nico and Lola went to help her. Like that, their good run was broken.

The zombies ganged up on the trio. One of them was about to bite Jaya when an arrow flew straight to his head.

Jake traced the path of the arrow. He saw a large group of men standing close to the exit point. One of them, a fifty-year-old man, was holding a bow, still bent from the arrow he just shot.

"Frank, did u get it?" A young man in the middle of the group said.

"Yes, young master. I never miss my shot, just like sperm."


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