'Where am I?

What is this?

Who am I?'

A thought occurred in the faint blue hue.

The thought belonged to an unknown entity, which roamed in the vast space.

It didn't have eyes, but it could see.

'The secret of the cosmos. So, it was all simple

They were in front of me all this time.

The truths that I yearned for all. They were beside me, but I couldn't see them. Perfection

The mysteries of the cosmos. They are all simple to solve. Easy as pie.'

The blue hue experienced countless immeasurable truths.

Existing as only a mind, it was left vulnerable to the secrets.

'Perfect. I want more. More. More.More!!'

It kept absorbing every information is perceived.

'Laws, Daos, Truths, Structure, Dimension. What else is ne--Ahh!!'

It was only a little mind. It was arrogant of it to think he could know it all. Still, it tried to understand everything

' How can I let go of what I see? I seek Perfection. I seek...Perfection.'

Each time it repeated a sentence, his mind would dull. He would feel like something is in his grasp, but he can't grab it.

'Who am I?

I am the one who seeks perfection.

I am…..Jake Khaos Amethyst'

Finally, The entity remembered his true self.

'Whew, if I was just a second late, I would have been drowned in the endless circle of information.'

After the Primal Spark Stage, Jake only existed as a mind, which was left vulnerable to the sea of truths.

If he didn't wake up, he would have kept sinking in it until he loses himself and disintegrates, bit by bit, unknowingly.

Truthfully speaking, Jake didn't wake up by his own ability. It was the help of the Flask of Serenity and the Pills of Gyna.

The Flask of Serenity blocked all information from his mind. He was left exposed to the mysteries of the universe and his mind couldn't shoulder such profound truth.

The pills of Gyna helped keep his mind from breaking down. If not for the pills he would have fallen prey to the bottomless sea of mysteries a long time ago.

Jake reckoned he had spent at least a hundred thousand years just existing. That was how scary it was.

With his awakening successful, he moved on to the final stage, the Rebirth Stage.

He saw Mira nod at him, then throw a flower and two pills at him. It was the Flower of Creation and the Pills of Beginning.

The Flower of Creation releases a scent that is the stimulation of Primordial Chaos Energy, energy of creation, The very first energy.

Due to the primal sparks, there should be residues of primordial chaos energy in him. The flower scent would help awaken it.

The flower released a colorless scent that traveled around Jake until a purplish silver was born.


Jake was mesmerized by the beautiful energy with mesmerizing patterns on him. He felt a special connection to it like it was his mother.

After the appearance of the energy, Jake got to work.

The Rebirth Stage was all about rebirthing. Jake had to create a new existence for himself.

This was where the hidden effect of the Elixir of Open Minds and the Pills of Beginning took effect. The hidden effect of the elixir granted molecule construction, it helped assemble a body back together, while the Pills of Beginning catalyzes in the creation of his new existence(body, soul, mind) and also tunes one into the present location, which can be a galaxy, universe, world, basic physiology.

Not every inhabitant of a universe is the same. A universe A can have something present in them that a universe B doesn't have and vice versa. Jake needed to adapt to his current location, hence the need for the Pill of the Beginning.


It started from nothing combining together. They kept forming until they formed a single subatomic particle to atomic particles, moving to molecular particles then to cells.

The creation of Jake's body was not easy at all. He had to know the exact anatomy of his previous body. Not just that, he had to learn everything about the body, mind, soul. Countless information and he had to master them all.

That was what made this step simple for Jake.

After Cellular creation, it moved to the veins, muscles, bones, which lead to a new body for Jake, but he didn't notice that he never created blood, it appeared by itself.

He also created a soul, and a new mind, as his mind was already in shatters.

He cut down a tiny piece of his mind and placed it in the colorless mind, making it faint blue.

The mind was placed in the soul, which was stuffed back into his body.

Seeing the primordial chaos energy was already diminishing, Jake created a core formed from one percent of his energy. He broke it into nine cores. Five of them were placed in his energy pathways to create a more unique one, two for the physical body, and the last two for the soul.

Being the greedy person he was, Jake used the remaining chaos energy to create a weapon. While the weapon was still without shape, he thumped his chest, coughing out his lifeblood, the rarest and purest blood one possesses. He added the blood to the unformed weapon.

But much to his dismay, the attempt failed, due to insufficient energy, and the incomplete weapon disappeared.

He didn't think much of it as it was merely a wish of his own.


Jake experienced a burst of pain in his mind. It was like his mind was too small to hold all the knowledge he possesses.

He once again looked at Mira who was far away from him, protected by her barrier.

Happily, she gave him the last item, the Zevik Pills.

Jake had factored in all the experiences he might go through. So, he added some additional pills, like the Zevik Pills.

It was a pill that would erase the memories of the phenomena that happened to Jake while he existed as a mind. The side effect was that it might suppress Jake's memories, which was not that bad at all.

After he took the pills, Mira appeared close to him and protected him with her barriers.

"Congratulations, young master!" Mira greeted him. She was beyond happy.

Another person appeared in front of Jake. It was M.

"I knew you would do it. Excellent. You didn't fail me. I guess you learned your awesomeness from me, hahaha" M was jubilating….in his own way.

The cat stopped laughing and solemnly said, "Now listen"

Jake paid attention to him every word, "As for instruction from Master Zero, should a son of chaos succeed, we are to not interact with him until he gains strength. We are to leave him alone and demand He recompenses us for the resources used."

Jake understood. Right now, he felt weak, no, he felt beyond weak, like a mortal. To survive, he had exhausted more than half of the resources in the dungeon. It would be shameful.

If it is the instruction of Master Zero, then he would gladly obey it.

M tapped his paws and a portal appeared on Jake's left.

"Go through it. It would lead you to your destination. Grow stronger and seek us at the peak." M only said those words before he pushed Jake into the portal.

"Whew. Finally, the little miscreant is gone." The change from the solemn tone of M to the happy one was drastic.

He shook his booty as he celebrated the departure of his useless disciple, no, he meant treasured disciple.

"M, there's something wrong with that portal." Mira noticed something strange about the portal Jake just went through.

"....You are imagining it"

And like that the fate of our Mc was left uncertain.


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