"Wow," Jake said

It was rare for Jake to be amazed.

"It's beautiful, ain't it?" M asked

The two of them were in a huge starry room, covered with blinking stars.

It was just like they were in the vast galaxy.

Jake notices a transparent veil marking the boundaries of the room, 'The room is not simple at all'

"What do you think?" M challenged his disciple.

Jake observed the room. He had an idea about what was going on.

"The room is actually an exposed location in the chaotic space, but it is protected by the veil."

"Spot on. The room is the veil. The location doesn't matter. The room's purpose is to expose one to his/her surroundings, in your case, it's the chaotic space."

Thinking about what M said, Jake realized that it all made sense. If the room is the veil, then the location can be anywhere. Also, that would mean that the dungeon is currently in the same location as space.

Jake keenly inquired, "Where's the dungeon?"

"Hohoho, you finally realized. Look behind you"

Jake did as his master instructed. He looked behind and saw it….

He saw a purplish-silver structure that looked like a pyramid, floating in space. It was intricately designed and adorned with all sorts of metals.

"Amazing. Such perfection. Such beauty. This is the pinnacle. I can finally die in peace. This is my light," being the fanatic he was, Jake's eyes beamed at the sight of his goal, like a sick lover.

Sadly, Jake could not see his master's disgusted expression.

'As I said, Jake is an absolute genius….just a pity that he has the perfection syndrome' M sighed. His student was always obsessed with perfection, and it was scary.


Once, Jake was looking for the "light" in the dungeon. M didn't know where he had the idea that he needed to sacrifice a part of himself to see the "lights".

Imagine the face of M when he saw his treasured disciple trying to cut off his dick; he was beyond horrified.

Of all body parts, why the dick?!!!!

Doesn't he need it for the future? Like what about the ladies?!

With a massive punch, he knocked out Jake.

That day, M beat some sense into Jake about his ideas of perfection.


So when Jake saw his master's irritated expression, he adjusted himself.

" *Cough* *Cough* I meant the ..." Jake tried to find an excuse, but the reality was cruel, he couldn't find any to remedy the situation.

"Hmm. Master, the wind sure is cool today," Jake had mastered the art of switching topics. He could do it without feeling embarrassed. It was an art that Jake never underestimated. It could save his life at any moment, including now.

".....There is no space," said M with his eyes crossed. The cat was not buying it in the slightest. He was just a point away from trashing his useless disciple.

'Focus. Focus. Remember the goal.' M chanted his mantra. It was quite efficient as it had saved Jake's life a lot of times.

With a deep breath, he proceeded, "Anyway, the talisman effect would soon wear off. It is now or never."

After five seconds of deep thinking, Jake replied, "...I know."

"Then let's begin. I will be watching you from the dungeon's screen."

M threw a bag at Jake, "This contains the items you will need."

He gave one last looked to his favored disciple and disappeared.

He opened the sack bag. In it were multiple alchemy pills and objects.

They are what he needed.


The New Dawn Scripture was miraculous. The idea was birthed by the Sons of Chaos who wanted to escape their tragic fate. The first one to have the idea was the oldest son of chaos, the master of the dungeon, the Dark Godslayer, Master Zero.

Regretfully, he could not finish the scripture before his death.


'The talisman's effects are wearing off.' Jake noticed his situation. The silver lights on the talisman pasted on his body were fading. He could already feel it. The beast in him was urging to be released.

It was clawing its cage.

Once again, Jake was reminded of what he was.

He was a son of chaos. An embodiment of Chaos.

Sons of chaos were born with tremendous strength from birth but at the expense of their lifespan. They are born with an average lifespan of one thousand years.

Jake was a special case. He was born with the purest affinity for Chaos in history. It was a good thing, but it came at the cost of his lifespan. Jake was destined to live for 100 years.

Yet, that wasn't the worst. Jake's foster parent tampered with his Chaos core, a core that contained destructive Chaos energy, and broke it.

This made matters more unfavorable for Jake. The core started to leak and he couldn't control it, which led to his present situation.


Jake sat down on the empty floor. He crossed his legs as it was easier to meditate in that position.

"One begets two.

Primordial chaos is the source of all life.

Without Order, its perpetual twin, Chaos cannot bloom.

Two begets three.

Chaos and Order are a cycle, a duality destined to eternally chasing one another, not understanding that there is always a part of themselves in the other.

Three begets four.

Chaos flows in a rhythm beyond comprehension.

But hidden deep in it is a beauty that transcends all.

Four begets five.

Primal, Origin, Chaos, Order and You."

He recited the Mantra of Origin. It was created by ancient sons of chaos to combat their occasional chaos' outbursts.

It was a mantra of immense power, or so M said.

Well, Jake totally agreed with his master. The mantra was of ancient origin and proved to be very effective. He was even closer to the mantra than the New Dawn Scripture. Yet, Jake couldn't see through it.

Every time Jake recited it, he would learn new things. New truths. Obscured Mysteries.

It would ring in his head, deepening his psyche. Jake would come out smarter, more intelligent, after each recital. His soul would be enriched.

To Jake, the mantra contained the whole world in it. It could never bore him. It was one of the things he read at his leisure time in the dungeon.

Jake recited the mantra again. This time, he found himself in the vast chaotic space outside the dungeon room.

He could feel every wave of cosmic force blowing against him. He could celestial bodies breaking apart and forming again.

He was marveled at the sight, 'This is the vast world. The world of perfection I seek to roam.'

Even while these thoughts went astray, Jake still managed to stay focused.

He understood the experience that was happening to him. Logically speaking, he should still be in the dungeon's room.

But he entered a meditative state with the help of the Origin mantra, which spread his mind way beyond the veil of the dungeon room.

"With this, I'm ready"


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