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With the glacial floor gone, Jake proceeded to put on the clothes that M gave him.

The clothes were lightweight and were perfect for him.

What Jake wore was simple wear, a baggy t-shirt with length just a little bit below his waist level. Jogger pants, which weren't baggy like the shirt, but slim fitted and also adjustable.

That was what Jake liked. He didn't like feeling restricted.

Ever since Jake entered the Dungeon of Miracles, he became absorbed with the clothes available in the dungeon.

Not that where he lived before didn't have similar clothes, but he wasn't allowed to wear them as it was rare and considered uncivilized.

Jake wasn't wearing any shoes, as M probably forgot to include that.

'Maybe, that is why he is fidgeting right now,' Jake sighed as he looked at the guilty M, who was glancing at him with eyes full of guilt.

M could never lie. That was one of his admirable qualities.

He was an honest being, but he could manipulate the truth.

"M, let me see the rebirth scripture again." Jake's voice was back to normal, but there was a certain tension in it.

If Jake was going to attempt the operation, risking his life, everything needed to be perfect and ready.

M understood that well, that was why he wasn't fazed, "Sure."

He once again brought out an item from the crystal on his forehead. This time it was a rectangular tablet. A mobile device is used for various purposes.

The one with him was connected to the dungeon's mind, which functioned far better than an AI (artificial intelligence).

Jake grabbed the tablet and pressed his index finger on it, which released a small radar that scanned his index finger.

As the only inhabitant of the dungeon apart from M, he knew how to operate the tab. And his DNA was stored in the security, rendering him access to the dungeon's network.

[Welcome, Jake.]

A mechanical voice sounded out from the tablet.

Jake knew the voice. It was the voice of the dungeon.

"Hi, Mira." Jake greeted the spirit of the dungeon.

He received no reply. Mira was a mysterious entity in the dungeon.

Jake thought she was the spirit of the dungeon and gave her a name, based on the dungeon's name.

Yet, she never talks to them and she voices out in a mechanical voice, like that of a machine.

"What is the success of the rebirth scripture?" Jake directly asked.

As an entity with features that are similar to artificial intelligence, Mira was capable of calculating an extremely precise probability.

She could basically know the outcome of something before it even started.

Mira's analytical abilities were off the chart. It was one of the reasons Jake set her as his goal.

[The probability is seventy percent, which is a progress from the previous probability of forty-eight percent.]

Jake grimaced as he thought, 'The stats don't look good, but it is the only chance I have.'

Jake was groomed by M to be a stubborn and determined individual. If there was a way to cut down his determined fate, he would do it.

No matter the cost!

As long as he was alive, that is all that matters!

"Mira, run me through the preparation."

[Affirmative! The first thing…...]

Mira told him everything he needed to prepare before the operation. It was displayed in the form of a hologram created by the tablet.

Items like the Zevik pills, cosmos seaweed, stone of creation, etc.

Some of the items were included by Jake to perfect the operation.

All these items were exceedingly rare. Jake reckoned one might not even get to see one in a lifetime.

It took all of the dungeon's wealth to gather the resources.

[Show me the rebirth technique?]

The Rebirth technique was the core of the scripture. It was a miraculous technique that would create a new body from an old one, the quality might differ though.

But Jake reckoned that if the rebirth technique was further perfected, it would be able to create a new body with increased quality.

"Now that I think of it the rebirth scripture is rather a bland name. Mira, change it to Zevik's New dawn scripture, in honor of the true creators."


Mira's voice sounded differently with a touch of emotion.

Jake looked at the rebirth technique displayed on the screen of the tablet.

Just looking at it would give one a headache.

It was an immensely difficult technique to comprehend. Jake knew that first-hand as he had to learn it before he could improve it.

Up till today, he still had migraines from studying the technique. And this was him that had a godly physique, including the mind, which could resist all mental influence.

Jake skimmed through the technique, checking to see if there was an error in it. He could never be too careful.

The New Dawn Scripture has three sections; the rebirth technique, the items and resources needed for the operations, and the knowledge the user have to possess.

So far he had checked the technique and item section. He was only left with the knowledge section, the most important of them all.

The New Dawn Scripture could only be practiced by the user. One could not practice it on another person. That means the user has to perfectly master all three sections of the scripture, including the knowledge section.

The knowledge section contained important information needed for the effectiveness of the scripture. Pieces of information like the different race's physical anatomy, how to apply the items acquired, steps of the technique, and many more.

It was needed to learn all the information, which was really hard to memorize. Jake could only do that after two years, which was a remarkable feat.

Jake cross-checked the knowledge section displayed on the tablet, to see if he missed any vital information.

Seeing he was clear, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

After a minute or two, his icy blue opened ferociously as if it was a snowstorm.

'It is either sink or swim' Jake knew he was at a crucial juncture of his life.

He would either fail and die or succeed and live.

Death was not an option. Not when he still had a parent to look for.

He looked at the talisman on his chest, the silver patterns were waning out of existence, proof of his temporarily bought time.

The talisman wasn't as effective as before. It wouldn't be long before it stopped being effective.

Jake reviewed his thoughts, then spoke to a silent M, "M, have you prepared the location for me?"

"Yes...and I keep telling you, call me master M, you damn child." white fumes were coming out of the cat's nose and he snapped back.

"No way in hell am I going to call such a cute cat, 'master'." To Jake, M was a fluffy creature. Even the cold Jake wasn't immune to his cuteness.

"I am not cute. Wait till I show you my true form, you will be terrified."

"Yeah. Yeah. You keep saying that," Jake disregarded M's claim.

M's cat eyes sharpened as his voice turned serious, "Jake, I will ask you again. Are you sure of your decision?"

Hearing that, Jake knew that it was his master talking to him rather than the tsundere cat.

"Yes. As you can see, I don't have much time left. It is better to just risk it" Jake gave sound reasoning, which M agreed with.

M understood his choice, so he hid his worries away "Then, I will take you to the room where you will activate the technique."

A streak of light coursed through M's body, as he clapped his paws together, producing a blinding white light that enthralled everything into its white light.

By the time the white lights disappeared, Jake and M vanished.


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