In an open space that looked like a chamber hall, there were pillars of ancient-looking patter supporting the room.

They were multiple statues of humanoid beings erected in the hall. They all had an imposing presence and their faces were rather young.

The aura emitted from the statues made one unable to even look at them.

The statues were aligned parallel to each other making the room feel more linear.

It gave the room a plain and heavenly feeling.

At the center of the hall was a huge cylindrical tank laid horizontally with a bed in it

Sleeping on the bed was a naked person, breathing soundly.

The tank was icy blue proof of its cold nature.

Surrounding the tank was a glacial floor that extended to a circumference of ten meters and a diameter of four meters.

The ice was like a parasite, corrupting anything it touches, always looking to expand further, but it was stopped by an invisible barrier.

A cat entered the hall, through an open door.

It went to the center of the hall and crossed the barrier.

Strangely, it was not affected by the breath of the deadly ice.

The cat walked in a graceful poise to the strange cylindrical tank.

It stopped in front of it, looking at the cryogenesis tube.

The tube was two meters tall and wide, reaching the height of an average human. 

There were multiple wire tubes inserted into the body of the person on the frosty yet comfy bed.

The wire tubes were of different colors. Tracing the wire tubes, one would find a hidden room at the end of the hall. The wires were all connected to something in the room.

Injected in front of the tank was a transparent cube box with an ice pike contained in it. Also in front of the tank were multiple buttons

The cat pressed the biggest button there, which opened up a slide of the tank, successively releasing a blue mist. The appearance of the mist agitated the suppressed glacial floor.

The glacial floor stubbornly attacked the barrier until it won, increasing its previously ten-meter size.

Unfortunately, before it could reach a size of twenty meters, it was stopped by another invisible barrier. 

The cat further pressed other buttons which ejected the wire tubes inserted in the naked person sleeping on the bed, except for one silver wire tube.

After what felt like a century, a young voice was heard, "M, is it time?"

The voice was as icy as the cryo tank he slept in.

"It is." The night-black cat with a crystal on his head meowed, but instead what came out was a human male voice.

"How many years has it been?" The young boy coldly asked.

"You have slept for three years." The cat softly replied.

"Jake, there is still time to reconsider," M sadly smiled as he said.

"No. We have been through this. I can't continue living like it. It is my only hope."

Jake was stubborn. An almost perfect carbon copy of what M had been in his heydays.

It was an undisputed fact that M thoroughly knew. It was also why he admired the young Jake.

Jake was one of his best students. He taught him almost everything he knew within a short time, but with Jake's intelligence, he understood it.

So if it was Jake's wish to undergo the upcoming procedure, then he would respect it.



"If it is time, that means the scripture worked, right?" Jake asked. His flashing and beaming eyes dissolved the sad atmosphere in the hall.

That was also one of the reasons M adored his young student; though M raised him to be cold-blooded, he still sometimes showcased his childish sides.

M laughed as he said, "Hahaha, Yes it worked. You are a genius! you know. I ran simulations for your rebirth scripture."

"It isn't my scripture. It was created by Master Zero and his wife, Mistress Viktoria. I merely improved it" Jake humbly said.

"That may be right, but when Zero and Viktoria created the rebirth scripture, it was proven to be a failure."

M had been with Zero and his wife for a long time. He was present when Zero thought of the idea to create a rebirth scripture. He could still remember the expectant look on Zero's face as he told him of his idea.

Sadly, it was proven to be unsuccessful, even when he had help from Viktoria.

M looked warmly at young Jake and concluded, "It was you that finished the formula. He would be proud of you."

'I bet he could have finished it if he had more time,' Jake thought.

If the improved rebirth scripture doesn't work, then he would have the same fate as his predecessor.

Having taught Jake, M could see through Jake's thoughts, but there was never he could say to cheer him up. It was the sad truth.



"The talisman." Jake brought back M from his train of thoughts.

Confused, M said, "What? Oh, the talisman…"

The black cat rubbed his paws on the crystal on his forehead.

The crystal glowed with a blue light. It released a talisman that radiated with peace and tranquility.

Even the parasitic glacial floor was absorbed in its calm aura.

Jake never got tired of seeing the talisman phenomenon. The first time he saw it he was completely mesmerized by its nature. It took him a day to wash out its influence.



M threw the talisman to Jake, which he grabbed.

The Dharma talisman was a black paper-looking material with silver runes and formations on it.

The patterns on the talisman glowed a silver light, indicating the source of the talisman's aura.

Jake applied the dharma talisman on his bare chest, which covered him with its light before it dimmed.

"Here take this." M brought out another object from his crystal, a set of outfits.

The cat threw it at Jake, indicating that he should wear it.

Jake nodded at him as he ejected the last wire tube from his body, the silver tube.

He stood up from his ice bed but froze up touching the floor.

Gasping, his body shaking from the exposure, he asked, ".. M, can you do something about the ice?"

"Don't tell me you can't withstand this level of ice?" M smirked at him.

"Please?" pleaded Jake.

M rarely saw Jake shivering, so he was enjoying every bit of the moment, but alas, if he does not do anything, the young would turn to an ice cube, "Okay"

He did not want his best student to freeze to death.

M opened his mouth and sucked in the air like he was sucking noodles.

Yep, noodles, not anything else.

Ye of dirty minds.




M's action created a huge vacuum. Its pulling force was extraordinarily strong.

Jake was once again reminded of the strength of his master.

The vacuum's attraction force pulled in the parasitic glacial floor.

While the ice tried to struggle, it could not escape its fate.

It was absorbed by the vacuum, into M's stomach. After that, M closed his mouth and the vacuum disappeared.

The cat belched and released cold steam.

Jake was raised by royalties, so he was always reserved, but not every time.

Although he knew of M's occasional barbaric tendencies, he was always stunned by it.

Jake gave M a slow glance as he thanked him, "Thank You."

Jake stood up upright, fully revealing his appearance.

He had fine features, looking small and delicate, which made someone feel the urge to possess him. It was chiseled as though perfectly sculptured by a god.

A face capable of contending against even the most beautiful women, with shiny jet black hair, which was kept long to mid-back length. His eyes were beautiful.

His intensely icy blue eyes combined with his outstanding facial features made Jake one of the most attractive men ever. It was said the eyes are the window to the soul. If that is true, then Jake's eyes spoke all about him. Hidden in him is an immensely cold individual.

He also had a good height, tall but, not too tall, just perfect for such a being.

When looking at him, one would think he was the son of a devil or the devil himself, as he possessed a face capable of indiscriminately seducing both men and women.


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