Secrets of the Universe

Secrets of the Universe

by Purple Khaos

What is strength before me? What is talent before me? What were you before? 

I am Chaos. The Destroyer of worlds. The God of Combat. The Purple Demon. The Akashic Eye.

Do you want to be like me? It wasn’t an easy feat. How to be a badass? I can’t teach you that. I was born that way. 

Okay, I will compromise and teach you this time, but beware, the way of a badass is filled with obstacles.

What are you waiting for? Read my book.

Byeee.......*sighs* I am too lonely. Is this what it means to be unparalleled? I guess I will take a nap now. 

When will that youngster finish reading my book? Don’t keep me waiting too long, young lad.

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Purple Khaos

Purple Khaos

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