A note from Aywren

vi·vi·man·cy (noun)

1 :  magical arts that pertain to life 

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

During the final age of Allag,
Amon the Technologist rose to fame.

A loyal citizen of the Empire,
He lamented the sorry state in which it had fallen.

So he chose to dedicate his life
To restoring Allag to its former glory.

Through science!
Through magic!

Amon feverishly and relentlessly
Studied the ways of vivimancy.

He was versed in the ways of aether-biology
And the science of cloning technology.

But he cared not for the morality of his methods,
And took the living as specimens for his experimentation.

For his cause was righteous in his eyes --
To save his people, moral boundaries mattered not!

Eventually, Amon even treated himself
As a subject for his ruthless developments.

And his own madness deepened
Even as he unlocked the secrets
Of immortality.

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Restoring life to the First Emperor Xande
Was the beginning of the end.

Xande returned from death
A twisted shadow of his former self.

In his agony and madness,
He forged a pact with the Void.

And he sought to open a portal
Between the living world and consuming darkness.

The majestic Crystal Tower sat at the heart of Allag,
As it gathered the sun's light, it gave the Empire power.

Xande knew that through the Tower's energy,
He could create the dark portal.

However, in attempting to channel so vast an energy,
The earth gave way under the Crystal Tower.

A massive quake tore the land asunder,
Bringing Calamity down upon the Allagan Empire.

And as the Crystal Tower sank,
It took the Emperor and those loyal to him with it.

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Knowing this would be their doom,
Amon wove a spell that halted time itself.

And those within the Crystal Tower
Fell into a deep timeless sleep.


Until the Crystal Tower rose once again,
Four millennia later.

♩ ♪ ♫

A note from Aywren


The tale of Amon of Allag was recounted in my own words above. However the concept, names and story belong to SquareEnix as part of the history of Eorzea in the game Final Fantasy XIV. This lore can be found throughout the Encyclopaedia Eorzea

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Bio: Though I work as a technical writer IRL, at heart, I’m a fantasy fiction writer and a long-time gamer. I'm into various MMO games and love to write stories about the original characters I create who are inspired by these worlds.

Please don't let the [Fanfiction] tag on my stuff fool you! It's only there because it's fair to credit the lore and settings I borrow from the MMO games I love to play.

I'm really eager to dive into all the fantasy writing here, especially the LitRPG!

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