Spot of Mummery: Tales of the Bard Technologist

Spot of Mummery: Tales of the Bard Technologist

by Aywren

-Webfiction/RolePlay set in the FFXIV MMORPG world of Hydaelyn-

In ancient times, Amon was an infamous, immortal Technologist - one of the legends of the late Allagan Empire. However, when calamity strikes his civilization, he's forced to place himself and the remaining Allagans into a time-locked sleep in order to survive. 

Fast forward many ages later when Amon and his people awaken once more. The world has drastically changed, and his kind is now deemed a threat. The heroic Alliance responded by sending a raid to eradicate the last Allagans, where Amon was ultimately defeated ...or so the world thought.

Through his ingenuity and aetheric technology, Amon manged to cheat death. Only, things didn't quite work out the way he planned.

Stripped of his magic and technological resources, Amon now takes on the guise of a bard as he struggles to build a new life in a time long after the fall of his empire. But, should the people of this modern time discover who Amon once was, he fears they would put an end to the bard technologist's tale. 

I've been writing Spot of Mummery since 2018, so there's quite a backlog of story to post! I'm doing a little editing and cleanup of the original as I go. I'm attempting to post a page a day until I catch up to where the story sits currently on my main website, but that will take a while.

I hope that you enjoy and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Interested in seeing more about Amon? 

Main site: Spot of Mummery 


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 1- An Emperor’s Madness ago
Mummer's Tale- Amon of Allag ago
Ch 2- Life After Death ago
Ch 3- When One Door Closes… ago
Ch 4- The Most Gruesome Creature ago
Ch 5- Not a Healer ago
Ch 6- Bard Song ago
Ch 7- Intermission ago
Ch 8- Odd Job ago
Ch 9- Escort Quest ago
Ch 10- Ixali Attack ago
Ch 11- Employer ago
Ch 12- Capture ago
Ch13- Two Faces ago
Ch 14- Allagan Minds Think Alike (Sometimes) ago
Ch15- Full Circle ago
Ch16- Return ago
Ch 17- Parting Ways ago
Ch 18- Koh's Q&A: Tomestones ago
Ch 19- Koh's Q & A: Language ago
Ch 20- Koh's Q & A: Giant Allagans ago
Ch 21- Koh's Q & A: Current Status ago
Ch 22- Koh's Q & A: Loss of Magic ago
Ch 23- An Apology ago
Ch 24- Koh's Q & A: Clones ago
Ch 25- Memories: Year 10 ago
Ch 26- Memories: Year 14 ago
Ch 27- Memories: Year 17 ago
Ch 28- Memories: Year 19 ago
Ch 29- Memories: Year 20 ago
Ch 30- Memories: Year 21 ago
Ch 31- Memories: Year Unknown ago
Ch 32- Memories: Afterward ago
Ch 33- Facing the Challenge ago
Ch 34- A Chocobo’s Tale – Part 1 ago
Ch 35- A Chocobo’s Tale – Part 2 ago
Ch 36- A Chocobo’s Tale – Part 3 ago
Ch 37- A Chocobo’s Tale – Part 4 ago
Ch 38- A Chocobo’s Tale – Part 5 ago
Ch 39- A Chocobo’s Tale — Part 6 ago
Ch 40- The Greatest Treasure ago
Ch 41- Descent: Dragon’s Trial Part 1 ago
Ch 42- Descent: Dragon’s Trial Part 2 ago
Ch 43- Descent: Dragon’s Jeers ago
Ch 44- Descent: Nightmare Scape – Id ago
Ch 45- Descent: Nightmare Scape – Ego ago
Ch 46- Descent: Nightmare Scape – Super Ego ago
Ch 47- Descent: Jail Break ago
Ch 48- Restoration: The Truth ago
Ch 49- Restoration: Heart to Heart ago
Ch 50- Restoration: Syrcus Shard ago
Ch 51- Restoration: A Grim Request ago
Ch 52- Restoration: The Gift ago
Ch 53- Restoration: Aftermath ago
Ch 54- Restoration: Dragon’s Evaluation ago
Ch 55- To Yanxia: Amon’s New Hat ago
Ch 56- To Yanxia: Arrival in Namai ago
Ch 57- To Yanxia: Home Cooking ago
Ch 58- Yanxia: Finding Healing ago
Ch 59- Yanxia: Training ago
Ch 60- Yanxia: Choices We Make ago
Ch 62- Houndmaster ago
Ch 63- Unexpected Visitor ago
Ch 64- New Recruit – Part 1 ago
Ch 65- New Recruit – Part 2 ago
Ch 66- Amon’s Homecoming ago
Ch 67- Confrontation ago
Ch 68- Twilight Tea – Part 1 ago
Ch 69- Twilight Tea – Part 2 ago
Ch 70- Mage for Hire ago
Ch 71- Definition of Murder ago
Ch 72- Ship Shape – Part 1 ago
Ch 73- Ship Shape – Part 2 ago
Ch 74- Ship Shape – Part 3 ago
Ch 75- The Ancients – Part 1 ago
Ch 76- The Ancients – Part 2 ago
Ch 77- The Ancients – Part 3 ago
Ch 78- The Ancients – Part 4 ago
Ch 79- Syrcus Tower – Part 1 ago
Ch 80- Syrcus Tower – Part 2 ago
Ch 81- Syrcus Tower – Part 3 ago
Ch 82- Syrcus Tower – Part 4 ago
Ch 83- Allagan Nightmare – Part 1 ago
Ch 84- Allagan Nightmare – Part 2 ago
Ch 85- Allagan Nightmare – Part 3 ago
Ch 86- Allagan Explosion – Part 1 ago
Ch 87- Allagan Explosion – Part 2 ago
Ch 88- Allagan Explosion – Part 3 ago
Ch 89- Change of Heart – Part 1 ago
Ch 90- Change of Heart – Part 2 ago
Ch 91- Change of Heart – Part 3 ago
Ch 92- Change of Heart – Part 4 ago
Ch 93- To the Rescue ago
Ch 94- The Ride Home – Part 1 ago
Ch 95- The Ride Home – Part 3 ago

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