Owlnother World

Owlnother World

by Baba Vader

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In a hospital bed somewhere on Earth, I breathed my last breath.

Or at least I thought I did.

Then suddenly, I was flying through a void of nothing.

As I landed in a new world, my life as an owl had started.

Follow this girl on her journey in a new world, with a new life as she explores cultures, peoples, magic and herself. What mysteries does the world hold? Where does the magic come from? And what does she want to do with her new lease on life?

This is my first story and I want to use it to explore writing people, character development, environments, relationships and all the other things a good story should have. I would be happy if you give it a chance and for me, feedback as well as criticism.

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Baba Vader

Baba Vader

Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Rebirth ago
Chapter 2 Light ago
Chapter 3 Fear ago
Chapter 4 Magic? ago
Chapter 5 Flight ago
Chapter 6 Hunting Lessons ago
Chapter 7 Classy ago
Chapter 8 Exploration ago
Chapter 9 Lonely ago
Chapter 10 Shadows ago
Chapter 11 Storm ago
Chapter 12 Encounter ago
Chapter 13 Gestures ago
Chapter 14 Lessons ago
Chapter 15 Learning ago
Chapter 16 Choices ago
Chapter 17 Threat ago
Chapter 18 Monkeying Around ago
Chapter 19 Target Practice ago
Chapter 20 Rules ago
Chapter 21 Rites ago
Chapter 22 Experiments ago
Chapter 23 Cleanup ago
Chapter 24 Flux ago
Chapter 25 Considerations ago
Chapter 26 New Approaches ago
Chapter 27 Scouts ago
Chapter 28 Aspects ago
Chapter 29 Departure ago
Chapter 30 Growth ago
Chapter 31 Planning ago
Chapter 32 Fog ago
Chapter 33 Troublemaker ago
Chapter 34 Shifting Shadows ago
Chapter 35 Ork Observations ago
Chapter 36 Sneaky ago
Chapter 37 Patrol ago
Chapter 38 Hunting Hunters ago
Chapter 39 Work ago
Chapter 40 Conflicting Natures ago
Chapter 41 Infiltration ago
Chapter 42 Secrets ago
Chapter 43 Reading Exercises ago
Chapter 44 Exposition ago
Chapter 45 Understanding ago
Chapter 46 Research ago
Chapter 47 Inspection ago
Chapter 48 More Pages ago
Chapter 49 Interactions ago
Chapter 50 Outside ago
Chapter 51 Outdoors ago
Chapter 52 Revoked Hospitality ago
Chapter 53 To the Circle ago
Chapter 54 Revenge ago
Chapter 55 Massacre ago
Chapter 56 Hunger and Greed ago
Chapter 57 Full Pockets ago
Chapter 58 Creating Distance ago
Chapoter 59 Dwarves ago
Chapter 60 Metal and Glass ago
Chapter 61 Annoyance ago
Chapter 62 Wildlife ago
Chapter 63 Skill Study ago
Chapter 64 Triggered ago
Chapter 65 Adulthood ago
Chapter 66 Evolution ago
Chapter 67 Introspection ago
Chapter 68 Forest Chase ago
Chapter 69 Hideout ago
Chapter 70 Making A Friend? ago
Chapter 71 How to Speak without Words ago
Chapter 72 New Studies ago
Chapter 73 Two Hunters ago
Chapter 74 Memory Bracelet ago
Chapter 75 Supersensory Matrix ago
Chapter 76 Friend ago
Chapter 77 Steady Improvements ago
Chapter 78 Monster ago
Chapter 79 Preparations ago
Chapter 80 The Trap is Sprung ago
Chapter 81 The Risks You Take ago
Chapter 82 Visitor ago
Chapter 83 Saved ago
Chapter 84 Discussion ago
Chapter 85 Chaperon ago

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Sir penguin

Owl keep my eyes on this

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 Classy

very enjoyable,as i have always been a sucker for these kinds of stories,I find that this story is a nice addition to the current collection of monster/animal reincarnation stories on this site,although it is still to early to have an idea of how the story will turn out,but i am excited to see how far it will go!


Delightful Owl Experience!

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 Fear

A story of being reincarnated as an owl with some game-elements thrown in = a fun exploration of what life would be like if put in this situation! The author seems to have a lot of knowledge when it comes to owls, or they've done their research - I've actually learned a few things from reading the chapters so far! 

Though the author states they are not a native English writer, I found very little to edit or suggest with their story. I also feel that their voice and tone is perfect for expressing the curiosity and whimsy of the main character's situation. It's playful at times, but always intelligent in the observations of the world she's found herself in. 

Add some fantasy elements, and I'm really looking forward to where this can go! 


No dithering about "oh how I want to be human again and talk to the humans pls I don't want to be an owl." The mc takes to being a raptor like a bird to flight (hah!). Nothing super crazy so far, but it is a very well-executed story with solid worldbuilding that's easy to get lost in.

Zenopath (AEV)

Despite a brief stopover with a goblin village and a stay at a wizard's house, this Owl MC is not a nice owl who wants to stay in one place. True, so far she's mostly been rampaging among people who aren't that nice (orcs), but this owl is a bit too eager to "gain exp".

That being said, this novel is actually pretty enjoyable. I really enjoyed the intro part where MC learned to be an owl. I liked the parts when she's figuring out how magic works, its a fairly interesting magic system. And the fights are good.

I'm lowering the rating by half a star because so far there's no objective here. The owl is just roaming around trying to get stronger like a murder hobo does. She lacks any friends, or reason for any of her actions beyond "magic is cool" and "I want to be stronger". That's not a deal breaker though. I'm still reading this and enjoying it. I just hope there is a point at which MC finds some thing she cares about other than her own power.

Edit: I added that last half star because in later chapters she does start pursuing other objectives besides powerleveling. 


Advanced Review as of 9th July 2021:

Style: Despite not being a native English speaker, the author's style is both consistent and comfortable. No overly complex language or purple prose, and keeping the narration solid and with a well managed prose. 

Grammar: No obvious or moderate gramatical issues in any chapter, besides a tiny typo or misused word every other chapter. The author also corrects any detected errors swiftly, but they are usually minor and do not interfere at all with the reading experience.

Story: A wonderful take on Monster LitRPG, the MC is an owl now roaming the world for reasons that are showed in the earlier chapters. The world-building is careful and detailed, plenty of refreshing concepts and no infodumps (excepting very punctual and rare scenes where it cannot be avoided, as it is part of a conversation). The magic system is wonderful, with very interesting influences and showing an exciting potential. The RPG elements are simple, but present and are used intelligently.

Character: The MC (undisclosed name to avoid spoilers) is a relatable, complex and curious creature that shows true growth all along the first arc of this story (which just ended as of today).

Overall, I encourage you to try, it's fun, exciting, interesting, has a female MC which isn't a white dude showed as a female character, with a great story and potential. And it's a freaking Monster LitRPG, at that. So yeah, the obvious choice is to read.


Earlier Basic Review:

Update: We are over 25 Chapters, and the story keeps getting good. Hints at an interesting and original magic system, as well as careful worldbuilding, are just some of the arguments for you to try this. The MC (name would be a spoiler huhuhu) is growing at a realistic, but highly enjoyable pace. If you like monster LitRPGs or LitRPGs in general, give it a try!

As of Chapter 3, the story has started nicely. Our protagonist is quite special, as she seems to remember abilities and concepts from her past life as she awakens to the world around her. 
It starts with the after-death awakening of our (still nameless) protagonist, and her birth into a new world as an owl. The hints at basic worldbuilding we've got so far are good, and it's the first time I've personally read about creatures using magic as naturally as the author describes it.

The author's English is pretty good despite not being a native speaker and, fortunately, avoids the uncomfortable "its/it's" mistakes that most natives make. I am thrilled to see this story grow! The potential is here, and the style is also that of someone who has written before. Go for it and give it a try!


With a title like that, who can resist another owl pun in the comments?

This is a fun story that I will definitely check on for updates.

One of the things I like is that the main character does not have clear memories of her life before she became an owl. I like this because 1) it adds some mystery to her background, and 2) it makes her easy acceptance of her new life more plausible. 

Her first few encounters with other sapient beings are interesting.

I like how the first group she becomes friends with is actually a village of goblins. And that her use of the skill "Identify" allows others to know she is sapient even if she can't communicate.

I can't wait to see the where this story goes!


Don't look further, if you already read a story where someone get reincarnated in a dragon, a monster or an animal, this is exactly this.
There is nothing new.

The main character has as much personality as a normal boring isekai character. The world is basic and the plot is almost empty, just pages and pages of killing random animals and learning new things.

If it's your first time on RR, go read it. But for anyone used to the genre, there is nothing new.
The style is good though


Competent execution, inhuman protagonist

Reviewed at: Chapter 28 Aspects

Competently written and well executed, but not much that's truly outstanding.  If you like non-human isekai you'll probably like this, if not, you probably won't.


The only hangup I forsee if you like isekai and want to try it is the MC.  They lean hard on the "new life, new person" and start to come across as sociopathic/inhuman.


For example, they're reasoning for not killing children is that A) They're not going to be worth much experience and B) They're parents would hunt her down in revenge.


TL:DR- If you want a murder hobo isekai give it a shot.


This was just meh even before I dropped it.

Reviewed at: Chapter 13 Gestures

I really liked it before the goblins.

Basically,the MC meets a random goblin on a mountain and they qucikly become friends.I was expecting a cruel,dark fantasy,the goblin friend thing felt stupid,thus I dropped it.I don't want to read this any furthur.

And as I said before,this was very average even before dropping.Read it if you want to pass time.


An enjoyable monster LitRPG so far.
And well written despite, or perhaps because, the author not being a native English speaker.

I can't really think of much to say.
The only thing that comes to mind right now is that I don't really feel like the reincarnation aspect adds anything to the story.
Right now the MC might as well just be a special sapient monster instead of a reincarnation, but perhaps this will become more important and interesting later on.