Eda and Lilith's Shipping Plans

by MDHWrites

Fan Fiction ONGOING Comedy Romance Magic Slice of Life

Luz Noceda is powerful, but the average person wouldn't believe it, not until she helped free The Owl Lady at least. But there's been a reason for that. After all, small balls of light and the odd flower or two aren't exactly impressive, especially when she usually only has such small sigils on hand at any given time. So how. How did she manage it? She even got the jump on Emperor Belos himself, something even the most experienced of mages would have no chance of doing. Lilith wants an answer and she even has a theory for how to make the boost stick if she's right.

Now if only her sister could explain to her why Luz, who seems to be ready to leap into almost anything, won't leap into love.

Fanfiction of The Owl House

Daily posts until it's caught up to Ao3.

Written between seasons 1 and 2 and no, I'm not editing EVERYTHING that would be needed to fix the inconsistencies.

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Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Power ago
What Am I?-ty ago
Ru-Luz ago
Be Otters, Do Blights ago
Belos His Notice ago
Meta ago
Hypocrisy ago
The Emperor's Favor ago
Love is War ago
An Evening Under the Blossoms ago
Truth Serum ago
By Titan ago
My Luz ago
Cluz Part 1 ago
Cluz Part 2 ago
Cluz Part 3 ago
Cluz Part 4 ago
Amity's Kind of Hot Though ago
Imperial Intervention ago
Seven Minutes ago
A Pair of Travellers ago
Penstagram ago
An Effort Made ago
Looking After One's Health ago
Sigil Magic ago
A Wake Up Call ago
Accidental Signalling ago
Disharmonic Music ago
Sexy ago
Naughty ago
Bitchy ago
Me ago
Pizza? ago
A Challenger Approaches ago
Kids ago
B and I ago
I and A ago
B and A ago
A and GA ago
Consequences ago
Like an Open Sigil ago
A Good Night for Grudgby ago
The Recital Part 1 ago
The Recital Part 2 ago
The Recital Part 3 ago
Shipping Plans Plays Among Us: The Kestrel ago
A Damaged Illusion ago
The 'Good' Witch Azura ago
Three Month Anniversary ago
A Message from the Isles ago
Meeting Camila ago
Dishes ago
Attraction ago
A Night to Remember ago
Lumity ago
Rain ago
Updating Boscha ago
Like Father Like Daughter ago

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