Fletcher soon corfirmed the self cleaning nature of the Dungeon when he had the bright idea of placing the rat trap inside the Dungeon, hoping to snag some Experience while sleeping.

As all it's predecessors had done, the rat glared at Fletcher while hunkering at the back of the hole. No sign of the trap, it was simply gone.

Fletcher scrunched his face in disappointment, before reaching for the broomstick and delivering the rodent back to its maker. +1xp. How much does that make now? 8? 9? he though to himself.

He knew that Adventurers killed mobs, which gave them Experience, which gave them Levels, which awarded them Stats. That was the whole point of the endeavour for most, after all.

For someone who had dreamed of being an Adventurer, Fletcher had paid remarkably little attention to how all of those worked.

Did all mobs give the same Experience? How much Experience was needed to gain a Level? How many Stats did one gain. What were stats anyway?

Am I going to have to kill a hundred rats? A thousand? He shuddered a bit at the thought. Surely this wasn't what brough Adventurers to the Dungeon every morning, always looking so eager?

He was going to have to look past the glamourous side of Adventuring and learn a lot more about the details if he was going to make the most of this opportunity.

"Wow. Shit." was all that Fletcher could say or think as he sat outside his Dungeon, a massive smile plastered all over his face. He'd killed the latest spawnling a minute ago and...

+1xp (10/100)

System unlocked.

Level up.

You are now level 1.

You have 5 unallocated stat points.

Select Status to access your Adventurer screen.

"Yes. YES!" He could barely think with all the excitement that was sending adrenaline coursing through him at that moment. Where he had expected the usual Experience notification, he had instead received a whole host of messages. And to prove that he had unlocked the System, there was a persistent text in the corner of his vision that simply said 'Status'.

He tried to focus on the word, tried to will it to do something, anything. The word just serenely floated there, unresponsive to his attempt to somehow select it with his mind.

Status, he thought. Nothing.

"Status," he said out loud. The sound of his voice echoed in the normally silent cellar. Still nothing.

Ok, he thought, how exactly do I SELECT STATUS...

"Oh," he said as his vision swam for a moment and what was obviously his Status came in to view.

Unlike the notifications he had received up to this point, the floating text visible only to him that showed him his status was front and center of his vision.

Name: Fletcher Bakerson.

Level: 1 (10/100)

Age: 17.

Constitution: 100 (+)

Fortitude: 100 (+)

Strength: 100 (+)

Intelligence: 100 (+)

Dexterity: 100 (+)

Perception: 100 (+)

Stat points available: 5.

It was all a little anticlimactic, to be honest. It wasn't like he needed a System to know his name, or his age.

At least the stats were a little more interesting. Strength, intelligence and dexterity seemed quite self explanatory, but it was harder to guess what the remaining three were for. Were constitution and fortitude not the same thing? Would improved perception simply give him better eyesight?

Night sight would be pretty cool.

As Fletcher was coming to grips with his status screen, he noticed that when he thought about specific details on it they seemed to be a bit brighter, a bit bolder than the rest.

And what did the plus signs next to each stat represent? Did it mean that there was more information available about the skills? He focused his thoughts on Constitution, and then on the plus next to it.

"Oops," he said as the '100' next to it changed to '101', and the available stat points dropped to 4.

At least he now knew how to allocate stat points, even if constitution would not have been his first choice to improve.

He viewed his remaining stat points like a miser viewed his gold. Who knew how often the System handed out stat points? And he resolved to find out more about how the stats worked before allocating any more of his hard earned stash.


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