Dragon's Dilemma

Dragon's Dilemma

by Luke W. Logan

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Typhoeus is a dragon. To the humans hunting him, he is nothing more than a monster. A mindless beast to be killed for levels and glory. To him, adventurers are not that much better.

Exiled from his home due to a trait on his status, and so very tired of killing adventurers on a near daily basis, Typhoeus decides to seek refuge hidden amongst the cowed remnants of humanity that populate this world. Armed with a millennium of mystical knowledge, and a powerful new skill that lets him take on the guise of a completely average human woman, the dragon must decide if he can be more than just the words on his status as he is flung headfirst into a life of romance and adventure.

This is his story.

Book 1 - A Sovereign's Scorn (157.3k words, avg 3.9k per chapter) 

Book 2 - A Warrior’s Ire (195.9k words, avg 4.2k per chapter)

Releasing new chapters on Tuesday and Fridays. 

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This story contains the following: British English, Profanity, Cliffhangers, LGBT+ Characters & Themes, Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Threat, Gore, and Overarching Plot. 

So no one is surprised, this story features a strong romance storyline between a shapeshifting genderqueer dragon and a human woman. If that's not your thing, feel free to stop reading here.

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Luke W. Logan

Luke W. Logan

Not A Dragon

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
DD1 Chapter 000 - Prologue ago
DD1 Chapter 001 - Rebirth ago
DD1 Chapter 002 - Awake ago
DD1 Chapter 003 - Bounty ago
DD1 Chapter 004 - Observations ago
DD1 Chapter 005 - Misdeeds ago
DD1 Chapter 006 - Chains ago
DD1 Chapter 007 - Class ago
DD1 Chapter 008 - Partners ago
DD1 Chapter 009 - Respite ago
DD1 Chapter 010 - Teach ago
DD1 Chapter 011 - Hunt ago
DD1 Chapter 012 - Stories ago
DD1 Chapter 013 - Questions ago
DD1 Chapter 014 - Help ago
DD1 Chapter 015 - Plans ago
DD1 Chapter 016 - Memories ago
DD1 Chapter 017 - Actions ago
DD1 Chapter 018 - Return ago
DD1 Chapter 019 - Proposal ago
DD1 Chapter 20 - Refusal ago
DD1 Chapter 021 - Home ago
DD1 Chapter 022 - Choices ago
DD1 Chapter 023 - Humility ago
DD1 Chapter 024 - Mercy ago
DD1 Chapter 025 - Delve ago
DD1 Chapter 026 - Run ago
DD1 Chapter 027 - Bawdy ago
DD1 Chapter 028 - Fight ago
DD1 Chapter 029 - Promises ago
DD1 Chapter 030 - Negotiations ago
DD1 Chapter 031 - Rats ago
DD1 Chapter 032 - Revelations ago
DD1 Chapter 033 - Visitors ago
DD1 Chapter 034 - Absence ago
DD1 Chapter 035 - Truths ago
DD1 Chapter 036 - Fury ago
DD1 Chapter 037 - Talk ago
DD1 Chapter 038 - Scion ago
DD1 Chapter 039 - Epilogue ago
DD2 Chapter 000 - Prologue ago
DD2 Chapter 001 - Charisma ago
DD2 Chapter 002 - Scars ago
DD2 Chapter 003 - Charity ago
DD2 Chapter 004 - Hangover ago
DD2 Chapter 005 - Reunion ago
DD2 Chapter 006 - Separation ago
DD2 Chapter 007 - Fatigue ago
DD2 Chapter 008 - Patronage ago
DD2 Chapter 009 - Smoke ago
DD2 Chapter 010 - Fire ago
DD2 Chapter 011 - Burns ago
DD2 Chapter 012 - Capture ago
DD2 Chapter 013 - Decency ago
DD2 Chapter 014 - Fresh Blood ago
DD2 Chapter 015 - Doomhold ago
DD2 Chapter 016 - Submission ago
Not A Chapter - Sick Note ago

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The first few chapters were amazing, but then it starts to go downhill for me quickly. 

The MC doesn't behave like a 54 year old sovereign dragon. More like an immature 15 year old girl. 

The MC and his lover aren't written in a really believable way. His lover is supposed to be this uneducated girl from the slums, with no backbone but reads more like your standard american girl. 

Why does she know what hyperbolic means? And why can she read? Why is she informed about nobility politics that are about to happen? Which slum girl that gets picked up by a beautiful, strong, seemingly noble Girl confronts her a few days after meeting that she keeps too many secrets? She just doesnt feel like a poor girl from the slums. 

Also way too many damn sex scenes and somewhat weird times for it as well. 

I dont think 69 would be very nice for a dragon with super senses after days in the field with no toilet paper and covered in goblin guts. 

Mc doesnt behave like a dragon, so it might as well have been a story about an insecure human female that gets rescued from a dragon lair and decides to become an adventurer. At least the character behaviour would have been more believable then. 

It is really well written though, but i just can't bring myself to continue reading it. MC gets trampled on at every opportunity. Infuriating to read.



Interesting premise peters of to standard litrpg

Reviewed at: DD1 Chapter 018 - Return

The first chapters and premise are great and entertaining. But after the dragon meets his love interest it goes downhill.

Instead of a Dragon posing as a human it reads like a basic human reincarnates as a dragon and becomes human again story.

The unique perspective of dragonkind is completely lost.

But of you want that.l kind of romance with a good portion of smutt thrown in, you will probably love this story.


Definitely a best rated quality novel

Reviewed at: DD1 Chapter 013 - Questions

So I read a review stating something about using some erotica in it and anything that has to do with that or has a sex theme; I absolutely despise, so I was already ready to ignore this story and look out for another new novel. Due to the fact that so many novels do so, where there is no plot apart from that and any character growth. Making to story repetitive and boring.

Thankfully, I ignored that part and read the novel. Very entertaining with misunderstandings and how each character acts/personality made the story fluidly feel like it being real. I can say confidently that this story with the way it's going would make it to the best rated novels given time and if it manages to attract other readers. All you need to know for the summary without giving toomuch is that the mc is a dragon, arrogant yet somehow manages to be cute and the strong use of gender bender that, feels odd saying this, somehow manages to work out without it being glaringly detailed in awkward events/actions to do so, if that makes sense. Also slice of life+ some wholesome moments.

Doctor Zero

I wrote a review for this already, but it's gone.  Did I press the wrong button?  Or swear?  I dunno, but the book's good enough to review twice.

This book is excellently written, and I really like the characters.  Except for some characters, who are jerks, but they typically get eaten by a dragon, so that's good too.

Thanks Mr Logan!


Good start. Enjoyable characters and setting.

Reviewed at: DD1 Chapter 010 - Teach

It's good on all fronts, far as I can tell. Main character is not all knowing, nor are they all powerful, and they have some very key and obvious blindspots to match their potency. While they may be individually stronger than all the characters we have met thusfar, this is balanced by the fact that a coordinated strike from any significant portion of the characters at once would lead to their sure death. That is generally the range of power I enjoy the MCs I read to be at, at the very top range of their strength.

Story so far is compelling, somewhat slice-of-life esque with a focus on adventuring, which is pretty bread and butter, but bread and butter is delicious.

Stylistically, built like a really really twisted DnD campaign where level 20 characters and level 1 characters are in the same party at the same time, and there is a world outside of adventuring and killing, which I like. 

Money is valuable, and work pays well enough to live, though not lavishly for long, which is a good stylistic choice to maintain the grind.

Grammar is impeccable thusfar, which is nice. I am very anal about that, so it always brings a shine to my eyes when a write puts their story through Grammarly, and then gives it a once over, instead of just writing and never looking back.

Characters are interesting, flawed, mostly unique, and develop over time for the most part. They tend to follow a pretty clear DnD alignment on the whole, and the spread is pretty enjoyable.


A Story with Real Characters

Reviewed at: DD1 Chapter 023 - Humility

Are you tired of reading the same old story with flat character progression and the personality of a cardboard box? Then this is the story for you. The main character has real worries and confidence issues that stem since their birth, which results in them making mistakes in situations that could have been avoided if they didn't grow up bullied and abused. 


Is their "tramautising content"? Yes, if you have no spine and expect everything to be all sunshine and roses. Sexual content? Yea, pretty decently written too. This story is one of the better ones on this site and it would be a shame if the author was not given the respect they are due for having the courage to write a story and put it out on the internet for people to enjoy.


I wouldn't have thought I would find myself here.

Reviewed at: DD1 Chapter 001 - Rebirth

But look where I'm at, reading a good story written by a very competent author. Even though dragons are kinda the enemy of the main character in my story, I can't help but wish for the best with the MC in this one.

Gotta admit, the dragon arrogance is charming. Give it a read!


A great fantasy with a new perspective. I love dragons, and I love this dragon. The story has a seemingly well balanced System, with a truly overpowered main character properly limited with credible threats. Glorious! I'll remain on tinterhooks until I get the next installment. Rinse and repeat. 😂 Give us more!


From the title alone, it should be obvious why I'm giving this story a 5/5. It has a dragon. What more needs to be said? A whole lot more apparent, since RR won't let me leave this review without more words being included.

Style is absolutely fantastic, to the point where this author might be better than some professional works. Grats on that I guess. And it's the same with the grammar. No mistakes have been seen as of yet.

Oh, and the reasoning for the characters are mighty fine too. Had been wondering at the start why some band of adventures would accept in an admittedly-plucked-out-of-a-adult-magazine-formed woman, but the chapters later on actually explain it pretty well. So... uh, grats on that as well I guess.

Already said the scoring so nothing more needs to be said. For real this time.


My only problem with this story is that I am now caught up. In fact what I said and this was not directed at the author who I know is typing his fingers to nubs to get this out to us, but to the story it self was, "You f-ing F." I read every chapter in one long evening and am anxiously awaiting, jonesing even for more. That's right this story is narcotic levels of addictive.

Great world building, incredible character development, and the perfect anti-hero, all in one delicious bite.