(Mortis’ POV)

We were travelling through the Pearl Forest as we were told by Krial. It was on the west of Kaeri and was one of the secured routes by which you could reach Enjo.

But still I was attentive as you could never tell that when a monster might attack you. In that situation, I could defend myself, but Ishi….she can’t fight even she is a brave-heart, but it is different when you are about to fight those beasts.

The Monsters were said to be born of Darkness. Some people even thought that they were the creatures which Darkel produced in order to haunt this world. But everything was a unwarranted. No one exactly knew from where they originated and how to completely annihilate them.

But luck was on our side and we reached Enjo safely.

As I drove the cart through the Village gate, Maria jumped in front of me. I pulled back the horses and made them stop.

“What the hell? Why would do that?” I asked her.

“Turn around,” she said.

So, I looked backwards and there was nothing except Ishi siting in one corner of the cart.

As I was looking a rock came flying which hit me on the back of my head. It was Maria who threw it towards me.

“What?” I said furiously, “There’s nothing here,”

“Turn the cart around, dumbass.”

She came running towards me and jumped inside the cart, “Just do as I say.”


I responded as I turned the cart around and started whipping the horses.

“Where to?”

“Get inside the forest,”

‘What? Why?’

Hesitatingly, I horded my way towards the Forest. I was confused as to why we were entering the forest again as it could endanger our lives.

“Why are we going this way?” I asked her.

“Someone tipped the Knights. They are here searching for you.”

“What? Who did that? And why am I such a big deal?” I fired questions at her as I was unable to piece myself with the current situation.

“Stop being so anxious, will you?”

“Then how should I react?”

“I don’t know, but one thing’s clear that the Knights know the extent of your Dark essence. Maybe that is the reason why there so adamant about capturing you.”

“Darn it,” I said as I punched my hand down on the seat.

“Are we safe here?” I asked Maria for confirmation.

And as soon as I said that we heard some voices. Those were the voices of the Knights.

“They are here. I see them!” one of them said.

Things weren’t originally this bad and the thing I said about luck before…disregard them because it isn’t on our side.

“You had to ask that?” said Maria as she looked behind and counted the Knights following us. There were only two of them.

‘This will be a piece of cake,’ Maria thought.

She came close to me to have a look at the road in front. As she got close, I could sense her being….her hair which flowed over my face which blocked my vision. So, I pulled them down.

“Tie those,” I said as I whipped.

“That’s not very nice.”

That was pretty rude on my part, but they were coming in my way. What if we had an accident because of them?….It will pretty awful and hilarious--also shameful.

As we were quarreling, Ishi stepped up and said, “Hey!”

I thought she was upset about we both fighting and concerned that maybe the knights will catch up, but….

“Will you get away from him?” she said with a straight face, “You are kinda too close to him,”

Does this woman not understand when to get jealous.

“My dear Ishi, this is not the time to be getting jealous.” I said with a sarcastic grin on my face.

Maria patted my soldier as she saw something, “Drive through that tree,”


There was a tree which was right in the middle of the road, but from what I’ve learned till now you go around it and not through it.

“Just do as I say. Trust me!” said Maria as she stood up and walked towards the back of the cart.

‘I am gonna die,’

With my heart filled with doubtfulness, I drove towards the tree. It was giant tree and once I got close to it…there was no escaping the crash.

I hoped that whatever Maria was doing, she would succeed.

“Umbra-Transformatio” chanted Maria. Her hands glowed with magical energy and with them being a medium she transferred it into the cart.

I closed my eyes and drove straight and surprisingly I got through the tree.

I mean, literally through the tree. I turned back to look and saw that the Knights were unaware of the tree and got their heads bumped into them.

I never knew that Maria knew enchants. I never saw her as a Magic User.

But, everything aside I was glad that we made it through and were safe.

I looked at Maria and said, “So, you are Gifted?”

“Yep,” she said with a smile.

I smiled back and asked, “Where to now?”

“Kayo,” she said, “I have someone who can help us there.”

“Okay! Of we go…” I said and started driving through the forest with only one hope that let this nightmare end.


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