A Sense for magic

A Sense for magic

by JNorm

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Vance is a young man who has been blind since birth. He lives with his father and older brother. Over the years, he sought remedies for his affliction but had no luck.

This year, an Arcanist visits the small town of Wethermane. Vance is curious and intends to visit this powerful stranger, hoping for either help or hope. What he receives is something else, something greater - opportunity.

This book will follow his tale from afflicted young man to budding Arcanist, his struggles along the way, and hopefully a little humour.

Book cover art by: Ollie Wodge

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Table of Contents
55 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Almost ago
Chapter 2 - Silent Promise ago
Chapter 3 - Tradition ago
Chapter 4 - A Reliable Sword ago
Chapter 5 - Decisions ago
Chapter 6 - The Nook ago
Chapter 7 - Apprentice ago
Chapter 8 - Shaping ago
Chapter 9 - Natural Mana ago
Chapter 10 - A Really bad idea ago
Chapter 11 - Feather Construct ago
Chapter 12 - Arcanist ago
Chapter 13 - Noelle ago
Chapter 14 - Progress ago
Chapter 15 - Firestone Charm ago
Chapter 16 - Rain on a quiet night ago
Chapter 17 - Wethermane ago
Chapter 18 - Evidence ago
Chapter 19 - Ervis ago
Chapter 20 - Instincts ago
Chapter 21 - Return ago
Chapter 22 - Compression ago
Chapter 23 - Dispensing Knowledge ago
Chapter 24 - Resonance ago
Chapter 25 - Enlightened ago
Chapter 26 - Sellanion ago
Chapter 27 - Diligence ago
Chapter 28 - Confrontation ago
Chapter 29 - McKinley ago
Chapter 30 - The McKinley Vault ago
Chapter 31 - Search ago
Chapter 32 - Release ago
Chapter 33 - Invitations ago
Chapter 34 - Settling in ago
Chapter 35 - Preparation ago
Chapter 36 - Evaluation ago
Chapter 37 - Identification ago
Chapter 38 - Guests ago
Chapter 39 - Enactment ago
Chapter 40 - Dangerous in practice ago
Chapter 41 - Restitution ago
Chapter 42 - Strange meetings ago
Chapter 43 - Restless ago
Chapter 44 - Integration Theory ago
Chapter 45 - Bump in the night ago
Chapter 46 - Mouths and Legs ago
Chapter 47 - A Bucketful of problems ago
Chapter 48 - Follow ago
Chapter 49 - Misfire ago
Chapter 50 - A Desperate measure ago
Chapter 51 - Signal ago
Chapter 52 - Wait up here ago
Chapter 53 - Calm after the storm ago
Chapter 54 - Decompression ago
Chapter 55 - Taking it home ago

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This is in my top 5 list on Royal Road, for ongoing fictions. I really like the unique method of learning magic, by feel. It is a new approach, with just the right amount of technical explanation, without bogging down the story. Vance's interactions with his friends are fun, and realistic (for a magical world). Thanks for a great read, and looking forward to where you take it from here!


I did not expect much.
Maybe a power fantasy where the MC instantly turns into someone really powerfull.

As of now that did not happen.
While the MC is really really talented.
Im not sure he would beat anyone in his age group.
I  would give it 60/40 chance in his favor.
Against the older sturneds less and less.
0 chance against adult mages or Masters.

And that is good. Really good.
It feeld realistic how he comes to power.
That he is constantly walking from nearly 0 big mistake to the next is also well done.
He is young and recless in many cases and it shows. Thats exactly what i would expect of someone who recently became a mage.

But he is not dumb. He doesnt try what would result in his death or injury.... most of the time..

In a sense is he the MC we need but not the MC we deserve.

The only bad thing about this is the initial romance.
Her Hugging him out of nowhere seemed forced in a bad way.
That she would follow him out of town also.
You could give her another reason. For example to skip a familiy gathering and then having them get close afterwards.

The rest of the romance afterwards was pretty good.
Forging a strong bond over a live and death struggle and the days of travel is spot on.
Both of them are kinda to shy to say but bot everyone knows they are into each other.
Well done here.

Anyways i cant wait for more chapters.


The best new story i've found ever since "Mother of Learning".

The focus is well spent on the developement of the main character with no unnecessary distractions or useless fillers.

Well written with sympathic characters, a very nice story and a bit different (yet easy to understand) magic system. Especially the last is offering lots of potential for interesting plots and new developements.

I can't wait for the next chapter and hope there will be many, many more to come.


It reminds me of "The Name of the Wind" but a lighter story. I can't wait to see how the autbor develops the world and magic system. I do like how Vance's durability isn't shown as being nullified by hia extra sense and is still hindering him. I binged this in an afternoon and I can't wait for more.


First and foremost, I am only your average reader without any good knowledge about ratings and the like. But I've read my fair share of novels and I must say: "This is a wonderful novel!" Really, it's not the best out there but a very good one with a unique and fascinating story. You can probably improve in many aspects as an author but I don't know enough about that to mention it more than this.


All in all: I really like your story and how you wrote it, please continue writing this story 🙂


MC appeals to me. He's introspective but doesn't become a resentful edgelord because of all the advantages that he never had. The side characters are awesome and have their own personalities, which makes the world feel more real. Planning on re-reading soon for a better view, I just binged all of this today. 


I wish this wasn't so good;)

Reviewed at: Chapter 35 - Preparation

Overall: When I read this the first time I got really excited that I had found such a good book. After all, I'm a reader first. Then, my author's reaction kicked in. I was supposed to compare to this? This book is a tough act to follow. As time went on from my initial read I tried to convince myself that something free couldn't possibly be this good. And then the next update came out and I was reminded that that notion was very very wrong. So if you take one thing away from this review, it should be that you'll be amazed at the quality time and time again. When I tell my friends about this site, this is one of the books I recommend. 

Styel: Pacing is good and clearly got me hooked. While the world building is there, I would always love to know more (probably a good thing because I needed to find somewhere to take off half a star). 

Grammar: Probably has some mistakes. But this is free and very readable, if there were any mistakes they didn't detract enough from the reading expirience for me to care. Why take off points?

Story: I love stories centered around magic academies and the like. Does use the same old mystery plus magic trope, but there's a reason this could probably be a whole genre, and it's not like I'm not enjoying it. Magic system isn't fully fleshed out yet, but being that Vance (MC) is learning too, I can't really fault that at all. Besides, we're still in the early days, if we knew everything it wouldn't be a good story.

Characters: the main character is very enjoyable, as well as his brother who is fully fleshed out. Some characters suffer from being plugged into a hole so far, but I can't seem to care enough about that to remove more than a half a star.

All in all, a very enjoyable read and I'm excited for more!


Straight up great story talking 10/10 so far, mc is very likable his family too, back ground characters are both easy to like and hate and feel pretty fleshed out. World is alive and kicking magic system is awesome. Grammer iv come across nothing that breaks me out the story, maybe that's because I wasn't at the new chapters yet but even then that's awesome. The plot and story flow so naturally and smoothly I honestly can't stop reading it just so well done. MC being blind gives the whole thing a certain depth that's hard to find in most stories. No OP straight from the gate with the world vending out it's way to grace a mc with unbeatable powers or self fulfilment story our guy has a rough hand delt to him and he is over coming it. I love a under dog story no op cheat or a sword that shoots rockets or a giant harem of 40+ lusty sexy super women that are also smart and perfect in every way but blah blah. Nah our boy can't see so explores the world differently and he still has to work on overcoming his disadvantages and turning them into something that will be his special op power can't say enough how good this story is read it and judge for yourself. And if you don't agree hey hit me up in the comments and tell me why I love a good discussion. 


This story is very well written and the story line is interesting, involved and totally captivating.  Overall the story is, well, freaking amazing! - just saying!  Unable to put it down 

I thoroughly recommend it to any and all readers who love great fiction.

The only problem that I have is that I can not read it all right now and that I have to wait for each installment



Fascinating magic and good characters, needs more

Reviewed at: Chapter 32 - Release

I love novels about magic the most and so far this novel has been focused almost solely on magic which I love. The story is well written with interesting characters and places. The magic system is unique and I can't wait to learn more about it. The magic is relatively unsystematic right now but hopefully that will change as MC attends more actual classes. The biggest issue I have is that a school for arcanists(mages) that is presumably supported by the local government and wider kingdom cannot protect their students from a local noble. Hopefully things will be better explained as time goes on as right now there are seemingly no factions and the world is very small. I like how character development is going so far but the romance could have been done much better. The author is updating very frequently which is more than I can usually hope for and I pray they will continue to do so in the future. My last complaint is that there is no patreon for me to subscribe to so that I can get my delicious advanced chapters. Somehow I put everything into a spoiler and cannot figure out how to undo it on mobile w/e.