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On the 14th day after Lucky died, Dev called his parents for a meeting at the pet rescue shelter, which was now named after Lucky as Dev bought the whole shelter with the money he received after his grandfather's death.


Isha and Aryan had no idea what they were called for, they were very nervous and tense. While they were waiting in a room, they saw Dev coming toward them, they could feel an aura of confidence from Dev that they've never felt when he reached near them.


Dev smiled after seeing clear tension on Isha's and Aryan's faces. He bent down and touched the feet of his parents. He then stood up and said smiling, "Mummy and Daddy, I've made a decision which you may not like."


Isha said nervously, "We're with you in any decision you make for your life, but we won't let you make bad decisions."


Dev continued smiling and said, "It's not a bad decision, but it's a huge one. I have decided to stop studying to be an astronaut, I want to live here and work for this shelter."


"We've come so far in terms of civilization yet we don't value the life of those who can't defend themselves in the face of our power. As the ruler of this planet, we must be a benevolent ruler."


Aryan had a serious look on his face and he asked, "Have you completely thought this through? Even when you were choosing to study the courses related to an astronaut, we didn't stop or discourage you because that was your passion. Your grandfather has already left you that much money that you can sit all day and enjoy the most luxurious things your whole life, and it still will not be fully spent. It's all up to you."


Isha glared at Aryan but she still didn't try to stop him. Dev nodded toward his father, Aryan could see the determination in his eyes, he stood up and patted Dev's shoulder to show his approval.


Dev looked at Isha, she gently smiled at him, and said, "You don't have to worry about me, I'll support you as long as your decision doesn't harm you in any way."


Dev laughed after getting his parent's approval, he had a family dinner on that night after a long time.


After having dinner, he talked with his parents for some time about how to handle the shelter? After the talks, Isha and Aryan left for their home. The shelter was about 100 KM from their Villa, so it was far but wasn't that far.


Dev slept for more than 24 hours because of finally letting go of all his tensions, he felt relaxed after waking up.


Dev hasn't forgotten Tara, but he wasn't in his right mind to talk with her, she had sent him many texts over these few months because he hasn't been online for more than 3 months.


He decided to send a text to her today. He texted, 'Hello Tara, Thank you for the concern. I wasn't in my right mind these few months to have a conversation with anybody. I lost someone unexpectedly, and this made me fall into depression for a while. I'll never be over the loss, but now I can live with it.'


Dev didn't wait for her reply and started doing his share of work in the shelter. He didn't know anything about animal care, so he did his work in a way any rich person does. He hired the best veterinarian, groomers, and trainers for the shelter, he bought all the latest devices, he ordered one of the best construction groups to rebuild the shelter. He spent money like water on this shelter. This shelter took a huge chunk of the shares he received from his grandfather. It took him the whole day to do all these things.


When he finally got free, he checked his watch and saw Tara had replied, 'I'm very sorry for your loss, I heard about it in the news. I couldn't imagine how you feel, as I've never lost anyone I loved, my paternal grandparents died even before I was born. I can only say sorry, I want you to be happy. We are friends, If you're comfortable you can share things with me.'


Dev felt happy after reading the text, a smile came on his face. Dev replied, 'I am grateful to have a friend like you. If you're free next Monday, why don't you meet me in the morning at Lucky pet shelter? Search it on the maps, it's a shelter which has changed its name recently.'


He got a reply just a few seconds after he sent the text, she replied, 'Okay, I'll be there in the morning.'


Dev smiled after getting her affirmation, they talked for the whole night, even in the morning texting didn't stop. It only stopped when Tara had something to do, and she was busy. Dev didn't feel sleepy, so he got outside and started playing with animals in the shelter.


His current favorite animal in the shelter was a dog. She wasn't rescued, she came out on her own. She was the most enthusiastic living being Dev has ever seen in his life, she'll play with everybody the whole day. Many people came to adopt her, but the last shelter owner refused. He said that "Until the day she's in this shelter, this shelter will always have a happy atmosphere."


The last shelter owner named her Khushi. It meant happiness. When Khushi saw Dev coming over, she rushed toward him and pounced on him. Dev fell to the ground, and she started licking his face. Dev tried to move her but she continued licking. Finally, she stopped on her own after some time. His face had saliva all over. He rubbed her head and left the way he came. He had to take a bath now.


Dev took a bath and freshened himself. He may have chosen animal care over Space travel, but his love for space wasn't lost. He started surfing on the Internet about news related to space. The next space travel was going to happen in about 6 years. He read about making a Jack of all Trades robot for the Astronaut, which will be introduced before the next space mission. He had already made his decision, so he didn't feel disappointed.


Time flies. Today was the day of the meeting between Dev and Tara alone for the first time. Dev woke up early, he took a bath. He wore a Casual Shirt and denim jeans. It was 10 am, as it was the summer season, it was hot.


Dev was waiting at the door of the shelter when he saw a car coming over. It stopped at the door, Tara came out of it. She activated Self-driving mode to park, the car parked itself.


Dev proceeded toward her and extended his hand for a handshake, she also extended her hand to accept the handshake and smiled.


Tara asked while her and Dev's hands were still in touch, "Why did you call me here?"


Instead of answering her question, Dev asked her, "What do you think of this shelter?"


Tara didn't expect the counter-question but she still confusingly answered, "It's fine, it needs some changes, then it can become worthy of my internship."


Now it was time for Dev to be shocked, he asked her, "Are you a veterinarian?"


Tara nodded. He asked another question, "So, what changes would you suggest for it to be worthy of your internship?"


Tara was confused. She didn't know why he was asking her such questions, so she asked, "Is this shelter yours?"


Dev nodded, and answered, "Yes, I just bought it a week earlier. This shelter will become one of the safest and luxurious animal shelters in the world in the next few weeks."


Dev then asked her, "So, now do you want to join this shelter?"


Tara answered while smiling, "I'll answer when I get to see it at its best. I wouldn't join this shelter right now."


"I'll be waiting for your answer then," Said Dev confidently.


They still haven't released their hands from each other. The handshake changed into holding hands together as they entered the shelter. They both knew it subconsciously yet no one wanted to be the first to release the hand.


Anyone who saw them thought that Dev and Tara were a couple. Both of them had a glow and a genuine smile on their faces.


Every good thing must come to an end, Khushi came running toward Dev, and pounced on him. Dev didn't fall this time, but his and Tara's hands got released. They both looked awkward, yet they didn't show it on their face.


It took a whole day for Dev to show the shelter to Tara. They both knew that it was a waste of time yet they talked and laughed all day. Tara left after the Sunset, she promised Dev that she'll visit the shelter the day after tomorrow.


Will Dev pass the test?


We'll find out next time...

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