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All the academies in the Elf continent have created an Examination association, which conducts examinations every three years. Those who pass the exams get invites from the academies.

To participate in the examination, Dev and Rose will have to register their identities.

Rose registered first and got Hall no. 17 for her test. The registrar was stunned when he saw Dev. Dev wasn't an Elf, and the registrar also didn't know whether he should register Dev or not. So the registrar told Dev to wait for a few minutes. The registrar went to his superior and told him about the issue of Dev being Non-Elf. The Registrar's superior told him to go through with it as there wasn't any rule about not letting Non-Elf register. Dev also got the same hall as Rose after registering.

What Dev saw after entering the examination venue startled him, thousand of Elves were waiting for the start of tests. Every single person participating in the exams had silver hair, except Dev. Dev found it very odd, but not enough to inquire about it.

The exams were held on the Grounds of St. Jones Academy.

Dev's eyes and mouth were wide open after seeing the academy. The academy was huge. The whole academy was on a tree so huge that even cities would've been left in shame in comparison to the tree. Dev wasn't authorized to enter the academy, so he had no idea how the academy looks from the inside. Dev finally felt that it's a fantasy world, the tree was so huge but he only saw it when he crossed the academy gate.

Dev poked Rose about this, but she raised her hands up and shook her head in reply. Dev sighed after hearing her head and told himself to ask Serena about it.

The fragrance around the academy was comforting to the soul, different kinds of flowers were planted all over the academy, some of which were on Earth, but many of them were unknown to Dev. It looked beautiful. Dev was awed by the beautiful scenery.

St. Jones academy has a history of several millennia, yet it wasn't one of the major academies.

As Dev was thinking about the examination, Suddenly, everyone stopped chattering and the venue became pin-drop silent because everyone saw a group of four people coming on the platform in front of the crowd.

They were the examiners. In the examiner group, there were two males and two females. Both the males and females looked the same except for their height. The whole group had golden hair and golden eyes.

Dev had never seen someone so beautiful, Rose was also looking at the examiners with a hint of expectations in her eyes. Dev noticed the expression and he couldn't stop himself from asking, "Hey Rose, why are you looking at them like that? You aren't much worse than them."

Rose ridiculed, " What would you know? you are even worse than me,"

"They are level 3 beings. Whenever an Elf becomes Level 3, their hair starts becoming gold. It's a sign of a rise in the life limit of the Elves." Rose continued with a hint of looking down on Dev.

Dev could only sigh, he also got the answer of why every participant has silver hairs, he felt awed by the Level 3 beings acting as an examiner. He had seen the power the slaughterer had, Earth had told him that he was also Level 3. Dev's face became red due to the anger he felt right now, because of suddenly remembering his enemy.

What Dev didn't know was that Level 3 beings aren't very rare, and this is the group of head examiners. Grey looked so strong because World rules couldn't affect him when he was on Earth.

Rose noticed Dev's anger and patted him on his shoulder and calmed him, "You'll get your revenge one day."

Dev had told both Serena and Rose about what happened to him, excluding the fact about him not being indigenous to Nehan.

Dev had made a lie that he and his kind were weak, so they lived in a close environment and had no contact with any outsider. When suddenly a peak Level 3 coming and slaughtered everybody, he was saved by the joint effort of the strongest humans of his race. There were many holes in Dev's story, but Serena and Rose didn't care about it, because they could feel the gloom of sadness around Dev, and Dev wasn't faking his emotions when he was talking about the massacre.

Cara was one of the examiners in the group, she was watching the participants, she was startled to see a Non-Elf. Cara pointed out Dev to the other three members and asked the other three their opinions about this. They were startled, but they didn't care too much as they weren't sure whether he'll pass the tests or not.

Many participants also noticed that; Dev became the center of attention, his expressions didn't change and he just stood straight.

Cara stepped up in front of the crowd and announced, "Hello, I am Cara. I'm one of the head examiners of this examination, there will be three tests in this exam. Those who pass all three tests will qualify for admission. Academies will send their invites based on their needs. All the best to all of you."

Cara then announced the start of the exam. There were 29 Halls in which every participant's Qualification will be tested. There were so many halls because of the number of participants, Dev and Rose moved to Hall no. 17.

There were 80 participants in Hall no. 17. Everybody was nervous because this exam will decide their future. For passing the first test Force of the attack should be more than 2400 kgf. You'll be given five chances of which three should cross 2400 kgf.

There was a device in the center of the hall, which would check the force of the attack. You have to hit the device, and then Your attack force will be announced on the screen.

The Examiner of Hall no. 17 announced the start of the first test. The first participant was a girl named Angela. After her first attempt, 2480 appeared on the screen of the machine. Dev's mouth was wide open because it didn't even look like Angela was trying. Her second and third attacks also crossed the 2400 mark. She was the first participant to attempt and pass Test 1 in Hall no. 17.

"1800 kgf, 1127 kgf, 2410 kgf, 2000 kgf, three times failed, Next!"

"2200 kgf, 2227 kgf, 2510 kgf, 2401 kgf, 2017 kgf three times failed, Next!"

There were strings of failure after Angela, only one participant came close to the requirement.

It was finally Dev's turn. Dev didn't know the force of his attack. He only used 70% of his power on his first attack. 2300 kgf appeared on the screen. Dev took a relieved sigh after seeing 2300 kgf appearing on the screen. It was the result of his training for the last 7 months with Rose.

Dev's first attempt was a failure, but Dev wasn't discouraged because now he was sure he could pass the test. He used 90% of his power on his second attempt and 2600 kgf appeared on the screen. Dev used the same amount of power on his third and fourth attempts and passed the test easily.

"1800 kgf, 1127 kgf, 2110 kgf, three times failed, Next!"

"2500 kgf, 2711 kgf, 2610 kgf, three times succeeded, Next!"

There were many failures and many successes after Dev.

It was finally Rose's turn. Dev was sure of Rose passing the test because he was getting beaten every day by her. Dev was eager to know how strong she was in comparison with him.

Rose easily passed the test on the first three attempts.

"3200 kgf, 3487 kgf, 3810 kgf" appeared on the screen after Rose's attempt. Even the examiner was shocked after seeing the attack force Rose.

Dev was feeling grateful for, if she used this much force while fighting him, many of his bones would've been broken. Rose only smiled after seeing Dev's reaction.

Finally, after some time the first test was completed. Rose was the strongest contestant of all in Hall no. 17.

Those who failed the first test were asked to leave, some were crying, some had a determined face & some were expressionless. 24 out of 80 failed the first test.

The examiner in hall no. 17 left with the attack-force testing device and returned after a few minutes with a new device. This device was circular. There was a hand mark in the center of the device.

The second test will check your talent. Talent was categorized into 5 Grades on Nehan.

For passing the second test your talent would have to be at least second grade. This test mainly determines which academy will invite you if you pass all three tests. The higher the grade the better Academy will invite you.

The device will show colors according to the Grade of talent. Green for Grade 1, Yellow for Grade 2, Blue for Grade 3, Red for Grade 4, Gold for Grade 5. The darker the color, the stronger the talent in that Grade.

The Examiner stepped in front of everybody and announced, "In this test, you'll have to put your hands on the hand mark in the device. The device will inject Prana into your body. Your Grade will come after how your body reacts to Prana, how much Prana leaves from your body?"

Angela was first this time as well. When Angela touched the device, the device transferred some Prana into Angela's body. Prana started doing its work. The longer Prana will stay, and less Prana will leak from your body, the stronger your talent will be. Angela couldn't stop about 46% off Prana from leaving her body. After a few breaths of time, the device glowed Blue which was somewhat darker. Angela was ecstatic.

"Dark blue, Third Grade talent, pass, next!"

Dev was sure he'll be a Grade 5 talent because he has been absorbing Prana from the atmosphere for the last 6 months. Dev was thinking whether he should show it or not?

"Dark Green, First Grade talent, Fail, next!"

"Light Yellow, Second Grade talent, pass, next!"

It was finally Dev's turn. Rose was looking nervously at Dev.

Dev nodded at her and touched the device. His physique automatically absorbed all the Prana the device transferred. Prana started circulating automatically. Even a little Prana wasn't leaving his body to assimilate into the atmosphere. Dev had to force Prana to leave his body. After a few breaths of time, the device glowed blue which was as dark as blue could be. He was termed a superior Grade 3 talent.

"Darkest Blue, Superior Third Grade talent, pass, next!" even the examiner smiled after announcing the result.

Rose congratulated Dev on passing the test, Dev thanked her and then started checking other participants' results.

"Light Yellow, Second Grade talent, pass, next!"

"Dark Yellow, Second Grade talent, pass, next!"

"Light Green, First Grade talent, fail, next!"

There were some failures as well as successes after Dev. It was finally Rose's turn.

Rose put her hand on the hand mark on the device. It took a few minutes for the screen to show the result:

"Light Red, Fourth Grade talent, pass, next!" Even the examiner couldn't hide his shock. He was very happy with today's result. He's gonna get good rewards for today's examination.

Dev was startled to see Rose's result, and thought, "O Earth! How could you send me near this monster's house?"

Rose scoffed at Dev after seeing the startling look on his face.

Rose was the only Grade 4 talent in all the participants who were participating on the grounds of St. Jones Academy.

Only 17 out of 56 passed the second test. It was finally the time for the third Test and the test Dev was fearing.

It was finally the time for the third and the last test.

Will Dev pass the test?

We'll get the answers next time...


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