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Dev will celebrate his 67th birthday this year. When he left he was a middle-aged man, but now he's an old man. If you notice him you can notice that he was good-looking when he was young.

Dev was of Indian Origin. His skin color was light brown, He had black hair which has now become white because of his age and black eyes.

Dev was the last human any space organization sent into space. Different organizations had plans to send more Humans to find out about other civilizations. Space has always been mankind's dream. Humanity has always thrived by solving the unknown, and their curiosity for everything, yet we still weren't able to find proof of Alien, space still was unknown to us. After 2050, every 15 years an organization will send a man into space.

The next plan for sending a human into space was scheduled in 2110, But Grey came before that and destroyed everything.

Dev works for a space agency ISRO (Indian Space agency). A smile will come on Dev's face unknowingly whenever he thinks about seeing his daughter Natasha for the first time. Humanity still hasn't been able to develop communication devices that can be used past one light-year, from Earth.

Dev had no way to know what was in store for him. Dev tried to communicate with his family when he reached the range of one light-year from Earth, but he didn't get any response. Dev felt something was wrong, but couldn't pinpoint what. Not being able to communicate wasn't a big deal, no technology is perfect, but this time when there was no picking up from the other side, he felt terrible premonition, like he had lost something close to him. A single tear came out of his eye unconsciously, Dev was stunned to see the tear on his eye. Dev could only sigh and thought, "I hope Tara, Natasha, Maa, and dad are fine."

It has been 27 years since the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants. Earth's Consciousness could only survive for 2 decades at most.

When Dev finally came, what he saw sent a chill to his spine. The planet he lived on was gone. Dev was already an old man, he couldn't handle this picture, he got a heart attack. He slumped into the spaceship.

Suddenly a faint consciousness tried to contact Dev, But Dev was unconscious, so he couldn't contact back the consciousness.

When Dev got a heart attack, a jack of all trades robot, which was sent with Dev, activated its medical system and started treating Dev.

The robot was in a humanoid shape. It was of the same height as grey, about 1.83 Metres.

Dev recovered after the treatment. Just when he recovered, he sped to the window of the spaceship and started contemplating, whether it was a dream or not, But what Dev desired didn't happen, Earth was still gone. Dev couldn't stand anymore, his legs were shaking. His heart stopped beating, he couldn't breathe, he felt someone had reached down his throat and was now ripping him from inside. Dev was having another Heart attack.

This time Dev didn't get one because Dev's body recovered on its own. Dev wasn't in the fit mind to notice what transpired, he already had a gaze which only corpses had, a blank face with no expressions. His face went whiter without even a single drop of blood.

Dev suddenly heard a voice in his head, his expressionless face changed into a sobbing one, and started shouting hysterically, "Maa, where are you? Why can't I See you, Maa?"

It was the voice of Earth's consciousness in Dev's head. Earth gave birth to every living organism ever born into Earth, so her voice sounded exactly like Dev's mother in his head.

"I am Earth, the planet you were born into," Earth answered Dev, which stopped Dev's emotional shouting. If it was some time else, Dev's mouth would've been wide open after hearing that Earth is also a living being, but now he didn't even care for it.

"What happened to you? Where is my family? …." Dev asked a barrage of questions while still sobbing. Dev's voice was shaking.

"Let me show you what happened to me and everybody," Earth answered Dev, and showed him about what and how it happened.

Dev couldn't believe what he saw, no matter what. Dev fell to the ground weirdly and broke his leg. Dev didn't even feel any pain after that.

Dev asked Earth's consciousness while sobbing to show him his family's last moments. He could see his wife Tara and his parents crying, He could see his daughter Natasha was sleeping soundly, After seeing this scene Dev felt like someone was crushing his heart.

Dev dragged himself to the nearest wall and banged his head into the wall so hard that blood started coming out of his head, the robot got activated again and rushed out to Dev to treat his injury, but Dev stopped it from treating him. Dev just looked blankly at the void. Dev didn't know what he was supposed to do now.

How was Dev supposed to get revenge on someone who has the power to kill mankind in seconds?

And even if he could get revenge, what was the point of it? It will only make him feel better.

What is the point of feeling better when he will have no one with him?

Dev couldn't do anything, Dev has never hated himself, he always loved life, but now he hated life more than anything.

Suddenly, Earth contacted Dev and asked, if he wants revenge?

Dev didn't answer anything and still was looking blankly at the void, while his tears became red.

Earth interrupted Dev again and healed him. Dev finally noticed Earth's question.

Dev answered, "Who doesn't want Justice for his family, but what can a weakling like me even do?"

"I can give you the power to start on this path, you just have to work hard and you can have your revenge," Earth told Dev.

"I am already old, What can I even do?" Dev told Earth.

But then suddenly Dev heard something which made him come out of his stupor, his face finally showed some changes.


Dev shouted hysterically at Earth, and asked her, "You're telling the truth?"

"Yes, I am telling the truth, but this path will be very hard if you want to see your family ever again," Earth told Dev.

"The difficulty doesn't matter, what matters is that I can bring my family back," Dev told Earth. He finally found a reason to live.

"How can I do it, tell me?" Dev asked Earth.

Earth told him about a story, there is a level so high that no one has ever reached, the consciousness of the multiverse called that level the [ETERNAL]. This is the highest level any being could ever reach. They have complete control over Time: the supreme energy of the multiverse.

If you ever reach [ETERNAL], you can turn the flow of time backward to any point you want.

You shall have the mastery of the multiverse. You shall have the power to Create and Destroy. Time shall no longer affect you. You shall be Immortal, Even gods will fear you.

If you walk on this path, never even try to utter the word [ETERNAL]. The Multiverse's consciousness will destroy you because of your haughtiness.

Dev's face changed after hearing about [ETERNAL], he could only smile wryly and told Earth, "You expect me, a Mortal who will reach the end of his life in a few decades to become someone, whom even Gods pray to. You expect a lot from me."

I don't expect anything from you, you're just a weakling, but remember this is your only chance if you want to see them back,"

"What are you afraid of, the worst that could happen is you'll die. That will be the end of your journey, you'll die doing something you wanted. If you don't even try, then what's the point of crying?" Earth berated Dev.

Dev didn't retort, because he knew he was being afraid for no reason. If you don't want to live in a world which doesn't have your family then why not try to bring them back.

Dev smiled at his fate. Dev had made up his mind to walk on this path as he had no other choice.

"How should I start on this path?" Dev asked Earth.

Earth told him, "Whatever energy I have left, I can provide you some to raise your physique suitable for training, so you can start training, I'll use my remaining energy to transfer you to a Grade 2 planet where you can start your path, and have the materials for training."

Dev has never heard anything about a Grade 2 planet, so he asked Earth, "What's a Grade 2 planet?"

"In this multiverse, there are 9 Grades of planets. The strongest being a Grade 9 planet and the weakest being a Grade 1 planet. I am a Grade 1 planet. There are countless Grade 1 to 8 planets in this multiverse, but there is only 1 Grade 9 planet. You'll find out as you grow. I would've become a Grade 2 planet as well But I have only existed for a few billion years. I am still young." Earth answered.

"There can only be mortals on Grade 1 planets and as planets get promoted the life limit of the inhabitants also increases." Earth continued.

Dev asked, "What is the life limit?"

Earth answered, "Life limit is the level of the being. You are not even a level 1 being. As your level increases, your life limit will increase."

Earth has warned Dev about not using the word [ETERNAL], so he asked earth in other ways, "What level is the Level you told me about?"

Earth answered, "It's Level 11. Remember, never speak the word [ETERNAL], Until you've reached the peak of Level 10."

Earth asks Dev whether he is ready for this journey or not?

Dev clenches his fists and nods. Dev's eyes had an expression of resoluteness. Earth didn't speak anything and just Used her last of the remaining energy to transform Dev's physique.

Dev's body couldn't handle a high concentration of this pure energy at the same time, so Earth transferred Energy very slowly.

When Earth's energy entered his body. Dev felt like ants were eating his body slowly from inside.

Dev couldn't handle this much Pain, whenever he was close to fainting, he thought of his daughter sleeping happily. As more time passed, the more painful the process became. Dev felt that he would get used to the pain, but the opposite was happening, this pain was helping his willpower to become stronger.

Dev didn't know how lucky he was because his physique level was rising every second by world energy. World energy is the strongest energy that only Gods can control. But if someone tells him about his luck, Dev will smile at that person, and then beat that person to death.

Finally, the process stopped after, God knows how long. World energy started covering his body and then it covered Dev like a cocoon.

There was a crack in the cocoon, after 3 years. Dev started absorbing energy unconsciously from the cocoon. The cocoon turned into ashes after the energy was absorbed.

When Dev came out of the cocoon. He started looking like a 17-year-old with black eyes. His hair was pure white.

Dev looked odd. White hair and black eyes with light brown skin. Yet, he has never looked so attractive before. There wasn't a single expression on his face.

Earth congratulated Dev for his first step towards his goal. Earth knew it couldn't just send Dev like this to anywhere.

So, Earth gave Dev two gifts before transferring him to a Grade 2 planet somewhere in the Universe. Earth gave Dev a skill through which he can see his status anytime and anywhere he wants, and it used 17% of its remaining energy to give a small pocket space that only Dev can use through his consciousness.

The Pocket space will grow with Dev. When Dev checked the pocket space he saw a picture lying in that space. In this picture, Tara was holding Natasha, while Natasha was laughing and Dev's parents and Tara were smiling. Dev’s eyes were gentle yet sad at the same time.

When Dev finally became calm, after some time. His eyes became expressionless again, He made a gesture of touching Earth's feet. He said his Goodbye to the Earth and promised her that he will reach Level 11 and bring her back.

Dev is finally going to start his journey to revive everyone he lost and kill the being who killed everyone Dev knew.

Dev's last words to Earth were "I am neither an Ant nor an Elephant, for I am a Human left with no choice, I shall go to Heaven or Hell, but I shall become the being, whom even God fears. I shall die if I fail, for I have no second choice. It's my promise to you and my dead family that I shall bring you all back."

Earth Finally Transferred Dev to an Unknown planet with an unknown civilization by using the last bit of her remaining energy. With this finally came the end of the planet which started from the blast, and ended with a blast.

For Earth to come back Dev has to become an [ETERNAL].

Will Dev become [ETERNAL] or not? It's all in the future. The future is ever-changing.

What Planet Dev was sent to?

What civilizations are there?

Will he meet new friends?

What are his stats?

We'll get all these answers the next time...

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