Shine (Mass Effect AI SI)

Shine (Mass Effect AI SI)

by Cammy Deer

A Mass Effect Self Insert, except about three hundred years before the games. And the SI has replaced the Geth. Help.

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Cammy Deer

Cammy Deer

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Loving it, keep it up!

Reviewed at: III: Make

Haven't read the entire story yet, but if the first three chapters are any indication of the quality of this story, I definitely recommend it. Loving the whole A.I. perspective since it's pretty unique and quite fun to read. Besides that, haven't found any grammatical errors or anything of the sort.

Tenno Turian

Haven't finished it yet but I am close to eating up every chapter that is currently out so far. Seen a lot of SIs in my time and lately it's getting hard to find a 'good' one that catches my interest and I am happy to say that this one caught mine! Really liking the direction of this story and I am eager to read more!


Entertaining AI crossover

Reviewed at: XXVI: Tanking

Its been a very entertaining read so far, definitely worth a peruse at the very least.  Probably my favourite fan fic on here, aside from maybe Overkill (though very different from this story).

Grammar is top notch, with very very few issues, just a couple I noticed in about 30 chapters.

If I absolutely had to complain about anything, the weakest part would probably be some of the side views from other characters such as Kaynor, but that is likely because it hasn't fully tied back into the story with the MC yet.


gota say the concept behind the story is excellent. its well written. the mc is kind cool when he isnt flip floping on what to do and coming across as a teenaager whith bouts of moral angst. 

the only problem is its not very entertaining when not sticking to the mc.  i would literally have to speed read and scoll through whole portions that dont feel very interesting. and thats about it.