I walked into a clearing, where a man sat with his eyes closed. Thiro stated, Tyronius, you have visitors.

Really? How long has it been since I have withdrawn from the war? Tyronius opened his eyes and stood up.

“Hi, I am Mensal Exypnos, and this is my bonded dragon, Iris. We come here seeking your help to defeat the darkness once more. Also, I would like to learn how to harness my fire Elementalism power, as I do not have your experience in using Elementalism.” I introduced ourselves while informing them of our reason for coming here.

“Very well. I will help you learn fire Elementalism. I believe that you should be my sister’s descendant, so I will be your guardian against attacks as you overthrow the new demon king, Thazzomos, and the corrupt human king, Kaige Onyx. I, Tyronius Exypnos, will help you along your journey.” Tyronius announced formally.

“Thank you, Tyronius.” I knelt in respect for the man before me.

“There is no need to kneel, Mensal, and I believe I am your ancestor that existed about 14 generations before you. Therefore, we are related and there is no need to be courteous between us. You may speak to me like a friend… that is, your ancestor divided by 14 generations… Nonetheless, you may treat me like your friend. Also, if you have a need for me, you may yell ‘Tupovsosta’ to summon me. Also, do you have any siblings?” Tyronius informed me.

“I know that I have a sister named Melodia from a vision that I received in meditation, but I don’t have any memory of her. Why is that?” I asked.

“It seems to me that you have been mind-wiped to have no memory of her. I believe that everyone who knows her has had every memory of her blocked from their consciousness. Thiro, should we remove the mind-block from his mind?” Tyronius gravely told me.

Indeed, we shall. Thiro replied. I felt the clenching again, only this time, it was slightly gentler. Suddenly, my mind felt much fuller than before, and I suddenly remembered what happened to my sister.

A fat man dressed in all black and a ninja mask knocked out my mom, and I cowered in the corner. The big man grabbed Melodia and threw her outside, where she landed inside a padded catapult, which hurled her over the ocean. Then, a small, lithe figure gracefully leaped out from behind the fat man and repeatedly punched me in my face. The lithe figure asked the fat man, “Should I kill them now?”

“No, Feroniya, just wipe their memory. I want Mensal to reach the magical realm and attempt to fight us only to realize that it is hopeless to fight against us.” The fat man chuckled, then continued, “Come on, Feroniya, let’s take the catapult.”

“Absolutely, sir.” Feroniya nimbly leaped to the catapult, waited for the fat man, and then let the catapult loose. They were launched over the ocean as well.

I awoke to a gigantic headache and had no idea what happened. “Mom, what happened?”

“I don’t know. Come on, let’s get back inside.” My mom responded.

“Wait… My sister was KIDNAPPED?!!!!” I gasped.

It appears so, and the “fat man” appears to be Kaige Onyx, the corrupt king of humans. Thiro informed me.

“Why would he specifically come for us and want me to join him? Do you think… I’m related to him?!” I fearfully realized this as the truth dawned on me.

I’m afraid so, Mensal, Thiro responded.

“He also might be your dad,” Tyronius added with a grin.


“Nah… he’s your brother.” Tyronius chuckled.

“WHAT?!!!!!!!” I screamed.

“Just kidding. Sheesh, you’re probably the type of person who never jokes around and is very boring, like my sister, just sitting on her dragon and shooting stuff, and never making a joke and rarely smiling,” Tyronius waved dismissively.

“Phew!” I mopped imaginary sweat from my eyebrow. “Kaige isn’t my brother. BUT HE’S MY DAD?!”

The truth is, he is your great-uncle. Thiro shifted into the form of a human.

“You can turn into a human?!” I asked, astonished, as my eyes widened at the sight of the muscular human form of Thiro.

After 200 years of life, a dragon gains the ability to shift into a human. In human form, the said dragon is a master swordsman or swordswoman and gains control over the elemental powers that he can use in his breath, Iris informed me.

“Wow, that’s so cool!” I couldn’t help but be fascinated by this discovery.

“Anyways, let me help you with mastering fire Elementalism. Follow me!” Tyronius beckoned for me to follow him.


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