As I headed off to the student dormitories on Iris, I spotted Khel. I landed. “Hey, Khel.”


“I still can’t believe you had so much adventure!” Khel shook his head. “Eh, how’s Iris doing?”


“Good, as you can see.” I looked back to see Iris purring. “Anyways, how is Tieron doing? He seems like a nice horse, but obviously, he can’t compete with Iris’s speed.”


“Well, no duh!” Khel chuckled, then sighed. “I wish I had such a cool life.”


“It’s not as exciting as you think. Trust me, you do not want that emotional pressure. Have you heard the saying, ‘With great power comes great responsibility? Well, that applies to me. Do you want to experience serious emotional pain? Are you prepared to throw almost every spell you have just to keep a note from exploding? Are you ready to get buried under tons of rubble and have to fight wooden golems that create other golems? Do you want to experience brushes with death? I THINK NOT!!!!” I ranted.


“Okay…”Khel looked skeptical but didn’t say anything. “Anyways, have you heard that the headmaster’s house just collapsed? I was just walking along when I heard the news.”


“Oh, I was there. A piece of paper exploded, and I had to teleport both of us out. Now, I’m completely exhausted. Also, why are you walking?

Can’t you ride Tieron?” I asked.


“Oops…” Khel blushed. “Can I take a ride on Iris? I’ll let Tieron run wild for a bit.”


“Sure… if Iris permits you.”I stated. Iris, will you let Khel come?



“Iris says you can come, Khel,” I informed him, then hopped onto Iris’s lowered back. Then I waved for him to come on. “Come on up, and don’t be nervous.”


Khel got on behind me, clinging tightly. “Umm… this is safe, right?”

“No.” I laughed as Iris took off.


“WHATTTTT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Khel shrieked in terror as we flew toward the dormitories.


We only had one near-death experience when flying back: Khel gripped me so tight during the flight that I almost choked. “Khel, could you stop squeezing me so hard? I’m about to get strangled to death by you.” I gasped, searching for air for my lungs.


“Ooops, sorry, my friend. You didn’t warn me at first about the dangers of flying on a dragon. Hence the reason I am holding on tighter than normal.” Khel tried to smart-aleck me, but I had a response.


“You forgot, ‘the dragon’ is my dragon,” I commanded Iris to swerve and do a loop-de-loop. Then, after that, she would do a 360° turn and do a tail flick. Finally, she would freestyle and do a dragon version of the hokey-pokey.


In the middle of the loop-de-loop, Khel vomited all over me. “Gross!!!!” I groaned. “These were my favorite clothes!”


“That’s what you get for doing this to me!!!” Khel grumbled playfully.


“Alright then, prepare to meet your doom!” I grinned maniacally as I prepared for a very interesting mock battle.


I teleported behind Khel. “Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now you can’t puke on me, so bring it on!” I instructed Iris to do a 1040° loop-de-loop, then do a 1400° spin. “I have upped the ante, Khel! If you vomit, I get satisfaction. If you don’t puke, you win, and I will have a big surprise for you!”


Khel’s eyes widened. He tried extremely hard not to vomit. Right before we landed, a little vomit was dribbling down off his chin, but it would have to touch Iris’s back or the ground for it to count. Then, the vomit started floating downwards.


Time seemed to slow down. Khel yelled, “Noooooooo!!!!!” in slow motion. When Iris was 4 feet above the ground and the vomit 3.5 feet in the air, he dove off of Iris to land on the ground a nanosecond before the vomit landed. Of course, the vomit landed splat on his back.


“Say, I don’t think I’ve seen people get hit by their vomit like that before!” I chuckled, then went to heal the bruised Khel.


“Well, Mensal? What do I get for beating the vomit to the ground?” Khel questioned in childish excitement.


“You get…” I stopped. “Drumroll, please… This!!!!”


I threw him an egg painted yellow and purple and blue all over. “What?!!! This is just a normal Easter egg!!!” Khel hollered.


“Open it.” I winked. Khel opened up the egg, which held a note inside directing him to the place where food was the most plentiful.


“Oh… the lunch hall!!!” Khel raced to the lunch hall, where I quickly teleported to get the next thing ready. I teleported back before Khel realized.


“Oh… hey! Another note! It tells me to… find the rubble!” He raced off, but he didn’t notice that I snatched his sword, Ertyuiop.


I hastily wrote a note on his sword, then snatched it up to teleport it to the mound of rubble that was once the headmaster’s house.


While Khel rushed to the headmaster’s house, I teleported Iris and myself to the dormitories to prepare the trap portal right in behind the door. I don’t know why I was able to, I think there was a ruined portal there and I just reopened it. Then, I crawled into the portal to wait for Khel.


Soon enough, he came through the portal that I had found earlier. “Wha-- What????!!!! I was just running through our dormitory door when… Wait a second, Mensal… That was you, wasn’t it?!!!!” Khel looked around in confusion. “What is this place?!”


“The answer is…” I stretched out the silence in a moment of suspense.


“Your old world/house? Your old school? A place to party? A--


“Whoa there, buddy. Slow down with all the guesses!!!!” I chuckled, then continued, “This is Stultus Ingenio College. Weird name, huh?”


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