Kajun and I were exhausted from spending the whole night running from the cops. Apparently, we had magic, and when that was discovered, the school locked all of the doors, and then they called the cops. They accused us of being good-for-nothing mages that were disguised as me and Kajun. We started running all over the school, ducking through corridors and pushing down random teachers. One of the teachers kicked at us with her high heels, but we evaded it. The police broke in, but we just ran through the door. They trained their guns on us, so we just kept running.

We ran for a very long time, the police running back to the police station to get their motorcycles. We took off on our bikes and started pedaling. I looked behind and saw that the police were closing in. Suddenly, we went flying off our bikes. The bikes were broken, so we started running again. “I! Don’t! Think! We’re! Going! To! Make! It!” I panted.

“Maybe we will!” Kajun was still running smoothly, as she was in the high school track team (well, used to be). Then, I turned to look again. The police were no longer there!

“Kajun, I think we’re in the clear! I don’t see the police anymore!” I cheered.

“Great, but where will we live and how will we get our food to sustain ourselves?” Kajun pointed out.

“Aww… right.” I slumped. “Wait! There’s a cave over there! There might be some things there!”

We ran over, and Kajun exclaimed, “Yeah! You’re right! There’s a stream with fish, and there’s plenty of berries growing here as well!”

We each picked some berries, and that became our dinner. We both were feeling sleepy. “Hey Kajun, let’s grab some moss to make our beds!” I came up with a brilliant idea.

“Great idea!” Kajun agreed. We picked some moss from the cave walls and laid them on the floor.

“Good night, Kajun!” I mumbled.

“Good night, Mensal!” Kajun responded.

I instantly saw her fall asleep, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I tossed and turned all night, and finally fell asleep when I saw the Erduni, which was when the stars looked like they combined and became one giant star.


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Bio: I'm an average person writing a book. I post about two chapters every week.

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