Revenge of Mages Book 1: The Staff of Runetizo

Revenge of Mages Book 1: The Staff of Runetizo

by MysticalDragon

Mensal learns of his newfound abilities, bonds with a dragon, and finds a master of magic who was thought to be dead.  He makes friends and enemies in the world of magic, and seeks to understand his powers further.  Assassins come after him, after his power is exposed.  What will he do in this new world that he's discovered?

Cover art: Jamie Wang

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Journey Begins ago
Chapter 2: Ghandeev ago
Chapter 3: Making Friends ago
Chapter 4: Discovering Abilities ago
Chapter 5: Encountering Yuiops ago
Chapter 6: The Bonding ago
Chapter 7: Fight Preparation ago
Chapter 8: The Battle Begins ago
Chapter 9: Meditation, a Memory, and an Injury ago
Chapter 10: The Terop Stone ago
Chapter 11: Power Revelation ago
Chapter 12: Confronting the Uminoli ago
Chapter 13: The Headmaster's Confusion ago
Chapter 14: Stories are Told ago
Chapter 15: A Mystery Unfolds ago
Chapter 16: Paper is Dangerous ago
Chapter 17: Khel's Bet ago
Chapter 18: Gamer Khel ago
Chapter 19: The Zwolennicy Magii ago
Chapter 20: Living Arrangements ago
Chapter 21: Yuiops's Explanation ago
Chapter 22: Magical Demonstration ago
Chapter 23: History Lesson ago
Chapter 24: Diary Quest ago
Chapter 25: The Thalássios Drákos ago
Chapter 26: The Monsters ago
Chapter 27: The Book ago
Chapter 28: The Trials of Tyronius ago
Chapter 29: Meeting Tyronius ago
Chapter 30: Flame Training ago
Chapter 31: Weapons Training ago
Chapter 32: Jailbreak ago
Chapter 33: School Starts ago
Chapter 34: Spell Training ago
Chapter 35: Escaping the Uminoli ago
Chapter 36: Through the Portal ago
Chapter 37: The Arena ago
Chapter 38: Quiz Time ago
Chapter 39: The Five Rivers ago

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Hey Brian! it's ya boi Amanda here.

I know we haven't talked in a while but I decided to review your book.

Overall it's pretty nice, but I do have some problems.

1. The pacing is kinda bad. It feels like it's going too fast

2. Mensal is acting like he's already a pro even though he just learned about magic. He suddenly has the knowledge about different healing stuff and poisons. Strange . . .

3. Classic OP character. Yeah . . . ye

That's basically it, anyways have fun writing your book I definitely enjoyed it ^^


This story is going through editing :) I am friends with one of the authors so please expect changes sometime, so some details will be changed also some humor and other stuff will be edited (im actually helping edit) if you still have a problem with other stuff please add comments or reviews.