Reborn as a DRAGON

Reborn as a DRAGON

by Immortal_Simo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

My name is Tim, or it was until I died. There was no light at the end of the tunnel, no white room to choose any cheats from, nor was there any meeting with God.

I didn’t die heroically while saving someone, and I certainly didn’t get hit by a truck. My death was rather stupid and anticlimactic, I had apparently bumped my head while sleeping and passed away... 

That should have been the end of the road for me, but like many self-proclaimed main characters, I joined the army of multi-dimensional travelers and was reincarnated. 

Being an avid light novel and manga reader, I would have been excited about the opportunity, if not for my new siblings, who tried to kill me as soon as I was born, or for my mother, who seemed to have a thing for throwing me off cliffs. And let’s not forget my murderous father, who forced me to flatten a small country as my Rite of passage.

Oh, did I mention I was reborn as a Dragon?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The fall of the Gods ago
Chapter 2: Birth of a Dragon ago
Chapter 3: The first battle ago
Chapter 4: Siblings ago
Chapter 5: Mom? ago
Chapter 6: A Dragon’s roar ago
Chapter 7: A dangerous father ago
Chapter 8: Defiance ago
Chapter 9: A Dragon’s breath ago
Chapter 10: The start of the Hunt ago
Chapter 11: The Werewolf ago
Chapter 12: A cute little brother ago
Chapter 13: Acknowledgment ago
Chapter 14: Legacy ago
Chapter 15: A proud Dragon ago
Chapter 16: Magic ago
Chapter 17: First experiment ago
Chapter 18: Father makes his move ago
Chapter 19: Mana ago
Chapter 20: Unfinished business ago
Chapter 21: Fight ago
Chapter 22: Mom is scary ago
Chapter 23: Jump ago
Chapter 24: Training ago
Chapter 25: Clash ago
Chapter 26: A big brother ago
Chapter 27: Monsters ago
Chapter 28: Blacky vs White ago
Chapter 29: Unknown monsters ago
Chapter 30: Home ago
Chapter 31: Life on the mountain ago
Chapter 32: The lake ago
Chapter 33: Underwater ago
Chapter 34: Shark? ago
Chapter 35: Mother’s test ago
Chapter 36: A long dream ago
Chapter 37: The ancient battlefield ago
Chapter 38: A dragon’s remains ago
Chapter 39: A stranger ago
Chapter 40: The elements ago
Chapter 41: Amanita ago
Chapter 42: Crystal ago
Chapter 43: The Red Dragon ago
Chapter 44: Grandfather ago
Chapter 45: Soul space ago
Chapter 46: Departure ago
Chapter 47: Dragon road ago
Chapter 48: First meeting ago
Chapter 49: Confrontation ago
Chapter 50: Name ago
Chapter 51: Pride ago
Chapter 52: The shades ago
Chapter 53: Arena ago
Chapter 54: Ember ago
Chapter 55: Second round ago
Chapter 56: Low blow ago
Chapter 57: Bad matchup ago
Chapter 58: Unexpected situation ago
Chapter 59: Last trial ago
Chapter 60: Meeting ago
Chapter 61: First strike ago
Chapter 62: Oath ago
Chapter 63: Conclusion ago
Chapter 64: Explanation ago
Chapter 65: Welcome party ago
Chapter 66: Winner ago
Chapter 67: The names ago
(RAAD vol2) Chapter 68: Life on the mountain (part 2) ago
(RAAD vol2) Chapter 69: Nice ago
Chapter 70: Siblings’ training ago
Chapter 71: Baby steps ago
Chapter 72: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 73: Consequences ago
Chapter 74: Five years laters ago
Chapter 75: Lesson ago
Chapter 76: The rite of passage ago
Chapter 77: The goal ago
Chapter 78: Extermination ago
Chapter 79: Andila ago
Chapter 80: The fall of Andila ago
Chapter 81: The fall of Andila II ago
Chapter 82: Nord ago
Chapter 83: Soul attack ago
Chapter 84: The stream of mana ago

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With the limited amount of chapters in circulation currently, this review is subject to change once more are released. For now, however, this novel is simply fantastic. For me, who has searched the depths of this website for non-human main characters (particularly dragon main characters) this story in particular shines above many of the others I've read and I hope it continues this positive trend well into the future.

Style: the style of a human being reborn as a dragon is not new in the slightest however, the author sort of meshes draconic personality traits together with the reincarnated human which makes for a more seamless transition to this new world. Pair this with the fact that his draconic family is actually present in this novel and it makes for a refreshing experience.

Story: The story so far is, of course, quite limited and as such, I cannot give it a full 5 stars. What is there so far is quite good but there is still no drive or purpose yet which I assume will come soon once the mc learns the ins and outs of living as a dragon in this new world.

Grammar: pretty much flawless albeit a few mistakes here and there. There is nothing that breaks the flow of the story so I'd give a solid 95%.

Character: The characters in this book are, so far, distinctive, 3 dimensional, and developing complexities at a rapid pace that makes me genuinely excited to see how they will turn out in the future.

Overall, I am very happy this novel exists and because of making me happy, I am going out of my way to give this the 5 star review it deserves. Great job author and keep up the great work!


The title says it all.

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: Fight

It starts off like a 14 year old dnd nerds fantasy... then it kindof keeps going. If the title alone is enough to get you salivating might be worth reading, but if it's not I would give this one a pass. Characters are a bit nonexistent so far, each of the other characters are stereotypes. The only real draw seems to be it's a dragon. But if you care more for what a character is instead of who and you like dragons give it a shot.


Ok story overall but I didn't get something from the writers perspective. What is the point of the Mc being a reincarnated human. Dragons are born smarter than humans as far as we can tell. So having a human's knowledge beforehand brought  nothing to the table other than how he first approched magic for like 1 chapter. He lacks empathy for anything non-dragon so that's not the goal either. 

Being all dragon from the start would not have changed anything the mc does other than the inner monologue so I see no point in being reincarnated other than being able to quickly recognize stuff.


Nice but lacks chapters atm

Reviewed at: Chapter 56: Low blow

I really enjoyed it, just be aware that first 50 chapters are barely enough for a prologue.

Otherwise it's a nice little read. I'd prefer having less action and more chapters about world building, lore and exploration of magic. If the author keeps the quality as it is now it will be a wonderful read later on.

I will come and revisit the review in a few months.



A power fantasy not even good enough to be a guilty pleasure. Character starts as a strong race, strongest in his hatch, get stronger faster... no true struggle besides the cliche "close fight that the mc faints at the end of".

The chapters are super short for the sake of getting to trending which is a recipe for semi filler chapters to come and leaves less space for ideas that cant be summed up in less than 10 paragraphs.

Also by the 20th chapter the mc sees himself as a dragon and only has faint recollections of humanity... If the mc just hatched and everything is going to be explained to it, why make it isekai?

There are however some unique takes and a bit of trope diversion on some character which lend this story a purpose. (Edgy rival black dragon is suprisingly not just edgy rival dragon)



It's a quite interesting take on being a dragon, one where the protagonist doesn't somehow gain a way of shapeshifting into a human by the end of chapter two. 

The story does suffer from some stylistic and grammatical issues, but it's bearable. 

Also Green is cute. 

In short, it's worth a read :P


I found the strength to write a review, I feel sad when the author throws his novella and I hope my review will give enough motivation for a long time along with the others who rightly praise you, at least for the moment. Dragon novels have separate criteria for evaluation, the first five ladies stars for the lack of the ability to transform into a human, it is very depressing to read novels in which the hero is a dragon only on paper, in fact, being in the form of a humanoid all the time. In my memory and according to my judgment, this novel ranks second among all the novels about reincarnation into a dragon, the first is the abandoned one, from one Russian author. The style of the story and the characters get 4.5 stars from me, good, interesting, gave me pleasure, but does not make me scream with delight. This is a good job on this site that a reader like me is looking for, sifting through mountains of rubbish to have a good time. I really have nothing to complain about, after reading 14 chapters, I noted for myself personally that there is room for improvement, I will not evaluate grammar, so in the end we have 4.5 stars, plus 0.5 for the fact that there is no system, vain gods, quests and other things that make me frown and close my browser tab. Thanks google translator, I hope the review is translated correctly.


A fun romp full of action and dragons

Reviewed at: Chapter 27: Monsters

I like stories like these.

They might not be the heaviest stories you can read around here. They might not feature the most complex plotlines or ginormous world-building you'll find from the start. They might not even feature anything ground-breaking in character. But what they do feature is something we can't get enough of... and that is a special archetypal character type that we all love.

Fucking dragons, man!

The last story center around a dragon I read was Vainqueur the Dragon, and that story was amazing. It was hilarious. And it was super sharp, fun, witty, and wacky. This is not Vainqeuer, but it tickles my inner joy for dragons who I find to be some of the mightiest, rawest, and greatest creatures in most media. 

Although I do have a bone to pick against dragons when it comes down to my preferred creatures facing against them. But that's neither here nor there. What we should focus on is that the author presents us an Isekai where the MC becomes a dragon. Thanks to him being an Isekai, we get his unique perspective on the matter that helps us relate to him while he's going through the situation.

His reactions are over the top, and fun, and sometimes human, and obviously dragon. He puts himself as the alpha after fighting some of his siblings. But then we watch with delight as the other young dragons start to show their own personalities that makes them distinct and cute at times.

If there's one major thing I'll like to point out that bugs me is one of the dragons' names.

Seriously, could you call him anything else other than Blacky? Midnight. Obsidian. Shadow. BLACK. Darko. Anything would do other than Blacky.

Style wise, the chapters are on the short side. But that's how the author keeps up with posting and keeps his quality. 

Grammar wise I do see a couple of mistakes, but they're easy to read over. No big deal.

I like the story's direction.

Character wise... I have my heart set on Golden Boy and He Who Needs A Better Name.

That's about it.


A good take on the "reincarnated as a dragon"

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Unfinished business

A worthy reincarnatation story, so far focusing much more on the "being a dragon" than trying to get the previous human life to be the drive behind the new experience/body for the protagonist. It tries to paint the picture of a foreign mind and how interaction happens with a creature that is not intelligent in a human way. I see potential in this, with the various threads that has been revealed so far.


for starters its great to see a story where the mc dosent try to get back to there human form right away. the story fells like it progresses smoothly and no over the top info dumps for no reason which is great. the chapters feel a bit short and alway leave me wanting more which is a good thing that the story does but i feel the chapters should be longer. overall great story and one of my favourites on this site so far, the auther also has a patreon that has quite a few more chapters on it so its a good option if you cant wait and want to read ahead like i did.