Splintered Soul

Splintered Soul

by Grey

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Each and every soul is something precious. Its what allows us to have a passion. Its what allows us to do things like decide to get up one day and change our lives for the better. That little bit of soul helps us in ways we never really understand. Aaron lived his every day never really understanding the idea of a passion. Just existing, working hard because it seemed like the right thing to do but never really getting too into anything. One day on his way home he feels a shattering feeling within his heart a tug here a tug there. The blackness consumed him when he saw the first message. [Error soul fractured]. Follow the story of Aaron and his many names as he goes from world to world slowly restoring his soul by using the karmic ties he establishes to slowly become better and then some.

Cover from: gej302 check out his other covers here! 

This is my first story so please let me know when i make grammer mistakes as i'm still learning a bit!

I do not own the rights to the stories used as bases for this one. Copyrights belong to Daisuke Satō for Highschool of the dead, Junya Inoue for Btooom! and Hiromu Arakawa for Full metal alchemist. Please support the original release.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 2 HSOTD part 1: Being Born ago
Chapter 3 HSOTD Part 2: Ice Cream and Shakes ago
Chapter 4 HSOTD Part 3: Scraps of Love ago
Chapter 5 HSOTD Part 4: That Guy With An Umbrella. ago
Chapter 6 HSOTD Part 5: Ding~ ago
Chapter 7 HSOTD Part 6: Tis but a scratch ago
Chapter 8 HSOTD Part 7: Who? ago
Chapter 9 HSOTD Part 8: Casual Friday ago
Chapter 10 HSOTD Part 9: 'Them' Zombies ago
Chapter 11 HSOTD Part 10: Coming Clean ago
Chapter 12 HSOTD Part 11: Pop goes the... ago
Chapter 13 HSOTD Part 12: ....Weasel ago
Chapter 14 HSOTD Part 13: Pissed Off ago
Chapter 15 HSOTD Part 14: Settled In ago
Chapter 16 HSOTD Part 15: Prize~ ago
Chapter 17 HSOTD Part 16: Story Quest ago
Chapter 18 HSOTD Part 17: Planning Ahead ago
Chapter 19 HSOTD Part 18: Pineapple Platypus ago
Chapter 20 HSOTD Part 19: Bang! ago
Chapter 21 HSOTD Part 20: Taniuchi ago
Chapter 22 HSOTD Part 21: OW ago
Chapter 23 HSOTD Part 22: Hang In There ago
Chapter 24 HSOTD Part 23: Troping ago
Chapter 25 HSOTD Part 24: The Red ago
Chapter 26 HSOTD Part 25: Stalker and Sadist ago
Chapter 27 HSOTD Part 26: Mindscape ago
Chapter 28 HSOTD Part 27: Meeting The Parent ago
Chapter 29 HSOTD Part 28: 'I'm An Adult' ago
Chapter 30 HSOTD Part 29: Voting ago
Chapter 31 HSOTD Part 30: Hirano's Confrontation ago
Chapter 32 HSOTD Part 31: Not Bad ago
Chapter 33 HSOTD Part 32: The Flames ago
Chapter 34 HSOTD Part 33: Recovery ago
Chapter 35 HSOTD Part 34: Final Quest ago
Chapter 36 HSOTD Part 35: Children ago
Chapter 37 HSOTD Part 36: Like Father like... ago
Chapter 38 HSOTD Part 37: ...Daughter? ago
Chapter 37 Btom! Part 1: New Life, New Family, New Name. ago
Chapter 38 Btom! Part 2: Quest ago
Chapter 39 Btom! Part 3: Signature ago
Chapter 40 Btom! Part 4: Not Much Of A Plan ago
Chapter 41 Btom! Part 5: Small Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 42 Btom! Part 6: Practicing ago
Chapter 43 Btom! Part 7: Titles ago
Chapter 44 Btom! Part 8: The Game ago
Chapter 45 Btom! Part 9: First Contact ago
Chapter 46 Btom! Part 10: Nice To Meet You. ago
Chapter 47 Btom! Part 11: Everyone Has A Family. ago
Chapter 48 Btom! Part 12: Going For a Short Run. ago
Chapter 49 Btom! Part 13: Btoooms! Number Ten. ago
Chapter 50 Btom! Part 14: Who Is He? ago
Chapter 51 Btom! Part 15: I Don't Like Sand. ago
Chapter 52 Btom! Part 16: The White Space ago
Chapter 53 Btom! Part 17: Bruised Ego. ago
Chapter 54 Btom! Part 18: Supply Run ago
Chapter 55 Btom! Part 19: Seeking Answers ago
Chapter 56 Btom! Part 20: Finding Sanctuary ago
Chapter 57 Btom! Part 21: Evil Spirits. ago
Chapter 58 Btom! Part 22: Hot Cup of Tea. ago
Chapter 59 Btom! Part 23: The World Stage ago
Chapter 60 Btom! Part 24: Tearful Goodbyes ago
Chapter 61 Btom! Part 25: Eye See ago
Chapter 62 Btom! Part 26: Twinkling Eye's On the Sea ago
Chapter 63 Btom! Part 27: Guilt ago
Chapter 64 Btom! Part 28: ludonarrative dissonance ago
Chapter 65 Btom! Part 29: The Knight ago
Chapter 66 Btom! Part 30: Treatment ago
Chapter 67 Btom! Part 31: End Arc 2. ago
Chapter 68 FMA BH Part 1: Gateway to a new life. ago
Chapter 69 FMA BH Part 2: Toxic Tongue ago
Chapter 70 FMA BH Part 3: Siblings ago
Chapter 71 FMA BH Part 4: The secrets of Chi ago
Chapter 72 FMA BH Part 5: Just...one...more...page. ago
Chapter 73 FMA BH Part 6: Practicing Alkahestry ago
Chapter 74 FMA BH Part 7: Wiggles ago
Chapter 75 FMA BH Part 8: What came first? ago
Chapter 76 FMA BH Part 9: Booming Beats ago
Chapter 77 FMA BH Part 10: The Truth ago
Chapter 78 FMA BH Part 11: Plus Extra ago
Chapter 79 FMA BH Part 12: Sounds of the Desert. ago
Chapter 80 FMA BH Part 13: Fools Gold ago
Chapter 81 FMA BH Part 14: Say Cheese! ago
Chapter 82 FMA BH Part 15: Recipe for Disaster ago
Chapter 83 FMA BH Part 16: The Sickening Stone. ago
Chapter 84 FMA BH Part 17: Chimeras and Plot Armor ago
Chapter 85 FMA BH Part 18: The Colonel ago
Chapter 86 FMA BH Part 19: Talking Alchemy ago
Chapter 87 FMA BH Part 20: Double Facepalm ago
Chapter 88 FMA BH Part 21: Catching Up ago
Chapter 89 FMA BH Part 22: Healing Cliff pt 1 ago
Chapter 90 FMA BH Part 23: Healing pt 2 ago
Chapter 91 FMA BH Part 24: Sleeping Princess. ago
Chapter 92 FMA BH Part 25: Ninja Dog ago
Chapter 93 FMA BH Part 26: Connections ago

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I came, I saw, I read. At least until I ran out of paragraphs. What I have read was entertaining. I didn't see the crossover coming, but that's really on me, I didn't pay attention to the tags or read the full synopsis. The story has light litrpg elements, with some basic stats and skills. Warning for some people who might drop it immediately, there is also a semi harem in the first arc with a threeway relationship.  It's treated with respect so we are not talking about a "gotta catch em all" situation here.

Not going to lie, the grammar is not great, but it's not bad enough that it makes the story difficult to read. It's mostly issues with homophones and inverted commas on contractions. There are instances of words continuously being spelled incorrectly, but it's minor enough. Other than that it's completely legible without effort.

Can't say much on world building. It's a fanfic, with a loose framework to tie the worlds together, so based on existing properties/stories/worlds. I haven't gone into them in depth, high school of the dead was the one I was most familiar with. 

Main character is interesting enough, though by the second arc he has become pretty damn dark, to the point he's slipped past antihero into pretty much full on evil. Yes he has his reasons and isn't murdering for fun, but don't expect a nice guy. The worlds are not sunshine and rainbows. Secondary characters are ok, though a number have probably only been added because they were in the source material. It may have been better to just cut them out. A good example would be Alice from the first arc. She's there for the mc to cross something of his list but then completely disappears into the background.

Style wise it's not bad. Good enough action scenes to keep it interesting. Character relationships are believable enough and written well. I found the writing mature with believable interaction.

All up I enjoyed my time with the story so far. The sum is greater than it's parts.The rating itself is a hard one for me. I dislike the royal road rating system because it forces me to rate higher than I'd like, otherwise it punishers the author.  I think I've reached a good compromise. While it's definitely not 5 stars across the board, it's worth reading at least a few chapters to check it out and see what you think.


Low rating? It's pretty fun and well written imo

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 HSOTD Part 13: Pissed Off

It's an interesting concept this one; multi crossover. Mainly a gamer/HSOTD SI at the moment and probably for quite a while, still once the Z action started I was hooked~ Honestly, I speed read the first few chapters to catch the drift but at Z interesting bitz I found it a lot more gripping.
~ Good Grammer, dialogue, chapter structure
~ Sweet fight scenes, good concept
~ mc has his appeal

In theory he'll go to many different worlds, but hsotd and each of the worlds are interesting and potentially very long, so I'd say I'm interested and concerned with where the plot will go. I'm curious if he'll pull his HSOTD girl along with him or if he'll have a new lover for each world? No romance tag so probably the later..?

Thanks for sharing, sweet read so far!


To balance out that random half star. I like the premise. I like the mc being a bit of a leech. I like that he sort of uses his friends to lessen the burden on his mother. I hope no romance gets added, cause romance is the hallmark of generic novels these days.